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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread - Page 92

Corren nods to Father Marcellus and puts the sealed letter in his bag. Upon his return to Clear Creek, he seeks out Tywin. First thing he does is hand over the unopened report. "From Father Marcellus, sir." Once Tywin asks for Corren's own report he clears his throat.

"Well, it was not an easy journey." He relates the fight with the large mantis-type creature, and Zinna's close call. "After she received some healing, we continued on and finally arrived at the Elven settlement of Durmista. They are quite open to trade and negotiations. They have no desire for conflict anymore than we do. I think having allies would be better than trying to expand our borders that way." He decides that diplomats can discuss any joint expedition against the orcs or the Illiosani. "I think you'll find Father Marcellus is pleased to be creating a small outpost to spread the Maker's Word." He initially makes no specific mention of anything else, or what happened to Malek. If asked, he will weigh his words carefully…

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG e Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

Zinna is enraptured during her entire stay on the other side of the Veil. The clarity of everything makes her world feel but a shadow of this one. She spends time with Queen Inasyah and gradually learns more about her. Inasyah is difficult to relate to at first for her. Her moods are so capricious that Zinna didn't know what to expect from one visit to the next. Inasyah viewed Zinna as a faithful servant and taught her how to access her power. This was a totally different process than her bardic magic. Zinna was slow to pick it up at first but improved towards the end of her stay. Inasyah told her again about the importance of protecting the Nexus points. They were everything. The Queen also informed Zinna that humans were a threat to her realm as well. Their logging must be kept well away from the nexus points. Humans must never be allowed to settle and spoil those forests. The bard vowed to do all in her power to ensure that never happens. Zinna also interacted with other fey creatures. She delighted in talking with pixies, sprites and pseudodrsgons. A darkness lifted from her during her stay. Zinna was like her old self but different in subtle ways. While she was content in the Faery realm her heart ached for Corren. She hoped he was well and hadn't forgotten her.

Towards the end of her stay Zinna was instructed to attend a huge dance the next night. Sir Leo was invited as well. The dance was held in a huge clearing. Queen Inasyah and her consort were seated on chairs made of curved wood, chairs formed not made. Queen Inasyah was radiant in a shimmering gown of silvery leaves.
Her silver hair shimmered in the ever present light. Titania' gossamer wings flapped slowly behind her. Her skin was pale and her complexion was perfect. She gestured for the dance to begin and so it did. Zinna danced barefoot for hours with joy written on her face. She danced with Sir Leo, Celodhil, Lorilys and many others. Zinna also danced with sprites, pixies, pseudodragons, nymphs, centaurs and satyrs. She laughed as she felt as if it was a wonderful dream. Towards the end of the night Inasyah danced with her. Inasyah informed Zinna that her red hair was one of the reasons she was chosen. It was seen as a sign of favor by the fey. That was part of why Sir Leo was selected. She asked if Zinna would swear allegiance to her over all other causes. Zinna swore to serve her loyally. She then twirled Zinna and they began a mad dance of beautiful chaos. The redhead continually had the feeling that she was about to stumble and fall with the pace but somehow she always managed. At the end of the dance her Queen pulled out her silver tipped wand and shook it at Zinna after saying a few words in Sylvan. Zinna got dizzy as she felt just a hint of the essence of Inasyah enter her body. Inasyah took Zinna to sit down by her and explained how to contact her in the future when she was back in her side of the Veil. The dance ended a couple of hours later and that was the last she saw of Inasyah before she departed a couple of days later.

Upon crossing back to her own realm Zinna felt empty now. Her world couldn't compare to Faery. She didn't have much time to think about that though. Celodhil was her sole companion for the next two months. He was a hard teacher and pushed her to the brink many times. The elf acted like he hated her sometimes then on other days she almost thought that he was romantically interested in her. She found him very attractive but her heart belonged to Corren. After a couple of months of this he told her that he had taught her all that he could. He took her to the edge of Clear Creek and stopped. Celodhil seemed on the edge of saying something to her but he shook his head. The elf told her that she knew where he was. He would always help her if he could. Celodhil pressed the stone into her hand again. " Keep this Zinna. If you are in need of me use it as before. I will come quickly to your aid. " He looked sad and then bade her farewell, waving as he headed home. Zinna watched him depart and then turned towards Clear Creek. It was evening. Corren should be at his favorite table now. She grinned and headed towards the tavern. She hummed as she thought how he would be surprised.

