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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 35


As Twilek sat back down, Salius looked at him.

"You were a bit to harsh, he's just a crazy old man after all. Well, let us continue our search."

Salius dove back into his book and continued to search for clues.

When Salius returns to his room, he reaches into his pouch and pulls out the love letters and necklace that were left for him. He examines the necklace closer, and then reads the letters.


"Ah, tonight children, I have a special treat for you! Dinner theatre!"

The children all yelled with excitement as Ilsoari carried the pot into the kitchen. As the headmaster served all of the children the delicious meal, Gorion gathered up all of the wooden toys and set up at the front of the dining hall. Before the children eat, Gorion says a prayer to Iomedae to bless the food and ask for her protection.

"And now! As you enjoy the fine gourmet meal in front of you, I shall tell you about Iomedae's final act on her way to take the Test of the Starstone."

The children enjoyed their meal and looked on in amazement as Gorion told the story. By the end of the story, the children's plates were empty and their bellies were full, and a great cheer went up as Gorion acted out the goddess ascending to the heavens.

After the meal, Gorion went to the kitchen to wash and retrieve Ameiko's pot and said his goodbyes to all of the children. He then returned to the Rusty Dragon. He enjoyed a nice hot bath and then retired to his room. As he layed in his bed, he held the old figure of Iomedae that had been left for him, and read the note that was left with it.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Twilek & Salius,

Chask gives Twilek a stern look of disappointment and waves off the situation with a gesture of his hand. Turning to talk to Sable, Chask sits back down and continues a conversation in quiet tones.

Twilek and Salius continue their studies. Reading for hours in search of information. They read through mounds of unrelated text to find only small references to runes and their related magic uses. Some references are stated that it is only the authors opinion or theory as there is no supporting evidence for their findings. After an exhaustive search of the massively thick novels, they find night creeping up on them unaware. Chask Haladan gives Twilek a polite pat on the shoulder to get his attention. "It's closing time Twilek. You should go home and rest. You can come back tomorrow,..." Chask pauses a moment in quiet contemplation, not wanting to provoke Twilek's anger. "... Provided you don't yell at Brodert again." Chask smiles a kind and knowing smile and begins to straighten up the books left out for reading and discussion. Twilek and Salius only notice that they have studied the whole day through after Chask had broken their concentration.


Gorion lays in bed examining his gift and letter that Ameiko had handed him. Gorion clearly remembered that the extremely impatient and rude Hayliss Korvaski had been the last owner of the figurine of Iomedae. The letter Gorion had expected it to be from Hayliss, and was shocked as he read its contents. The letter was definitely not from Hayliss, he came to find it came from Aneka one of the beautiful twins at Sandpoint Savories.

Dear Gorion,

I just wanted to give you my thanks for
your brave efforts during the goblin attack.
I would like to ask if you are a free man?
I think that you are brave and strong. I
Also think you are very handsome.
Please come by Sandpoint Savories anytime.

Aneka Korvaski

Gorion finds sweet sleep after laying about thinking over the letter.


Salius returns to his room, finding it peaceful and quiet. He begins to look closely at the necklace that was given to him. Finding nothing extraordinary about it, puts it to the side to focus on the letters left for him. Smelling of a sweet perfumes and marked with imprints of lustful lips, Salius opens the fist letter.


My love I have finally found you.
A man brave and strong enough to
be a grand husband. I hope my letter
Finds you and leads you to me. I know
That once we are together our love will last forever...

On and on it goes reminiscing of love and times that will be spent together. Becoming bored and a little scared of such reckless affection being thrown at him, not knowing who the girl is and not recalling having ever met her, Salius turns his attention to the next letter.


I hope my letter finds you well. I would
first like to thank you for your courage
and integrity in the face of danger. If it
where not for you my family could well
be dead. I watched you from a window
as you fought the goblins bravely. I know
you don't know me but I would like for
You to. You probably have girls falling all
Over you and I would understand if you
would not want to. If you are interested
Please leave me your answer in a note and
put it into the hollow of the tree behind
the Town Hall.

