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5th Jul, 2016 - 5:28pm

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Aericsteele using the Dungeons & Dragons system

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Character Name:
Carrick Granitebranch

Character Title:
The Scout Of The Deep Wilds

Character Class:
Ranger 3

Character Status:


Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Marching Position:

Rival: ?

The Foe of Carrick Granitebranch
Guardian: ?

The Vulnerable Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
AC: 14
HP: 33/33
PP: 14

Elven Longbow: +7 to hit. 1d8+3 piecing damage (150/600)

Dagger: +4 to hit. 1d4+2 piercing damage (finesse/thrown)

Handaxe: +3 to hit. 1d6+1 slashing damage
Character Description
Carrick is an average sized dwarf coming in at about 4' 10" and 180lbs. His skin is slightly darker than typical dwarves, a bit more tan, as he doesn't dwell inside the sunless mountains of his kin. His hair is dark brown as is his beard save for a streak of white that is very prominent that he has braided from his chin and adorned with small ringlets of copper.
His dark mahogany leather armor is worn but still very functional and an aged yew long bow seems ever strapped to his back.
When speaking, his voice is low but not as heavily accented like most other dwarves. He seems to get along with just about anyone and enjoys long conversations, especially if they're accompanied by several rounds of ale or mead!
Character History
Carrick Granitebranch descends from the Frostbeard clan that still dwell within the mountains of their birth.
(The Frostbeards claim that their distinct white streak in their beards is a mark left over from centuries ago from their clan's founder, Flint Snowforger, when he battled a white dragon. Just before he made the killing blow, Flint was blasted with the dragon's frost breath that permenently turned his beard an icy white, and earning him the new name "Frostbeard". From then on every descendant of his was born with a streak of that icy white hair and eventually became a symbol of pride to the Frostbeards. This is at least the story that has been told to every descendant for centuries and it's unknown if these events are truth or just myth.)
After living years within the dwarven strongholds, Carrick eventually became tired of the infighting amongst the clans as well as the growing tensions between the religious zealots and the imperial loyalists that seemed to affect the larger cities and towns more so than the smaller, quieter villages. As this was a time of relative peace between the dwarves and the other races, he felt it the right time to journey out to seek such a village to call home finally finding himself in the cozy little logging village of Clear Creek.

Carrick quickly began working as a hunter and trapper selling his pelts and meat for a decent living. He enjoyed the forest and felt more at home while amidst the trees then he ever did in any of his kin's cities. He felt Clear Creek was his paradise, and it was for nearly three years.

About two weeks ago, one of his friends and fellow hunters, Coridan, went missing. Carrick knew Coridan wouldn't venture too far to have to contend with hostiles and he was a skilled enough hunter to outwit any bear or large predator. No, this was not a simple hunting accident.
Carricks suspicions grew greater as just days later three lumber workers seemingly disappeared and now a little girl has gone missing! Carrick's little "paradise" has now become a haven to paranoia and unrest. People are getting understandably upset that the guard has come up with no answers, including Carrick. So, when Tywin Gant, local reeve of Clear Creek, requested his help in finding out what's going on, Carrick didn't even think twice; He headed straight for the Drunken Logger to meet the others Tywin had recruited and is hopeful, with their aid, he can get his paradise back.
This group of adventurers then set out to uncover the mystery of disappearances which grew even more ominous upon finding a lone boy hiding in an apparent abandoned farm who spoke of an odd creature that seemingly took his parents. Then the group foiled an attempted pillage by a small goblin force from the Bloody Axe tribe on a farmstead a little further from town. Upon dispatching these foes, the group discovered the goblins also had apparently seen some strange creature and stayed far from it.
After a few days of gathering their thoughts, Carrick and his companions then got word of a "den" in the forest that wreaked of death and decay. Upon discovering it, the dwarf and the group encountered the grotesque monster and killed it, seemingly ending the threat to the denizens of Clear Creek and earning themselves the title of "defenders of Clear Creek".
With this nightmare now vanquished, Carrick went back to as "normal" a lifestyle as he could and awaits a time when he may be called upon again to defend his town...
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
Spellcasting (Wisdom)
Spell Save DC 12
Spell Attack Modifier +4

Spell Slots: 3 level 1.

