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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land - Page 272

Out of Character: The main part of the roles right now is the bonus they give to our city. ICon, were you using the rule that allows us to add +1 to the benefit per every 5 ranks we have in the role's primary skill, as per Ultimate Campaign, p. 232? Also, when you wrote "Don Orr believes he would be suited to the role and has a generous donation in mind to secure it," did you mean for Zork to fill the role, or Don Orr?

I understand feeling that your role is just a title right now, but we will do what we can to get an army up and running. If I have to, I will hire more teams! Think of yourself as the consigliere for our group :D Even if you don't have an army to lead right now, you play an important role in running the settlement.

It appears someone has been researching Kingdom Building and found Overlord's Guide. That's a good one, but I also like Guidance - Rules 101: Kingdom Building and Kingdom Economics! When I read these guides, I like to imagine that in game the advisors are giving different pieces of advice to us and we have to decide for ourselves which ones we are best served following.

Farms are the best for consumption and economy, specifically in plains, but we're in the hills. It will take claiming multiple hexes for us to get some plains inside the kingdom.

Kresnik, I can also craft wondrous items, so let me know if you ever need assistance.

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Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

Game Master says...

Over the first two months, by correspondence or envoy you come into possession of many, many offers of aid. It's quite easy to lose yourself in the paperwork and between this and administrating the barony it appears that the whole month almost passes without notice.

Firstly the churches wish to have an influence in your kingdom:

The Church of Abadar, Master of the First Vault, Judge of the Gods, offers you 5 BP. In return they would like you to adopt a lawful tradition and set of laws and to build a temple or bank within 5 years dedicated to Abadar and administered by his clergy.
If you wish to work even more closely with them and be Lawful Neutral, as well as dedicating the very first temple to Abadar as soon as possible, and having a worshipper or convert in a kingdom role, they offer you 10 BP.

The Church of Gorum, Our Lord in Iron, will offer 5 BP for the simple request of your kingdom's Marshal or General being followers of Gorum - they want sway over decisions.
For 10 BP they would require dedication to their god of war; the person filling the role would have to be an ordained priest of Gorum. The military's official religion would have to be Gorumite.

Pharasmin representatives say despite their sway over the people, they remain a poorer church as they spend everything for the people. Their 5 BP offer requires you to build a shrine to Pharasma, the Lady of Graves and Mysteries, as soon as possible and to never overburden your citizens with the highest possible taxes. They would also like a graveyard tended by them in every town eventually.

Ezvanki Keegh, High Priest of Erastil in Restov, meets with you again to offer his faith's assistance in knowledge of the land and rules of law as well as labourers worth 5 BP. In return they want a Lawful Good alignment and the first temple dedicated to them - preferably the old ruined temple and it must not to be developed into a greater place of worship without their permission.

Mykael's (And Hegin's and Isa's) contacts with the church of Iomedae can extend an offer of only 3 BP as a lot of their resources go to their crusade. They would also like the kingdom to have either a Lawful or Good alignment and would like a temple at some point. They also require armies to reinforce their forces when you are ready to raise them.

Archival's amazing search through his contacts bring up two lesser liked churches:

The Church of Hanspur, the Water Rat, is endemic in the River Kingdoms. For 2 BP they would like a non-lawful alignment, freedom of worship and protections for the Six River Freedoms which value individuality.

The Church of Gyronna, The Angry Hag, offers 2 BP in their specialist services. They would like any alignment but Lawful Good, the kingdom's police and militia to turn a blind eye to their worship and an Exotic Artisan district within 3 years.

There are the noble houses that approach you with offers:

Directly to your northwest, about 150 miles, lie the lands of House Lebeda. Dame Sarrona rules as regent until her son reaches majority. They require information from you to find him a suitable consort, help his sister Elanna marry the king, and want to enter an unofficial alliance. For 15 BP they want you to not deal with any other major noble houses except Orlovsky if you must. You can deal with House Surtova once Elanna has the king's hand and Restov is fine as it's not technically noble. They also want an embassy soon and trade with Mivon and Pitax. Before Elanna is married, you must be ready to fight either with the southern Rostlanders against the Issians in the north or along the pro-king vs anti-king divide.

