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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 33


During the ride, Gorion does his best to answer Aldern's bombardment of questions. He told him how his family fled Magnimar and settled on the river to worship Iomedae away from persecution. When asked about his adventures, Gorion informed Aldern that up until he came to Sandpoint, his adventures had consisted of religous teachings, combat training, and hunting.
Gorion did not really cate to here about Aldern's high living in Magnimar, but he listened politely.

When Aldern stopped and showed them the boar signs, Gorion was relieved that the questions stopped too. Gorion looked around to see if he could see any other signs of boars.

Out of Character:: perception check: 13+1=14


During the ride, Salius chatted with Twilek about life in Absalom. When Aldern stopped and pointed out the boar rubbing, Salius got excited and looked around for any other signs.

Out of Character:: perception check: 7+2=9

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

"A gift is a gift," Twilek reacts to the mule. "It is the thought that counts. Thank you for this, but if we are walking into the forest and leaving mounts at the tree line, I'll take my carriage as well."

Before they leave, he makes sure to go to the Red Dog smithy and ask for a boar spear to borrow or buy. If not available, a longspear or normal spear would satisfy his needs. Any simple weapon that is better than a dagger.

As they ride Twilek manages to split his concentration between the conversations, eavesdropping on Aldern and Gorion while carrying on with Salius. He tells Salius his good thoughts of Absalom with its colorful bazaars and varied citizens. The historic sights and the view of the entire huge city. He mentions the cutthroat politics and business covered up with the facade of unity from the city's long history. However he refuses to give a single detail of the Pathfinder Society and its lodge, leaving its interior shrouded in secrecy.

"Well spotted Aldern!" Twilek says when he sees the gore mark. "Must be close. I bet a gold piece I'll find it first! Any takers?"

Perception: 13 +5 =18

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Twilek true to his word finds the tracks leading through the brush some distance to a boar. Twilek nearly comes face to face with the creature as he moves aside a low hanging branch in pursuit of the fresh tracks. The medium sized boar scares at the moving branch running about 15 feet away and turning back slightly to sniff at the air after running through some fairly dense bushes. The men can plainly see the hog standing there sniffing about for signs of danger, all except Twilek as he has a hard time seeing past the bushes that come up to about his shoulders.

Aldern Foxglove followed Twilek, seeing the fresh tracks himself. Coming up just behind the halfling he bends down and pats Twilek on the shoulder while whispering. "Good job my friend. Now we need to surround it and sneak in for the kill"

Out of Character:: Please give me intitiative rolls. I rolled perception rolls for NPC's and those not in attendance and went for updating the game.

Please describe your actions.

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Page 33 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


Gorion looks at Salius and points for him to try and move around to the right and get behind the boar. Gorion moves around to the left in an attempt to surround the boar. When everyone is in place, Gorion will wait for Aldern to give the word and move in and use a mighty thrust to try and stab the boar with his longsword.

Out of Character:: Initiative:17+1=18

Power attack: Natural 20
Confirm Critical: 11+4=15
Damage: 6+5=11


Salius will move around to the right as Gorion requests, and when the signal is given he will attack with his morningstar.

Out of Character:: Initiative: 19+2=21

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Out of Character: Oops, I just found a mistake on my character sheet. The AC to 2 too high since I built it assuming Chain Shirt, but decided on leather later.

In Character: Twilek is confused and whispers thanks to the gods that the animal didn't attack him immediately. He knows his strides are shorter so he lets someone else go around to the back while he creeps directly forward holding his spear in two hands, his shield having been left with the carriage. When he's 10 feet from it, he braces his spear readying for the impact of a charge.

Out of Character: Ready an attack action for when it is in reach.

Initiative: 17
Stealth: 9 +9 = 18
Attack: 9 +1 = 10
Damage: 2 (Doubled if boar charges due to brace)

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game

Out of Character:: I had almost forgot that everyone is provided a spear by Aldern Foxglove. It is especially made for hunting boar, with a cross piece on the shaft to prevent the boar from pushing forward futher impaling itself to goar an attacker.

Sorry don't know how I missed copying that from my text document to post it, but I did.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 33

Out of Character:: I'll keep my characters actions the same, but Gorion's confirm critical modifier would only be +3 since he is not attacking with his masterwork longsword. Also, I just discovered that critical damage is calculated with two rolls, not multiplying the original damage roll. So here is the second damage roll for Gorion's critical threat: 3+5=8.

Salius's rolls are unaffected.

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 33

Aldern gives the signal for everyone to move in with a wave of his hand. The hunting group moves in and begins their attack. Salius and Gorion are the first to the boar. Gorion slices into the boar while Salius hits it with his morning star. The boar gives a pained squeal and thrashes about as Twilek comes in from behind and skewers it in the back. The poor beast never had a chance to defend itself.

"That meat is going to be severly bruised" Aldern says while looking at the mutilated corpse then glancing up at Salius. "I never even got a chance to put my hunting skills to the test"

"Lets get it gutted" Aldern says and his servants move into gut the creature. They strap it to the back of one of their horses and and prepare to depart.

On the way back Aldern continues to annoy Gorion with questions and praise, the wanna be hero looks to be obbsessed with Gorion.

When they come into town they head immediatly for the Rusty Dragon. Aldern beckons his servants to bring the boar. Making his way inside Aldern motions for his servants to lay the boar on the counter. "Our hunt has been successful. I present our prize." Giving over the boar into Ameiko's care for cooking Aldern sits at a table looking quite proud of himself.

"I'll get this cooked up for our hero's" Ameiko says with a smile and a wink at the party.

"See to my friends horses... And uh mule." Aldern states to his solem looking servants.

Out of Character:: Salius, Gorion and Twilek each receive 200 exp. I'm glad I didn't go with the stats of a dog like the game outline indicated, as it was overkill for the boar. I'm going to have to make things harder it seems. :D

Don't forget to add your horses to your character sheets, a mule for Twilek. Resfrix didn't receive any exp but he still gets his horse.

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