Spells Known:
Hunters Mark: bonus action, concentration 1 hour, range- 90ft; marks a target for the duration giving 1d6 extra damage when I hit the target with a weapon attack. I have advantage on any perception or survival checks when trying to locate the target.

Cure Wounds: 1 action, range- touch; heal target 1d8 + 2 (WIS) hp.

Hail of Thorns: bonus action, concentration, up to one minute: the target and each creature within 5' of the target must succeed a DEX saving throw or take 1d10 piercing damage, 1/2 on a save.
Character Notes*
Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Ideals: I'm committed to the people I care about, not to ideals.

Bonds: Clear Creek is my home, and I'll fight to defend it.

Flaws: Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation. Also if anyone questions the legitimacy of the Frostbeard clan's origins, their asking for a fight.

* The content here is exposed unless you get a Guardian to protect it.
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
The Maker
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Character Equipment
Studded Leather Armor
1 +1 Elven Longbow
3 Quivers (60 arrows) (10 goblin arrows from the "Bloody Axe Tribe")
1 Dagger (skinning knife)
1 Handaxe
A claw from a dire wolf that I killed that I have made into a necklace.
1 explorers pack (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, water skin and 50' hempen rope)
1 hunting trap
Coin pouch (8gp 5sp)
Character Storage
On my mantel:
1 yew longbow

Leaning against a wall next to my bed:
1 staff

In my chest next to my bed:
10 days rations
Set of travelers clothes
Game Master Notes*
Carrick notices that there is no smoke coming from the chimney of the cottage despite the chill in the air.

Last nag (warning): 29th Mar, 2017 - 1:07am

* The Game Master's notes to you are exposed, get a Guardian to protect it.
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
Character Stats
Strength: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Strength and Dexterity saves
Simple and martial weapons
Animal Handling, Athletics, Perception, Stealth and Survival.
Brewer's Supplies

Saving Throws:
Strength: +3
Dexterity: +4
Constitution: +3
Intelligence: +0
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +0


Acrobatics: +2
Animal Handling: +4
Arcana: +0
Athletics: +3
Deception: +0
History: +0
Insight: +2
Intimidation: +0
Investigation: +0
Medicine: +2
Nature: +2
Perception: +4
Performance: +0
Persuasion: +0
Religion: +0
Sleight of Hand: +2
Stealth: +4
Survival: +4

Darkvision up to 60'
Advantage on poison saving throws and resistance to poison damage.
Double proficiency when using History check on stonework.
Languages: Dwarvish, Common, Elvish

(Hill Dwarf)
Gain 1 hp at every level.

Advantage on initiative rolls.
During my first turn, I have advantage on my first attack against any enemy that has not already acted this combat.
Favored Enemy: beasts (I have advantage on Survival checks when tracking beasts and Intelligence checks when recalling info about them as well as +2 damage when hitting them with a weapon attack)
Natural Explorer: I am unaffected by hindering terrain.
Fighting Style: Archery (+2 to attack rolls with bows)
Spellcasting (wisdom)
Primeval Awareness: You have an innate ability to communicate with beasts, and they recognize you as a kindred spirit. Through sounds and gestures, you can communicate simple ideas to a beast as an action, and can read its basic mood and intent. You learn its emotional state, whether it is affected by magic of any sort, its short-term needs (such as food or safety), and actions you can take (if any) to persuade it to not attack.
You cannot use this ability against a creature that you have attacked within the past 10 minutes.
Additionally, you can attune your senses to determine if any of your favored enemies lurk nearby. By spending 1 uninterrupted minute in concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell), you can sense whether any of your favored enemies are present within 5 miles of you. This feature reveals which of your favored enemies are present, their numbers, and the creatures general direction and distance (in miles) from you.
If there are multiple groups of your favored enemies within range, you learn this information for each group.
Hunter Conclave: Colossus Slayer: When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, the creature takes an extra 1d8 damage if its below its hit point maximum. You can deal this extra damage only once per turn.

Wanderer: I have excellent memory for maps and geography and can always recall the layout of terrain, settlements and other features around me. I can also find food and fresh water for myself and up to five other people each day, as long as the land offers such things.

(Ally of Pixies)
Pixies see me and those with me as friendly and Sprites are less likely to see me or those with me as threats.



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