Just north of them, House Garess is hurting financially since they lost contact with their dwarves and their heir during The Vanishing. The adoptive heir is a dwarf. As such they require minerals and a promise not to deal with Surtova due to old rivalries. Upon further probing, they also have the oddly specific request of not allowing Kesten to take a major role in the kingdom. In return they can offer 4 BP, but not a copper bit more.

North of them, on the coast of the Lake of Mists and Veils, is the current regent's house: Surtova. For 5 BP they would like you to support Noleski's claim to the throne and eventually swear fealty to Brevoy. Future military aid would not go unrewarded.

House Lodovka is the northernmost house offering you 3 BP worth of preserved fish and labour as well as shipbuilding expertise and deals with underworld contacts. In exchange they know that you can't reinforce them if another house invades their small territory, but they would like a safe beachhead if they somehow swing around south and also the ability to govern-in-exile.finally any help pandering to the Surtovas will be appreciated and to this end, you shouldn't make a deal with Orlovsky, Garess or Medvyed.

House Orlovsky in the northeast are an unknown, having refused to acknowledge Noleski Surtova as anything other than Lord Regent. Their offer of 2 BP comes only with the caveat of no deals with Surtova nor Medvyed to starve them of allies and resources.

House Medvyed know they can ally with Garess to cut off the capital from Surtovan land but seem unwilling to act first. They can export you lumber and men worth 4 BP, with 1 extra if you take Garess's offer. Their old contests over the capital against House Lebeda have pitched the two against each other, and they urge you not to support them.

House Rogarvia are obviously unavailable, having vanished without a trace for the last decade.

There are also a few minor noble houses that want to deal with you:

The guard from Oleg's named Maeurrun, Courtesy Baron of house Liostruth, returns with word that his family from the capital have an interest in seeing Maerrun himself becoming ward of one of the new barons. He would have to be given any kingdom role in return for 2 BP and must be educated and kept out of trouble.

Tarak Galavriel, the other guard, brings word from his small, local, rural estate that they can provide farmers and agricultural knowledge worth 2 BP in return for open, tariff-free trade between the baronies.

House Drelev humbly requests you restrain yourselves from expanding too far westwards in return for a gift of 5 BP. The exact wording defines a border in the Narlmarches forest 25 miles from its eastern treeline - that is you can only claim the first two hexes in each row of the forest. There's a provision for you to claim one additional hex of forest on the same row as your capital settlement. The nature of the contract does not define who is on the other side of the border, it's referred to as wilderness in only one instance, and also leaves it open to future negotiations.

Amani of house Numesti is the eldest daughter of the baron and bitter at Brevoy's tradition of only allowing the eldest son to inherit a majority of his father's holdings. She convinced her family to offer you 2 BP as a token of friendship and she herself wants an important land-holding role when it becomes available.

House Stroon is a minor metropolitan house spread over a few major cities. As masters of the courts they can offer legal advice and assistance in courtly intrigue worth 2 BP. They only request information on goings-on in the barony and access to documents from kingdom meetings unless they are top-secret.

Other cities and even nations wish to have a small stake in your country:

The first offer from Jovvox you have heard from Kresnik.

Mivon and Pitax offer you 1 BP each to respect their borders and recognise them as sovereign nations. Mivon naturally resented the old crown of Brevoy and is undecided on their stance since The Vanishing.

From frozen, plague-riddled Iobaria to the east comes word:

Tzakiv Korya claims to be the deposed prince of Iobaria to the east but has no resources with which to help you.
Also from that region Koffar Rjul can offer you 2 BP in metalwork from Veka, as long as you support the prince.

Koffar Buran Evyas offers 2 BP worth of food and jewels of the sea, as long as you don't intervene in his conquest and support nobody else.

