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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread - Page 57

In Character: As Leo is approaching the position, "Sorry for the rough ride Zinna, if you can, you need to get back on your horse when we stop."

To both her and the rest he shouts, "Don't try to make a stand here, fire at will as you retreat. When they get too close, ride like the wind for town, we'll regroup outside of there and hit them again. Casters, try to put their front row to sleep, it should trip them up."

Out of Character: Assuming Zinna manages to get to her own mount, Leo will stay in between the orcs and the rest, and will do the following in order:
-throw one javelin at max range (120') with disadvantage
-Command the toughest looking orc near the front of the pack to grovel (DC 13 Wisdom save or it must drop prone and end its turn)
-Keep throwing javelins as he and the rest back away until the orcs get too close to melee range or he runs out.
-Cease attacking on his turn, and instead ride just fast enough for the frontrunners to mostly catch up and get smacked in the face for their trouble (He can Aoo creatures that enter his 10' reach)
-Shortly after the rest of the group is out of sight ahead of him, he'll veer off and try to lead whatever is left of the pack on a tangent before attempting to lose them again. He'll toss back some enraging insults in Orcish if they need encouragement.
-In the hopefully unlikely event the entire pack ignores him and keeps on going to town, he'll double back and look for an opportune moment to harass them from behind.

For the sake of clarity, the rolls labeled gwf set 2 are those you would default to if damage from their counterparts in gwf 1 end up a 4 or 5. Also, just to confirm, we didn't get rest since the Ankheg fight correct? If so, Leo will be completely tapped out after this, no LOH, smites, or spells left.

For the sake of the scenario, I'm assuming that the orcs are dashing to close in. Our horses are notably faster, but I assume we can't attack while they dash, so if attacking, moving only delays them closing in.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG e Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

As soon as Corren is sure there are no more orcs or goblins moving past him he scrambles to his feet and moves quickly through the trees after them. Following such a large group is no trouble due to the swath of trampled brush they leave in their wake. He spots a growling shape ahead, at the tail end of the column and darts forward to attack from behind. He hopes the noise the entire group makes covers any sound he makes so he can move on to the next creature just ahead…

Out of Character: : Attack with advantage, then bonus action to once more stealth into the shadows (Hide). If the target of this attack does not go down, he will instead Disengage for his bonus action, unless he is ruled to have no movement left. In that case, he will just go toe-to-toe with it.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Zinna bounces up and down on the horse as Sir Leo races back where the others wait. She feels warmth moving into her body and feels herself again. She hears Sir Leo speaking as they stop. Sliding off of his horse she heads to her horse. " Thank you Sir Leo. "

She climbs up on her horse with an angry look on her face. Looking towards the oncoming Orcs she looks for the biggest group clumped together on the left side of the horde. (Left from her perspective.) Zinna waits for them to get within range of her spell. She then reaches back and touches the neck of her lute as she begins chanting. She has a cold smile on her face as she casts the spell.

Specific Action: Zinna casts sleep on the group of orcs previously mentioned.

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Page 57 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

The Maker says...

Leo positions himself between the oncoming band of orcs and the rest of the party and tosses one of his javelins but it sticks into the ground rather than finding its mark.

Corren moves up quickly behind one of the tail orcs and drives his rapier into its back, he can see the tip of the sword pierce through the right side of the orcs abdomen and the orc howls in pain and rage and spins around to face his attacker though a heavy stream of blackish blood drips from the wound. Corren quickly moves away.

Out of Character: : Anyone that is going to try and do a fighting withdraw while mounted will need to make a dexterity save if they use the dash action in order to maneuver their steed through the trees. Also, with the exception of Leo I believe, none of your mounts are trained for combat and you will need to make a Wisdom save (+0) for the animal or it will panic because by the time it comes around to the orcs turn they will be at approximately 10ft (Orcs have a trait called Aggressive: As a bonus action, the orc can move up to its speed toward a hostile creature that it can see.) so using the dash action they can move 60ft and then as a bonus action they can move another 30ft

Mradoric wants to wait to throw a dart but as of round 1 they are approximately 100ft away and out of range so unless you say otherwise I will hold Mradoric's action until after the orcs so that they can close that distance.

Leo had also wanted to cast command but until the orcs have their turn they will be out of range for that spell (Range is 60ft). That being the case I had Leo throw one javeline at disadvantage then at the start of the next round when it comes back to Leo in the initiative order he can cast the spell or throw a javelin; I don't think you can take two standard actions. "On your turn, you can move a distance up to your speed and take one action"

Leo (19), Corren (17), Carrick (13), Unknowns (15), Zinna (12), Orcs(7), Mradoric (16-holding action) Malek (4),

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG e Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

Out of Character: : Aeric I posted my action without thinking about losing a turn. Since I can't act this turn it changes everything for next round. Please ignore my sleep spell. I assume going into the next round she will be standing by her horse?

22nd Nov, 2016 - 11:43pm / Post ID: #
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread

The Scout of the Deep Wilds says...

Seeing the dart sticking out of his leather armor, Carrick gives a quick look around to see where it may have come from but then taking note of Corren's swift actions, the dwarf will draw tight on his bow, focusing intently on the orc that was just impaled, then lets loose the bloody ax arrow he had notched. Once his arrow lands, hit or no, Carrick will then try to move further through the trees to throw the dumb brutes off.

Out of Character: The focusing intently is "Hunter's mark", and I have advantage on the orc since it has not yet acted this encounter.

Carrick Granitebranch Results:
  • Attack (advantage) on D20 (+6): 8, 14 (2 rolls)
  • Damage (arrow) on D8 (+2): 6 (1 rolls)
  • Damage (hunters mark) on D6 (+0): 1 (1 rolls)
  • Perception (dart) on D20 (+4): 16 (1 rolls)
  • Stealth on D20 (+4): 21 (1 rolls)

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread - Page 57

Yes Mradoric will wait to throw his dart then switch to quarterstaff. Mradoric will not be on horseback. He will be on the ground. He would have left the horse off to the side.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 57

Out of Character: No, you can't take two standard actions, wasn't trying to, I was expecting to have 3 rounds before they finished closing given a 60' dashing speed. I didn't expect an effective 90' charge, by the nine hells this is bad. Welp, that definitely changes things.

In Character: With two others on the ground, and the orcs closing in faster than he can believe, Leo will dismount as well. After the first Javelin throw, he'll charge them in turn and direct his mount to do the same (If he can, many horses trained for war know to fight alongside their riders, but by no means all of them.)

Note: No Command shenanigans, just hitting with everything he's got, standard action attack, bonus action attack, and he should get an aoo as combatants continue to run towards him. He'll apply a smite to any of those three that hit an orc, he won't waste the spell slot on a goblin.

If he can direct the horse to charge in with him, it should get a trampling charge attack. If it hits with its hooves, the target must make a DC 14 Strength check or fall prone. In addition, failing the save and going prone means the horse can try to hit the target again with another hoof attack.

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