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Traveller Miscellaneous Thread for any Out of Character Discussion that is still related to the Main Game.
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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support - Page 74

This is The Cynic, over...

Yeah good call. We agreed on 30% of remaining profits to be split among the crew if I recall? Or was it 20%?

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Support and Questions Traveller Aericsteeles

The Referee relays...

Here is a more thorough campaign log up to this point for reference; it includes some page numbers to help you guys go back and reference different events if needed:

Year 1115

002: Crew finalize purchase of the Wildcard; they meet at the Dead Spacer bar in Regina Up-Port. Crew accepts a job from Dr. Crane to procure a rare chemical compound from Ruie and deliver it to the Whanga system

003 (Pg.15): Wildcard departs Regina and enters jump to Ruie system.

010 (Pg. 18): Arrive in the Ruie System and hailed by the ISS Zenith, a light Imperial destroyer. Zenith orders crew to prepare for boarding and the crew complies; Wildcard lands at Ruie Spaceport

011 (Pg.24): Crew hires a liason named Nahi Gorain; Adeline joins the crew after firefight in the spaceport terminal.

012 (Pg.39)

018 (Pg.39-pg.59): Assault on the chemical factory/distribution center on Ruie. Obtain chemical compound and return to spaceport.

Pg. 56 Enerri is killed by electrical shock while attempting to repair sensors on the Wildcard

019 (Pg.59) Wildcard cargo bay is cleaned and passengers/cargo loaded

020 (Pg.61--pg.79): Loriel joins the crew; GTC authorities attempt to arrest Shuth for his attempt to gain a sample of Frakers Disease. Shootout with GTC forces and the Wildcard departs in a hurry. The crew captures the lead investigator for the GTC, Agent Mentsoyan. The prisoners are released to the Imperial Ship Zenith

042 (Pg.86): Arrive in Whanga System; Loriel informs Silver that she has decided not to stay on board and instead plans on offering her services to the scientists on Whanga to assist them in exploring the world. Loriel is killed two weeks later in a rather non-climactic way from exposure.

050 (Pg.94): Wildcard leaves Whanga System

057 (Pg. 95): Arrive in Alell System attacked by pirates, Maoikus meets Karen/one of the pirates (See pg. 105)

057 to 059: Arrive on Alell unload passengers. Put in for maintenance spend 2 days in port for maint. Njall installs turret into Hardpoint 1. Load freight 1 Major 60t, 1 Major 20t, 1 Incidental 6t total of 86 tons destination Efate. Adeline leave the crew. Load 13 low berth, 7 middle passengers (Gaden given Steward 0 skill)

059 Purchase 20 tons of unrefined fuel for 2,000cr spend rest of day refining fuel

060: Depart Alell for Efate

067: Arrive at Efate and drop off freight receive 86,000cr; drop off passengers receive 34,000cr; Pay for 20 tons unrefined fuel 2,000cr spend remainder of the day refining fuel. Pick up freight/Passengers: 1 Major 60t; 1 Major 20t; 1 Incidental 6t
Incidental: 6 (2, 2, 6, 3, 4, 6); Minor: 13 (25, 25, 15, 10, 30, 5,5,5, 30, 30, 35, 10, 25); Major: 8 (20, 10, 20, 50, 60, 20, 10, 10)
Passengers (13 low and 7 Middle)
Low berth: 13
Middle: 8

068: Depart Efate for Uakye

075: Arrive at Uakye unload cargo and passengers; receive 120,000cr. Purchase 20 tons unrefined fuel fr 2,000cr and spend the remainder of the day refining the fuel. Pickup freight/passengers
Freight (85t)
Major (8--50,60,20,10,60,20,20,10): Load 60t and 20t
Minor (5--20,20,10,5,30): Load 5t
Low: 8
Middle: 7