From the prosperous port of Mirnbay, Koffar Ivad Rhukov has a similar plan. His arcane house is a splinter of royal house Arjal and together with allied military house Xsagi, they offer you 3 BP to lend words of support conflicts they start.

Non-human peoples also have a stake in your kingdom:

Elves from their pure, green nation of Kyonin would like to offer 3 BP in forest and arcane expertise as well as quality, artisanal labour in exchange for dominion over any elven sites rediscovered in the Greenbelt and ownership of all ancient elven craft-work.

Similarly, Dwarves want first preference to explore any sites, but not necessarily take ownership of them. Because they want less than the elves, they value their bid at 1 BP.

Some wealthy individuals are willing to act as sponsors in return for favours.

Oleg's offer still stands, as does the Fey's.

Edrist Hanvaki is an aristocrat who is very much interested in the social scene, he'd want to start with a dance hall built by you and operated by him. Then as the town grows, perhaps an inn or tavern and eventually a theatre. To this end he will make a political donation of 2 BP.

Cadence Kensen and her young daughter Jennavieve need a new home, but as people of means do not want to live in squalor. If they offer you 4 BP, trusting you to build a mansion or similar accommodation for a noble as soon as possible. They also intend to deal in horses, making a nearby stable required as well.

As a master of his own spy network in Restov, Don Orr is not only willing to be your Spymaster, he will donate 2 BP for the honour.

Finally, the extremely elusive Duma the Sly is a revolutionary ranger who gives to the poor and steals from supporters of the regent. He will give you 2 BP just to not support the false king.

Out of Character: I'm not apologising for the long post :P But I don't expect you to process it all within 24 hours either. I'll give you 3-4 days to mull it all over and argue.

I think I will allow all the optional kingdom rules, including leadership skills.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Out of Character: I hope it's okay if I retcon a few things. With work and the holiday I haven't been able to be as detailed/active as I wanted to be. Specifically just looking to clear up with the others who we have in which position.

In Character: A week after our first settlement meeting in which we appointed Jesla the Royal Enforcer and met Kresnik, Caelum has gathered enough intel that I call for a meeting with Mykael and Theaton. Once we have gathered, I bring up what has been found.

"I hope the day finds you well, gentlemen. Upon meeting Kresnik, I decided to gather some additional information on Jovvox. It is a mostly gnomish settlement to our South and lies within the borders claimed by Mivon. Mivon is a city-state formed by Aldori Swordlords that emigrated from Restov after their defeat by Choral Rogarvia over 200 years ago."

"Jovvox was founded by a gnome weaponsmith named Jov. While the settlement can create excellent quality weapons, their success stems from undercutting competition. Whenever a bandit or Galtan revolutionary needs a large supply of weapons fast, they offer the best price - quality intentionally lacking, of course."

"I do not know if they plan to undercut quality for our settlement. What I do know is that they would be able to supply us with cheaper metalwork than we will be able to produce ourselves for a good number of years. That being said, I stand with our original assessment of peace and free commerce with all nations, entangling alliances with none. Do you two also wish to maintain the stance that we will not accept Jovvox's proposal?"

"Regardless, Kresnik seems the ambitious sort. We find ourselves in need of a Magister and he seems to fit the bill. If you two still agree with not accepting Jovvox's proposal, should we offer him the position of Magister?"

"I would also like to go over the roles we have assigned so far and see if we can come up with people to fill the empty ones. I am filling the role as Ruler, Theaton that of the Marshal, and Mykael of the General. Jesla is our Royal Enforcer, Jhod our Treasurer, Kesten our Warden, and Mykael's contact Isa as our High Priest. If Kresnik were to become our Magister that would leave us needing a Councilor and Spymaster."

Over the next two months I randomly disappear for days at a time and always come back in high spirits. Sometimes I am just out meeting the citizens of the area; other times I am traveling to Restov to meet with my love interest. During this time I also sell a various amount of items and look into selling the longspear and shield I had acquired as well as my notes on the tribe to the highest bidder.

