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Discuss  Aericsteele' s Traveller Character Creation Make sure to read the first Post of this Thread for instructions about creating your Character.
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Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation
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Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation - Page 8

I'm cool with being the plucky kid engineer aboard.

Hopefully, it'll iron out during play.

Rather off topic, but...
And I REALLY hate the 15 word min for replies. Software for this board isn't exactly intuitive, either...

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25th Nov, 2015 - 2:23am / Post ID: #

Creation Character Traveller Aericsteeles

The Referee relays...

I'm actually a fan of the word minimum requirement; though it doesn't necessarily eliminate the one liner responses, it prevents people from giving very brief and simple responses like "Kill troll with axe..." And if people try to get around that by simply saying the same thing over and over again the mods will get onto them and the post will probably be deleted. It encourages more narrative in my opinion and really fifteen words is nothing.

The site as a whole does take a little getting used to, at least it did for me, but once you get involved I've found it to be my go to for Play-by-Post. I like the embedded dice roller and the anti-cheating system it utilizes and because you can't edit a post after thirty minutes it makes you more likely to really review your post and make that is what you want to post, because once that time limit elapses the post is there to stay and you can't change it. A little quality control I think.

For everyone, if you haven't already read through the sites policies make sure you do so; actually read the whole things not just a cursory glance so that when/if the admins correct you on something it doesn't come as a surprise. They've corrected me, moved my posts around, made suggestions and its fine. There is a method to the madness. I've included a couple of the links below that I think may be helpful:

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Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation RPGs PBP Fiction Science

This is Kanin, over...

I can post daily but I had to make also a Dungeons & Dragons character and some research for my Vargr. The latest I will make my character will be the weekend, maybe tonight. I know about your 48hr policy.

25th Nov, 2015 - 10:55am / Post ID: #
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Page 8 Creation Character Traveller Aericsteeles

This is The Cynic, over...

I've made the rolls and updated my skills for the extra advancement rolls. Thanks again Bindoner!

25th Nov, 2015 - 9:59pm / Post ID: #
Njall Nail Lang
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Creation Character Traveller Aericsteeles

Rebel over...

Maiokus - my character and yours could have formed a connection in your third ( my second ) term when we were pirates together.

Post Date: 25th Nov, 2015 - 11:06pm / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation
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Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation


Any details on your mishap?

My character could have been sent to retrieve you and your crew. Marq Term 3 (Marq - Persuade +1)

Njll Nail Lang

On his 2 term, Marq spent with your "Rebel" group in Bowman. Assisting in clandestine ooperations against the enemy. Marq Term 2 (Marq - Carouse +1)


Marq's 6th Term put Marq and Maiokus on board the same crew and ship. (Marq - Computer +1).

*since I am looking to be the oldest individual, most of these events happened in my later Terms. Thoughts?

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25th Nov, 2015 - 11:47pm / Post ID: #
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Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation - Page 8

This is Kanin, over...

Here is my character. I did manual rolls. If some of the skills are conflict with the group I can reroll them? I have not calculated the remaining credits from the pension, after he bought his equipment.

To tell you the truth, I started with other things in mind. Heh, the book's intro is right when it specifies that.

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26th Nov, 2015 - 12:36am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Character Creation Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 8

The Referee relays...

The Traveller Skill Packet recommends the skills listed below. I have gone through the character sheets to give you guys an idea of what skills are represented and by whom:

Krakrefr: Pilot-0;
Njill Nail Lang: Pilot-2 (Small craft) and Pilot-2 (Spaceship)
Maiokus: Pilot-1 (Spacecraft)
Enerii: Pilot-0


Krakrefr: Comms-0
Shuth: Comms-0

Krakrefr: Gunner-0
Njill: Gunner (Turret)-1
Maiokus: Gunner (Turret)-2
Enerii: Gunner-0

Gun Combat
Krakrefr: Gun Combat-0
Silver tongue: Gun Combat-1 (No specialty listed)
Njill: Gun Combat (Energy Pistols)-1
Maiokus: Gun Combat (Slug Rifle)-2
Enerii: Gun Combat-0

Silver Tongue: Persuade-0
Njill: Persuade-1

Krakrefr: Stealth-0
Silver Tongue: Stealth-4
Njill: Stealth-0
Maiokus: Stealth-0

Krakrefr: Medic-0
Maiokus: Medic-0
Shuth: Medic-4

Based on this, and the fact that it looks like Enerii has the fewest skills gained from terms I am going to assign Enerii Comms-1 and Sensors-1 to make his character a little more relevant and give him a greater role to fill.

I also wanted to make sure someone had:

Krakrefr: Astrogation-1
Maiokus: Astrogation-2
Enerii: Astrogation-0

Maiokus: Engineering (M-Drive)-1
Njill: Engineering (J-Drive)-1

So those skills are covered.

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