Out of Character: : Zinna will spend the remainder of the downtime serving with the other Defenders. She will also resume her entertainment at the tavern. Losing her favored instrument she relies on singing and her tumbling exhibitions to entertain. She also desires to learn more about the forest and wild creatures. Zinna will ask Carrick if she can accompany him on some of his trips in the wild. She will spend most of her free time with Corren… or will she?

Paul, she is heading to the tavern after 3 months absence to surprise Corren. Do you want to take it to the inter personal thread now? If so, feel free to start with whatever he is doing that she will observe. I will have her react to whatever the situation is *smile*

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread Archive Pathfinder / D&D

During the time that we are back at Clear Creek Mradoric spends a lot of time out just wandering about. He is working to try to attune himself more towards nature and seeking balance in himself. He knows he can help the Defenders and do better with helping some the towns hot heads become more cooler and less prone to outbursts of anger. During his downtime he can be seen in a clearing slowly going through his disciplined movements to better perfect his skill with his arts. Other times he can be sitting under a tree in meditation. He does not spend a lot of time in Clear Creek. He will have commissioned a small hut be built in a group of trees and ask that the acre around his cottage be saved from loggers so he can have a quiet place to himself.

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Page 92 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

The Maker says...

3rd Adventure


6th Day of Kythorn; light rain 64 degrees

The Defenders of Clear Creek stand in a semi-cirlce looking up, droplets of water falling from the trees around them pattering lightly on the ground. The village of Clear Creek is a mere two hundred yards to the southwest and the smell of burning wood drifting from chimneys permeates the air.

Hanging from a branch high in the trees is a figure, a man stripped of his clothes, his body bruised torn and beaten obviously tortured. Along his sides are small circular scars that mimic Zinna's own scars. He is barely recognizable as the man he once was, the mage Malek. A cord of plantlike material is twisted tightly around his neck and he dangles from the tree swinging slightly as a light breeze moves through the leaves. Upon closer inspection there is a large oak leaf attached to the cord with silver elven runes set into it:

His spirit is a slave to the Ancestors. This is the fate of those who defy the Illiosani.

Malek's body was found by a team of loggers on their way to their daily task and reported directly to Tywin who sent the Defenders to check into it. Despite fears, the Illiosani had not been heard from in more than a year, but now the people of Clear Creek seem to have been put on notice and the tension will likely be high.

Out of Character: : This is not the start of the adventure, it's mostly an update on Malek's fate but is also a dark omen of sorts. Feel free to post your characters response to this.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG e Dragons and Dungeons Aericsteeles

Zinna wonders what they will see as they close in on where the body was spotted. They come to the spot and look up. She sees the torment that was inflicted upon his body. Zinna notices the circular scars and turns pale. She backs away and vomits. The bard recognized Malek in the brief time she saw the corpse. This is the fate he had come to while rescuing her. " I... I.." She had mostly moved past her torment in the forest. The bard woke up screaming sometimes after dreaming she was back with the Iliosani but while awake she didn't think much about it. They killed Adsila and defeated the Iliosani. It was over, or so she thought. This scene brought it all back to her.

She feels terror coming over her. " They could… be… here. No.... No. " She wants to leave but just freezes up trembling. It's as if her worst nightmare has returned.

Out of Character: : I know that it has been over a year now since the last adventure. How long has it been since the group first formed and went on their first adventure? I'm trying to make sure I have her age correct.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread

Mradoric looks at the body of their companion as he swings with the breeze. He shakes his head no but does not speak. He is angry that the Illosani are still tormenting others and angry that they would show up now of all times. He looks over at Zinnathyra and feels for her as he sees her there quivering as old nightmares must be raised up reminding her of her own events with the Illosani. He looks about trying to see if there may be one or more hidden observers to se what reaction this message sends to Clear Creek.

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread - Page 92

The Scout of the Deep Wilds says...