During our next meeting/Current: "Goodness! We have quite a few offers to go through. Let us roll up our sleeves and drive through it."

"First on the docket would be the offers of the various churches. The potentially most dangerous offer would be that of the Church of Gyronna. They are known forces of evil and chaos. That being said, as long as their actions do not harm others fiscally or physically, I believe it is up to each person to determine if they should associate with them. Therefore, I support not turning a blind eye, per se, to their worship - but rather to maintain the laws we have agreed upon. Building an Exotic Artisan district within 3 years should be quite feasible too and something we would likely accomplish regardless. I realize it is only 2 BP, but there does not appear to be anything overly onerous that we would have to do for it. In effect, the aid would be free."

"The Church of Hanspur's request brings up something I am not altogether familiar with - the 'Six River Freedoms.' Some of which I am inclined to agree with."

"The first is 'Say what you will, I live free.' It is the freedom of speech, but not the consequences of your words. This I can support."

"The second is 'Oathbreakers die.' Anyone that breaks an oath is apparently killed. I dislike that because people should be allowed to change their minds. That being said, we can circumvent it by simply not giving an oath. Those that seek to break a legally binding contract should suffer a penalty; I just do not believe death should be the penalty."

"The third is 'Walk any road, float any river.' It is the freedom of travel and does not allow tolls to be charged for passage. I believe people should be allowed to go where they please as long as the lands are not privately owned - an example would be someone's farm. Someone should not trounce through another person's fields because doing so injures the farmer's crops, which should be punishable. Overall, I am okay with adopting this as well as long as we have the stipulation of not harming/trespassing upon the property of others."

"The fourth is 'Courts are for kings.' From what I have gathered, this holds that all laws within the river kingdoms are flexible, and that rulers of a kingdom may do as they wish. Visitors to a river kingdom - nobility and commoner alike - are bound by the arbitrary laws of that specific kingdom. I know we would not appreciate others coming to our realm and breaking our laws, so I am in favor of instating this too."

"The fifth is 'Slavery is an abomination.' I agree with this and am totally against the enslavement of others. It is anathema to a free society."

"The sixth and final freedom is 'You have what you hold.' This is one I cannot support. It is too chaotic in nature in that it supports theft. While I support people defending their lives, that of their friends and families, and their property - I do not condone the legality of the individual to take what they want by force."

"I propose we give a counter proposal to the Church of Hanspur in which we state our intent of being a lawful but neutral alignment and assuage their concerns for freedom of worship - with the stipulation that their acts of worship do not harm others fiscally or physically, I have heard of the rumors of them drowning people as an act of worship and that should not be tolerated. Once we agree upon a general stance for each of the 'Six River Freedoms' we should also inform them and any others on that as well. Maybe we can get at least 1 BP from them with this counter proposal."

"The Church of Gorum has offered 5 BP as long as either the Marshal or General were a follower of Gorum. We know Mykael is a devout follower of Iomedae, but I must confess I have no idea which, if any, deity you worship Theaton." Shrugging, I continue, "5 BP for a simple conversion might be worth it, but I do not think their stipulations for a full 10 BP are a sound idea."

"The Pharasmin's offer of 5 BP could easily be accepted. Since they do not have an exact timeframe for us to build a shrine and every respectable city should have a graveyard anyways, I vote in favor of accepting their offer."

"Ezvanki Keegh's request is a tad too restrictive, in my opinion. The Church of Erastil, well Jhod specifically, already holds the temple in the woods. He has worked diligently to restore it and I would not wish to limit him. If he wishes to develop it into a greater place of worship than a temple, I would be fine with it. Adopting a Lawful Good alignment would result in not only disenfranchising other potential contacts, but also limit our ability to uphold the values of peace and free commerce."