076: Depart Uakye for Alell

083: Arive in Alell. Unload freight/passengers receive 114,000cr. Purchase 20 tons unrefined fuel for 2,000cr spend remainder of day refining. Pickup freight and passengers enroute to Efate
Low: 20
Middle: 6
Freight (86t)
Major (12--40,40,20,10,60,60,50,10,40,30,20,10): Load 60t, 20t
Minor (16--30, 15,5,5,30,30,15,15,30,25,10,5,20,10,10,5)
Incidental (8--4,3,2,1,6,6,5,2,): Load 6t

084: Pay mortgage, maint, and life support -157,603; Depart Alell for Efate

091: Arrive on Efate unload freight and passengers receive 124,000cr. Spend 2,000cr for 20t fuel and refine for remainder of the day. Pickup freight and passengers bound for Uakye
Low: 12
Middle: 4
Freight (85 tons)
Major (11--50,10,20,30,20,40,40,30,30,40,60): Load 60t
Minor (17--15,15,15,5,15,20,25,15,15,15,30,30,5,5,20,5,20): Load 25t
Incidental (10--3,3,6,5,6,2,5,1,4,2):

092: Depart Efate bound for Uakye

097: Arrive at Uakye unload freight and passengers receive 24,000cr for passengers and 85,000cr for freight totalling 109,000cr. Spend 2,000cr for 20t unrefined fuel and refine for remainder of the day. Pickup freight and passengers bound for Whanga system
Middle: 4
Freight (85t)
Major: Load 60t
Minor: Load 25t
Incidental: None

098: Depart Uakye for Whanga system

105: Arive in Whanga system and offload. Receive 13,000cr for passengers and 85,000cr for freight totalling 98,000cr. Load freight and passengers bound for Knorbes
Low: 9
Middle: 4
Freight (85t)
Major (60): Load 60t
Minor: (5, 20): Load 20t and 5t
Depart Whanga and refuel at Gas Giant

106: Depart Wanga system bound for Knorbes

113: Arrive in Knorbes and offload. Receive 21,000cr for passengers and 85,000cr for freight totaling 106,000cr. Load cargo bound for Forboldn. Pay mortgage, life support and maintanence -157,603
Low: 4
Middle: 0
Freight (85t)
Major: (60,40,60,20,20,30,30,10,30,10): Load 60t
Minor: (5,30,5,15,5,25,30,5,30): Load 25t
Incidental: 0

114: Refueling at gas giant

115 Depart Forbodln for Ruie system

122 (Pg.115): Arrive in Ruie System; Begining of Episode 2.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support RPGs PBP Fiction Science

This is Kanin, over...

Well, here it goes:

Attached Image QUOTE

While on Alell, Krakrefr helped with repairing the Wildcard, during the day, and during the night went to slums of the city and fought in the cages of the underground fights. It was the only way his Vargr skils could be honed and stay sharp. The pay was so-so, but usually he was good at it· mostly because of his fast reflexes rather than his strength. One night, when he entered the locker room after the fight, he sensed a familiar presense.
“I could smell you from the cage. Nice to see you back brother… ”, he said.
“I know. I wasn't trying to hide from you… ”, said a deep and heavy voice and another Vargr stepped out of a dark corner of the room. His step was a bit heavy and Krakrefr saw that his right hand and leg were metal, where part of his right body was synth-skin and his head had nasty burn scars. The rest of his black fur was short and he wore cargo pants and a padded vest. He was heavy built, unlike him.
The two Vargrs closed and clasped hands to wrists and hugged. Krakred sat at the bench and started pulling the wrapping from his hands. His fur was sweaty and sticked to the skin.
“You are a hard mutt to find, you know?”, the other Vargr said and lit a cigar.
“… What brings you here? What happened to you?”, said as he stopped and saw the damage on his friend.
“Well… the last job was not a good one. We were security detail in a forward expedition party and we stumbed into ambush by K'kree. Thanks for the army's medical plan.”
“I guess it was bad.”, said Krakrefr and got a towel to wipe out his sweat. The dust and the moisture of the underground room was not helping at all.
“It could be worse. But you know what? We found it! We found a city of the Ancients!”
Krakrefr's eyes widened and his ears rose.
“You heard me. A whole city, untouched… lost and forgotten!”
“... How?... Where?”
“I do not know much, as the labcoats had top-security levels and such. We went corewards, into the Dark and took us a bloody long time to get there. 50 scientists and psions, along a security detail of 30 Spec-Ops… and I am the only survivor… ”, the eyes of the other Vargr turned to steel cold.
“Sad to hear this brother… any known?”
“Nah, most were pups but good people. Anyway I am not here for this… I am for this”, he said and pulled something from his backpack.
It was a cube with sides of 30cm. Krakrefr hold it in his hands. It felt cold in his touch, smooth yet grainy in the light. He glimpsed tiny texts and geometrical formations along the areas of the strange cube.
“What is this?”
“I do not know. But they hunted us for this. We blew up the rest of the citadel, we left them nothing to find.”, the other Vargr made a pause
“... And you want me to watch it… ”
“... And I want you to keep it safe and hidden.”
“Where will you go now?”
“Back at home. The fighting days are over for me, time to settle and start a family. Train some pups in the academy too.”
“Listen, I have a crew and a ship. Why not stay tonight for a feast? Some are old soldiers, it will be fun. No K'kree there.”
“No brother, I have to go.”, his face was hard and somewhat depressive.
“Say hello to my pack, will ya? Till next time.”
“Till next time brother.”
They clasped their hands and the other Vargr left. Krakrefr sat there some time, watching the cold cube and sighted.
“Dammit Kvadrr, and it was such a nice night tonight… ” he thought and put the cube into his duffle bag.

Out of Character:
We were in Alell or Efafe? Got confused, since both cities were mentioned, just for continuity purposes. I think the 20% for the crew is adequate, at least till we get some proper equipment for the Wildcard.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support
A Friend

Page 74 Support and Questions Traveller Aericsteeles

Whatever Silver's cut of 20% is, he uses to continue in his investments when ever possible.

Nice story there, Morfeas. Lot more detailed than mine but of course Silver needs to continue to maintain a low profile.

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Support and Questions Traveller Aericsteeles

The Referee relays...

I think this will be the third time I've requested this but…

Attached Image QUOTE
Shuth does need to assign the science skills to specializations. At the moment his character sheet just shows the points assigned to the general skill category; for example the skill 1 that he has for the physical sciences needs to be assigned to physics, chemistry, or electronics; the point in Life Sciences needs to be assigned to Biology, cybernetics, genetics, or psionicology; the point in the Social Sciences needs to be assigned to Archeology, economics, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, or sophontology.

Please do this and update your character sheet Until you do so all your Science task rolls will be treated as +0

The character does not gain a +1 in all Life Science skills. The point needs to be assigned to one of the skills within that 'cascade' or group. The life science skills that do not have a point in them are treated as +0; they can be used by the character but they do not gain the +1 dice modifier

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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support

Rebel over...

I'm not 100% sure what we are doing, besides making plans right now. Have we decided on an approach path? I know Aericsteele has given us all the information from our rolls, but what are we doing with that information? Ajit is good with the idea of dropping in quick and getting under the radar, then approaching the site and starting a search. I think someone, most likely Malcolmshaw, needs to post our final decision (As orders) and make it happen.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support - Page 74

Rebel over...

Er, Silver? Exactly where are we taking her in to? The city at the swamp edge, the native settlements in the area, or the crash site? As the TL's vary from 6 to 0 any floating cargo pallet will be a wooden raft - which reminds me:
Aericsteele - did we find an inflatable motor-boat while travelling here?

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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support
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Aericsteele's Traveller Questions & Support Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 74

Aericsteele informed us that we

Attached Image QUOTE
You end up putting down in a patch of solid ground that Maoikus is able to point out a few miles into the swamp.

My conclusions from this, puts us a few miles out from the crash site and native settlements.

In regards to the equipment being loaded onto The Wildcard once we have located it. It may be easier for us to fly The 'Card to crashsite and load it directly as opposed to dragging it back through the swamp.

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