Thank you

The letter was left unsigned. Salius contemplates the letters and gifts, smiling to himself at the admiration he has gained feeling a little elated. Finding sleep with thoughts of grandeur in his head.

Resfrix slumbers through the day and all the way into the night.


Twilek returns home to find the kitchen table filled with goodies and food of all kinds. Irlana speaks startling Twilek as he thought he was in the room alone. "People have been bringing dishes of food all day. Everyone has been so kind sending their condolences." Twilek sits talking with his sister, taste testing all the wonderful dishes brought to console the family of their loss

After enjoying so much of the food that Twilek feels uncomfortably full, a sleepiness settles over him.

All wake to a new day, it is Moonday, the 5th of Rova.

Out of Character:: Information search from books provided gives readers a +2 on knowledge history checks.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game Archive Pathfinder / D&D


Gorion awoke that morning still thinking about the note that Aneka had left for him. He said his morning prayers to Iomedae and while he was getting dressed, he decided that he would go see her today and ask her to join him for dinner. When he went downstairs for breakfast, he found Salius sitting alone in a corner scribbling on a piece of paper. Gorion joined Salius and asked about his work.

"Good morning friend! What have you got there? Have you had a breakthrough on those runes?"

Salius-"Not exactly. I was just writing a response to one of the love letters that was left for me. They were both anonymous, so I am kind of taking a risk by even responding, but it was a long boat ride and, to be honest with you, I am longing for a woman's touch.
About the runes, Twilek and I spent all afternoon looking through ancient texts, and while we learned a lot about the history of the area, we didn't find much about the runes. But I'll probably go back to the Curious Goblin today and keep looking, right after I drop off my love note."

As the two eat breakfast together, Gorion tells Salius about his love note, and his intentions to ask Aneko to have dinner with him. As Gorion stands to leave, he pats Salius on the shoulder.

"Good luck on your search for the rune, and your romantic endevours!"

Gorion leaves the Rusty Dragon and heads towards Sandpoint Savories. As he gets close, he can smell the tasty treats baking inside, and he begins to get nervous. As he stands outside of the bakery, he takes a deep breath and enters.


The note that Salius wrote informed the secret admirer that he was flattered and anxious to meet her, and invited her to meet him at the White Deer just after sundown for dinner.

Salius leaves the Rusty Dragon and drops his note off inside the hollow tree behind the Town Hall. After that, he goes to the Curious Goblin to continue his search for clues about the rune.

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Page 35 Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis


Resfrix wakes and goes to say his prayers to Sarenrae. One of the acolytes come into break his concentration by loudly clearing his throat to alert you of his presence. "There is a man from the town guard here to see you sir. He said he has urgent news, he is waiting by the front entrance of the temple."
Resfrix moves to see what is so urgent.

"I've been sent with a summons for you to attend the sheriff at the town hall sir. He said it was of the most urgent news." After Resfrix acknowledges the guards message, the guard turns and walks away.


There is a chill in the air today coming from the gentle breeze. You arrive at the gates of Sandpoint close to midday. The guards look you up and down and then deems you to be insignificant and lets you pass with no further regard. Coming to the garrison in search of Sheriff Hemlock you take note that no guards are posted at the entrance today.

Salius & Gorion,

Before either can depart one of the town guards appear. "The sheriff has urgent news, he said you gentlemen would be very pleased with the news he has for you. He asked that you gather your investigating companions and meet him at the town hall building immediately." Saluting, the guard departs.


Twilek was sleeping in today until his mother came to wake him. "Twilek my dear son there is a guard at the door looking for you, with urgent news." Patting Twilek's sleepy face as she tries to wake him from his slumber.
After Twilek rises and makes his way to the door, he finds a solemn guard standing there. "Sir the sheriff has sent me to inform you he has news of the goblins and that you are wanted at the town hall building." The guard gives Twilek a salute and departs.

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Game Main RPG Runelords The Rise Canabusis

Gorion and Salius,

Gorion and Salius look at each other and nod, understanding that their plans will have to wait. They hastily make their way to the garrison to hear the good news that the guard spoke of.