I give a slight sigh and look to Mykael with concern. The Church of Iomedae offers 3 BP. Their request that we adopt a Lawful or Good alignment is acceptable. Their desire for a temple is understandable. The hitch is their requirement for armies to reinforce their forces. I understand that the Worldwound is likely the greatest threat we all face. However, we are a new land. As such, I do not believe we could afford to raise armies to assist them at this time or in the foreseeable near future. I know not how we should respond to them, but our first duty is to our people. As such, I am hesitant to support raising an army to send it off and potentially leave our lands unable to defend against any potential onslaught."

"Last on the docket of religious offers is that of the Church of Abadar. For 5 BP they desire we adopt a lawful tradition and build a temple or bank dedicated to Abadar. I am in favor of building the bank before the temple due to how it would help our economy. If we were to adopt the Lawful Neutral alignment that I previously suggested, dedicate the first temple to Abadar, and have one of the leaders in worship Abadar, we could secure 10 BP." I pause for a moment and my face gets somewhat red. Clearing my throat, I continue, "I err… I have someone that is special to me that worships Abadar. It is still too early in our relationship for me to, erm, *cough* propose, but it is something to keep in mind. As I age I find myself more and more siding with law and agreeing with equitism and am more realistic than idealistic. I think we should make this known to the Church and see if they are willing to accept us building a bank before a temple in the knowledge that I would be an Abadaran. It is something to consider, at least."

"Next up would be the offers of various noble houses. Let us start with the smaller houses first. House Stroon offers 2 BP and only request information on happenings and access to documents from kingdom meetings unless they are top secret. I think this is an easy 2 BP to gain. Anything military related or the like should be considered top secret, but our everyday decisions should be open for our citizens to know. If our citizens know, others will know too given time. Are we in agreement?"

"Maerrun, a guard we met at Oleg's and the Courtesy Baron of House Liostruth, has brought us word that his family wants him to become one of our wards and he be given a role for 2 BP. What say you we meet him further and get a sense of his strengths and weaknesses before deciding? I would like to have a better grasp of his characteristics, have Caelum meet him for a bit to determine if he is trustworthy, and Mykael discern his moral tendencies before moving forward."

"Amani of House Numesti is disenfranchised with Brevoy's patriarchal tradition. I think we should take the same precautions with her as we do Maerrun. 2 BP might be worth it, especially considering there are no entangling alliances attached to either of their requests."

"Tarak Galavriel's offer of 2 BP in return for open, tariff-free trade between baronies is reasonable enough. Utilizing economies of scale while supporting commerce is always a good idea."

"House Drelev's request is odd. Those lands are unclaimed, so it leads me to believe they might have designs on them. We are friends of the fey that live within the forest. As such, I think we should one day seek to include those lands as part of ours, if for nothing else than to be able to protect the fey and their homes. I know Theaton has made promises to the fey previously, and I aim to help him keep them. That being said, due to it being left open to future negotiations, we could accept their gift and maintain the agreement for the time being until we are ready and able to expand in such a way. What do you two think?"

"Now for the larger houses. These are the ones I least look forward to, largely because they often require entangling alliances. I must also admit that my family has never been a supporter of House Surtova. The way House Rogarvia all vanished and House Surtova took over has caused no small amount of theories as to what happened."

"House Medvyed offers us 4 BP of lumber and men as long as we do not support House Lebeda. They will give us an additional BP if we accept House Garess's offer."

"House Garess's offer is 4 BP as long as we do not deal with House Surtova. They also request we do not allow Kesten a major role in the kingdom. I am inclined to agree with their first stipulation and decline their second. If we hint that House Surtova has offered us even more resources with fewer stipulations, we might be able to get them to drop that stipulation and secure the 4 BP still."

"House Lebeda requests that we find a suitable consort for Dame Sarrona's son, help the young lord's sister Elanna marry King Noleski, and want to enter an unofficial alliance with us. They will give us 15 BP as long as we do not deal with any other major noble house except House Orlovsky, and House Surtova once Elanna is married to the King. They also want us to create an embassy and trade with Mivon and Pitax. In addition, they want us to be ready to fight either with the the Southern Rostlanders against the Issians or in a civil war alongside the pro-king houses against those that do not recognize Noleski. All in all, these demands are too restrictive."

