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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 20

Out of Character: : Sorry I missed, Eneril's original post about cutting the engines.

In Character: : "We could use all the information we can get. I am hoping that Dr. Crane isn't interfering. Or maybe we can get some extra info on the doctor."

"Remain alert."

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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

The Referee relays...

The Wildcard's engines power down after Enerii makes a slight course correction to avoid potential collision with the planet. Moments later a small launch appears from the destroyer and makes its way to your vessel. The launch comes along side, matches your speed and minutes later you can hear a light thump followed by a hiss as a corridor connects the two craft and pressurizes.

When the doors are opened a squad of about six marines wearing combat armor and bearing advanced combat rifles enter the airlock. The visor on the lead trooper's helmet slides back revealing the face of a fairly young man, perhaps in his mid twenties. The man looks around the airlock taking in his surroundings as the others stand with rifles in the port arms position (Diagnoally across the chest with barrel aiming at the ceiling). The yellow imperial sun is emblazoned on their black shoulder guards. The man locks eyes with whomever approaches him to speak for the party.

"Lieutenant Godefroy" he nods as he introduces himself "Imperial Marines. No need for alarm, we're just here to check your cargo and passenger manifest. There's been some concern that the Zhodani may be using independent traders to smuggle weapons and personnel to Ruie. So long as you're not smugglers we should have no problems here" he smiles.

"May I see your ships manifest please?" he holds out his hand expectantly

Out of Character: : You are correct Enerii, you did say that you were going to cut the engines, but with Silvertongues post I wasn't sure if that was still the case. I will assume that, you being the pilot, you are going to cut the engines despite Silvertongues post suggesting otherwise. To answer your previous question this would be a Pulmigory Class destroyer you are dealing with.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

In Character: Silvertongue is at the airlock with the manifests for both the cargo and crew. "Lieutenant, we have not been contacted by the Zhodani, nor are we carrying any contraband." Handing over the manifests, Silvertongue begins moving his way though the ship, "This way please."

*Note to Ref - Attempting ease the Lieutenant's concerns.

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Page 20 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Rebel over...

"Not only will there be point-defense turrets, they'll take a powered approach as a potential Ine Givar suicide bomb. Stay still, let them send a launch.

We should be "Hello officer, nice to see you here outside the Imperium, how can we help". They're our friends, keeping us safe out here in independent space, with us all unarmed and vulnerable to pirates and the like. Kaff, Doughnutts, swap news. Papers and goodbye.

Now, where are the freight contracts and the cargo and passenger manifests? First thing they'll want.

When we need to manoeuvre, I'll take the chair. Got the most experience, and don't want to make a bad impression. A smooth and professional flight away and down, that's the ticket."

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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

This is The Cynic, over...

In Character: : Maiokus keeps himself away from the boarding party carrying on with his regular ship duties. He doesn't stay in his cabins, lest they search cabins and wonder why he is locked away in there during an inspection.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

This is Kanin, over...

Krakfrefr will also carry his ship duties. He stays on the bridge "Checking" the sensors and other equipment. Not that he has something to hide, just that he does not likes when they inspect his ship.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 20

The Referee relays...

"Of course" the LT responds to Silvertongue "Of course, but we can't be overly cautious now can we. What with the Zhodani using Ruie as a staging area for its last attempted invasion, Duke Norris saw fit to station an imperial fleet here to help ensure the planets protection until they are able to do so themselves. It may not officially be an imperial world per se, but it is in our best interest to ensure that our enemies do not utilize her as a staging for their operations, covert or understand."

The airlock door opens up to the common area and the Lt. Does not wait for Silvertongue to show him around, instead he motions to his men and they quickly begin their search while Lt. Godefroy looks over the manifest and moves forward essentially 'leading' Silvertongue as opposed to being led around, everything about his demeanor screaming that he considers himself in charge of the situation.

"You do realize that Ruie has been designated an amber zone? I just want you to be aware that the situation planet side is such that travel there is ill advised. Just a couple of weeks ago we heard of a crew of independent traders being arrested and their ship confiscated. Haven't heard from them since. The Imperium has taken a strict stance of non-interference when it comes to the political situation planet side so just be aware that if you get yourselves into trouble down there, no one will be running to your rescue."

Godefroy moves to the cargo area as though he has been aboard so many ships like the Wildcard that it is second nature to him, he doesn't even look up from the manifest as he walks. "Manifest doesn't show anything out of the ordinary" he announces as he taps the screen on the hand held computer that he placed the data wafer containing the ships records into "We'll just do a quick walk through of the cargo area and make sure it all matches up..."

The Lt. Stands near the middle of the cargo hold while the marines randomly check the contents of various cargo containers. He watches over their progress and occasionally looks over the manifest when his men open a container, ensuring that the manifest accurately reflects the contents.

The marines move throughout the ship, though not in a tactical manner that would suggest that they are expecting an ambush. It appears to be little more than a routine check. They seem to become a little more casual as time goes on and by the time they are going through the state rooms they do little more than pop their heads in, look the room over, and then move on to the next one. Coming across Shuth, Maiokus, and Krakrefr the marines give you a look over but do not interfere in your work.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 20

In Character: Silvertongue stops abruptly at the mention of a Free Trader being lost planetside on Ruie. "Lieutenant, I take it this missing ship passed your checkpoint here? Any idea of their destination or their cargo?"

Looking nervous about potential conflict, Silvertongue continues, "I need to have some idea of places to avoid. All I intend to do is drop my cargo, get paid, reload, and check out with as little conflict as possible."

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