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Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game
A Friend

Canabusis' Rise Of The Runelords RPG Main Game


I station myself outside the garrison, waiting for a guard, or preferably the sheriff himself to pass by. Should a familiar person approach and ask why I'm town when I last picked up supplies a week ago or so, I will state my business as follows:

"I heard there was a goblin raid. I have reports of similar events in the Hinterlands and I'm looking for the sheriff, do you know where I might find him? I doubt he'd be in the garrison without guards outside."

If I meet someone whom I don't know, I will just say:

"Hello there, stranger, I am looking for the sheriff, do you happen to know where he might be?"

If asked why, I will just say that I need to ask him something of minor importance.

(Ian Grump is a young man aged 16, and is a local to the Sandpoint Hinterlands. He knows most of the people in Sandpoint, and so do they. People who know him also know that his father is deceased, and that he now lives with his Grandfather. He is known to be sometimes foolish and naive, but he also bears the reputation of a kind-hearted lad. He is 1,70m tall and has a normal build. He is wearing no armor and carries all sorts of adventuring gear on his back. He also seems to have a simple longbow and a couple of old knives. Unless otherwise stated, Ian speaks in the Varisian tongue, not Common.)

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game - Page 35

Twilek replies, "Bugger, I was hoping to find something before he did. Thanks for the message." He returns a variant salute with practiced precision.

He then decides to take a moment and quickly updates his family on the events of his last day before riding his newfound donkey to the town hall.

When he arrives he gives Salius and Gorion a nod each. "What do you think he found?" He quiets to a harsh whisper, "Bits off a coffin maybe?"

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Canabusis' Rise The Runelords RPG Main Game D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 35


After standing in front of the garrison for sometime invoking shrugs and dubious looks from passerby's in response to his questions, a guard comes to post watch over the garrison enterance. "The sheriff is at the town hall with mayor Deverin and the town hero's." Ian takes the information and runs across the street entering the town hall building he makes his way upstairs to Mayor Deverin's office.

Twilek, Gorion, Salius, & Resfrix,

Gorion and Salius arrive at the town hall building first. Waiting just outside Twilek arrives almost simultaneously with Resfrix, each coming from a different direction meeting in the middle where Gorion and Salius stand waiting. A guard departing from the building looks toward the hero's of Sandpoint. "Oh you're all here..." Stammering in surprise he quickly salutes the group and continues. "The sheriff and Mayor Deverin are waiting for you all. This way please." The looks to be nervous around the group of hero's and seems to be trying too hard at being professional trying to impress the group. He leads the group to a comfortable office on the second floor.

The room is warm and cozy, with a couch and some cushioned chairs sitting in a semi circle around a desk with a high backed chair. As the men enter the office they see Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin, and a striking elven woman all stand up in greeting. Sheriff Hemlock clears his throat and begins introductions. "Gentlemen this is Mayor Kendra Deverin." The sheriff extends his hand in the direction of Mayor Deverin standing behind the desk in front of the high backed chair. Kendra's professional yet down to earth demeanor is prevalent in her looks. With short cut auburn hair and brown eyes, standing about 5'4'' and proportionate to her height, Deverin wearing nicely made breeches and a blue dress shirt with a darker blue dress jacket, her appearance gives those in her company comfort yet demands respect. "Gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts and your show of bravery in these trying times." Nodding her respect she turns to the sheriff indicating that he may continue.

Sheriff Hemlock turns to the elven woman with striking beauty. Wearing trousers and a tan shift with a leather looking poncho, she looks like a well traveled individual. With Ash blond hair and amber eyes that draw attention to her, she is remarkably beautiful in a rugged and dangerous sort of way. "This is Shalelu Andosana. She is an unofficial member of Sandpoints town guard." Shalelu smirks at the introduction and holds her had out to shake the hands of the men gathered. Sheriff Hemlock returns his gaze to the group. "Shalelu has come with information I think you will all find to be of interest to your investigation..." Just then there is a knock on the door interrupting the sheriff. The sheriff moves to the door to find out whom has just interrupted their meeting. Opening the door Ian stands there looking anxious to speak with the sheriff. "What's the matter Ian?"

Out of Character:: Please roll play the introductions and Ian's arrival.

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