"House Surtova offers us 5 BP as long as we support Noleski's claim to the throne and swear fealty to Brevoy. I have no comments on this."

"House Orlovsky offers 2 BP and only require that we make no deals with House Surtova nor House Medvyed. They seem to want the other two houses weak enough that they do not risk starting a war."

"House Lodovka offers us 3 BP in preserved fish, labour, shipbuilding expertise, and underworld contacts. In return they request a safe beachhead to be able to withdraw to and govern from in exile. They also want our assistance pandering to House Surtova and request we do not make deals with Orlovsky, Garess, or Medvyed."

"Lastly, we have offers from other cities, nations, races, and even individuals."

"We have heard Jovvox's offer from Kresnik and discussed it. I await your opinions before we make a final decision."

"Mivon and Pitax offer us 1 BP each to respect their borders and recognize them as sovereign nations. I am in favor of doing so, it is an easy 2 BP offered for something we would likely already have done for free."

"The Elves of Kyonin offer 3 BP in forest and arcane expertise, as well as artisanal labour in exchange for dominon over any elven sites rediscovered in the Greenbelt and ownership of all ancient elven craft-work. If we have claimed the land, they should not expect us to give it to them. They have had ample opportunity to do so themselves, being long-lived and all. I think we should instead offer to return any ancient elven craft-work to them for a finder's fee of whatever is the market price for said items."

"The Dwarves want first opportunity to explore any sites and only offer 1 BP. I think both races are ill-informed if they believe us to be gullible enough to turn over a potential king's wealth for a pittance. Once again I recommend instead offering our friendship and willing commerce with them. If we find any dwarven artifacts we can return them upon receiving a finder's fee for the market price."

"Edrist Hanvaki wants us to build a dance hall that he can operate, then an inn or tavern, and eventually a theater. He offers 2 BP, but the dance hall costs 4 BP, so in effect we can get the dance hall for half price by allowing him to operate it."

"Cadense Kensen and her young daughter Jennavieve's offer of 4 BP is overshadowed by the cost of the mansion, 10 BP, and stable, 10 additional BP."

"Duma the Sly steals from supporters of the regent, Noleski Surtova, and gives the stolen wealth to the poor. While I do not condone stealing, I am in favor of not supporting the regent and gaining 2 BP from Duma."

"Koffar Rjul from Iobaria wants us to support the supposed deposed prince Tzakiv Korva and will give us 2 BP in metalwork from Veka. I do not know what they mean by 'support' though."

"Koffar Buran Evyas' offer of 2 BP only requires we do not intervene in his conquest and support no one else. That seems easy enough, I suppose."

"Koffar Ivad Rhukov's offer of 3 BP to merely lend words of support for any conflicts they start is odd… I do not know how to handle that one. I would like to acquire more information if at all possible."

"Speaking of information - who exactly is Don Orr?! What, if anything, do we know about him? He offers us 2 BP to be our Spymaster; I want to know why. Have either of you met him before?"

"We need to decide what we will build once the area for our settlement is readied. I believe we should look into purchasing a Lyre of Building. It is expensive, but well worth the cost as it would save us 2 BP in resources per building we create. Sadly, I do not have the money to buy one. Maybe we can search for some alternative means of acquiring one… "

Out of Character: Wait - when you say optional kingdom rules, which ones specifically do you mean and from which book? Are you okay with giving the book, page number, and section for each? Sorry to ask, it's just there seems to be quite a few optional rules and I want to familiarize myself with the ones you allow.

Also, what bonus does Isa have as High Priest (WS, CH, skill ranks in Knowledge (Religion))? Are we able to get a decent read on Maerrun, Amani, and Don Orr? Would you mind sharing the bonuses for roles we currently have filled?

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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Page 272 Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

Theaton will decline any change of religion at this time. "I have met wit hthe Fey and am working with them to preserve the forest that we have explored. I also want to make a green belt along part of the river so the water fey can feel more at home and the lake fey should have a green space too. I have no issues with the lesser houses. The major houses we should be careful how we deal with them. As far as our kingdoms Alignment I am ok with Lawful Neutral as it will help us the most. I am a bit leary of Don Orr as I have talked to his principal guard and she told me that he comes with a huge price. HE is a master of thieves I believe and do we want to support a criminal element here? Granted he may be a good spy master but right now We need to work on building not spying. Keeping friendly alliance with the elves and dwarves seems wise. Let Jhod have his temple the way he wants it and let me work on my house. I will let you decide how you respond to the lesser houses as most of their offers are good in nature and assistance. My main concern is the forest right now.

During the times that Theaton is not in meetings with the others he will be off exploring the greenbelt that we have not finished.

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Land Stolen Kingmaker Pathfinder ICon

Ignoble says...

"I understand your concern" Mykael replies to Archival "But the Church of Iomadae was not specific regarding when this military aid would be expected, nor were they specific regarding how much assistance they expected. I do not imagine we need to send any forces now, or even in the near future. Surely the Church would not expect us to place our own security in jeopardy in order to provide military aid because such aid would likely be short lived if we leave ourselves open. I would like to build a temple regardless of whether we take the offer or not, and perhaps if nothing else ask for volunteers for the Crusade until we are able to dedicate more resources toward the cause."

To that end Mykael actually spends the time when he is not in meetings with the others to make arrangments for the building of a shrine to Iomedae; this would be using his own resources rather than that of the barony so I'm guessing it would be built using the downtime rules? He would look at building the shrine somewhere near the newly forming village center and it would consist of a life sized stone statue of the goddess in full plate armor with a shield that bears her symbol. She would be raising her sword toward the sky as though to rally those around her.

He would have no real objection to accepting the offers from the Church of Pharasmin, the Noble houses of Galavriel and Amani of Numesti, or the nation of Mivon. Mykael would object to the offers made by the Churches of Hanspur and Gyronna and if he knows anything about the nation of Pitax he would not want to accept their aid either. Beyond these things Mykael leaves most of these decisions to Archival as he is in agreement with Archival's philosophy overall, particularly as it relates to refraining from too many political and economic entanglements.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land

While awaiting word of the barons' decision on the offer presented, Kresnik alternates between exploring the countryside and poking his abnormally large nose anywhere on the settlement it wasn't overtly unwelcome.

Those who get to know him find him an amiable sort, quick to lend a hand or advice where able. He does get on the nerves of a few, whether due to his tendency to chatter, or the harmless practical jokes he plays from time to time.

Oddly enough, the cooking staff are nervous about him, ever since an incident where he reportedly ended up being chased out of the kitchens by a large swarm of animated cutlery.

If he can find a suitable workspace, he also intends to set up shop and begin offering sales of simple magic and alchemical items. Though he expects the former to have quite limited demand for the time being.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land - Page 272

Jesla waits to hear what the laws will be for this new kingdom. She knows that some semblance of order needs to be imposed now to avoid chaos. Jesla mainly walks the fort and the surrounding area at night when most mischief is being done. She has to knock some heads together from time to time to stop a drunken brawl. People challenge her often at first but soon her reputation precedes her of being a woman to not underestimate. Everywhere she goes she carries her massive great sword which is strapped to her back. Before patrolling the area she will hold the sword and pray to Gorum for his favor for another day.

One night several weeks after her acceptance of the Royal Enforcer role she is on her nightly patrol. She hears the screams of a woman up ahead. Jesla races to where the noise is coming from. There is a man forcing himself on a woman. Jesla growls and transforms into her hybrid tiger form. In the place of the barbarian woman now stands a 9 foot tall tiger standing on her hind legs. She grasps the man and hauls him bodily upwards in her paws. He yells in anger then sees that he is ten feet off the ground. She brings him over in front of her face. " Go now and never return here. If I see you again I will rip out your entrails and feed them to the dogs while you still live. " She roars in his face then drops him. He runs in terror away from her. Jesla glances at the woman who seems to be ok. She then trots after the man and watches him race out into the darkness. Her feline mouth curves into somewhat of a grin. She begins shrinking and suddenly Jesla is standing there again. He deserved death and she showed him mercy of a sort. She was sure the Barons would approve.

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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land
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ICon Pathfinder Kingmaker Stolen Land D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 272

At our second settlement meeting I come up with an idea. “What say you gentlemen if we offer Kresnik the position of Magister pending he prove his arcane ability? We could ask him to demonstrate his commitment to the settlement by crafting a Lyre of Building at cost and I could assist him in order to determine if he is a good fit for our organization.” Upon no disagreement I ask for Kresnik to be informed that we would like to meet with him.

Upon Kresnik's arrival I greet him, “Hello again, Kresnik! From what I hear you have been enjoying your time here. It pleases each of us. We have given Jovvox's offer some additional thought and decided that we are, regrettably, not interested in accepting it at this time. That being said, you have proven yourself to be a good-natured individual and capable in a number of things. We would like to offer you the position of Magister. We only require one thing of you before we make your role official though, if you choose to accept - we would be much obliged if you were to show your arcane ability by crafting a Lyre of Building at cost. I will make myself available to assist you in the task, if you wish. What say you of this opportunity? Note the sooner it is completed, the sooner we can instate you as the Magister and the sooner we can begin construction for the settlement.”

During the current meeting I listen to Mykael and Theaton's concerns in turn and nod my understanding. "If you believe it to be a bad idea to accept Don Orr's assistance, we shall politely decline it at this time. I think most governments have that one individual that wades into the murk so that others do not have to, but it is no matter - perhaps Maeurrun or Amani will be a good fit for the role."

Turning to Mykael I grin and reply, "You are right. I was being overly cautious. We will accept the Church of Iomedae's offer. At the very least we could contribute by calling for volunteers to bolster their military's numbers should the need arise."

"I understand why you object to the practices of those that worship Hanspur and Gyronna, but if we outlaw the harming of others physically and fiscally, we can punish those that break that law. I do not care which deity someone gives lip service to, as long as they do not effect others negatively. I think we will be okay as long as we enforce the stipulations previously lain out. As far as Pitax goes, accepting 1 BP to respect their borders and recognize them as a sovereign nation is of no consequence. What care we if a city wants to call itself a kingdom?"

"What if we were to make it so that if any follower of Gyronna, Hanspur, or any other deity for that matter, are found not obeying our law to not harm others they are sent to serve the Church of Iomedae on the frontlines of the Worldwound? That might be a significant enough deterrent to stop them from harming others altogether."

"Let us call in everyone else that has a leadership role and get their opinions on all of these stances." With that, I sit and wait until the other leaders are brought in. Upon their arrival, I fill them in on what we have been discussing and ask for their counsel as well.

Out of Character: Could you give us the exact day it is in game please, ICon?

KNtoran, the Ultimate Campaign book has the cost of just 1 house at 1,290 gp. It comes with: 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 lavatory, 1 sewer access, 1 sitting room, and 1 storage. You can also add rooms on, for which there are prices listed in the book. Tons of cool stuff can be done now! Note - the cost for the building is in gold. In the kingdom building section it's listed in BP because each lot is actually a collection of those buildings, not just one. So we can't pay the gold price and have it count as filling the lot in the settlement.

Mykael, a Shrine consists of 1 altar and 1 statue. It costs 270 gp to build. It won't add to the city's stats either, because a kingdom shrine consisting of 1 lot costs 8 BP. It's so cool that they still let you build the stuff though for roleplay purposes!

I'll do a summary.

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