Carrick's year…

After returning from the arduous journey they had just survived, Carrick's eyes begin to well up a bit as he emerges from the tree line of Wilds and sees the outline of his beloved home in the distance, Clear Creek. The smoke from numerous chimneys rise above the village and seems to coalesce and then tapers off into nothingness in a strangely beautiful way the dwarf had not really noticed before. He composes himself quickly before spurring his pony to move a bit quicker toward the familiarities he longed for.

The following few weeks were full of meetings between those of the Defenders that returned and Tywin Gant detailing all that had transpired. Their "Simple" escort mission becoming a fight for survival and then rescue mission with it culminating in discovering a potential larger threat on the horizon was a lot to unpack, and for Carrick, telling and re-telling the events over and over started to wear on him. The dwarf would lose focus during meetings, become defensive and snap back seemingly unprovoked and eventually one evening Corren had to be called into the Drunken Logger to pull an intoxicated Carrick off of Renner when the two got into a brawl over something to donwith Zinna's absence.

The only solace the weary dwarf seemed to get was when he was out hunting. Though sometimes he would find a nice thick tree and just slump down and stare up into the canopy for hours at a time. Was he expecting something or someone? Carrick didn't know, but Celodhil's words echoed in his head; "There will be war".
These thoughts festered in Carrick's mind and eventually grew to be too much.

It was nearly two months since the events in Wilds when the reeve had called yet another meeting of the Defenders. Gant was requesting aid with an apparent goblin sighting on one of the outlying farms or something when Carrick abruptly stood up.
"Let yer guards do their job! I be tir'd of bein' call'd fer these lit'le errands. If this be what ye payin' us and takin' up me time fer, keep yer coin! I made me a decent livin' b'fer all this!"
Neither Corren or Mradoric could say anything to dissuade Carrick as the dwarf stormed out of the meeting.
It was later learned that Carrick had made a few stops after leaving that meeting. The fletcher said the ranger came in and purchased several quivers and an "Unusual" amount of bow string. Another man, a leather worker, claimed that Carrick came to him for a set of studded leather and seemed to "Be in a rush" which was confirmed by the dwarfs quick departure after receiving the armor. All things considered, many, including those of the Defenders of Clear Creek, would just have assumed Carrick was prepping for another stint in the Wilds and would be back in a few days. That seemed to be the case until the "Few days" became more than a week without a sighting of the dwarf…

Eventually, it was ordered that Carrick's home be searched for clues. Although most of his belongings remained, even his old yew bow hung nicely above the hearth, upon entering the dwarf's abode it was evident that he had not resided here for about as long as when the last time anyone saw him. This was further backed up by a letter addressed to Corren and Mradoric sitting on a bedside table. The letter was translated from Carrick's "Chicken-scratch" blend of Common and Dwarvish and read:

"Well, suppose you finally found this letter. Wonder how long it took? Hope you didn't break anything getting in me home as I'm sure Mr. Gant sent you to look around here. Well, I ain't here. I ain't gonna lie neither. I'm out in the Wilds, but before you start thinking you can just come find me, rest assured you won't. There ain't one among you who knows these trees better than me and I'm willing to bet I got a decent start on anyone who might try.

I couldn't take it any longer, Corren. Gant had us running errands for him while an army is being gathered just beyond our beloved Clear Creek. We need to be preparing for what Celodhil warned!

Over the past few weeks, during what little time I actually get to hunt, I've come across not just one, but several orc and goblin bodies littered with arrows. But they ain't from the Lighthairs, they're Illiosani!
Now, these were found several miles outside the closest outpost of Clear Creek, but they're getting closer. Hell, sometimes I even thought I was being watched! How soon til another logger goes missing or winds up like those orcs? Or worse, like Zinna?

I have gone to show these damn elves that there is a resistance here! Even if I kill just one, that will make up for Melek, but we need more information and I aim to get it Don't worry too much though, I aim to be back once I either get that information or get me an elf!
Or if I run out of arrows…
If I don't return by the end of summer, you can presume me dead or being fed to a damn tree. Either case, you guys figure out how best to split my stuff I've left here. I only ask that my bow be hung up in the Logger. Just feels like that would be a good place for it.

-Carrick Granitebranch of Frostbeard"

A few months later, sure enough, Carrick resurfaces in Clear Creek. It was humid evening as he walked through town toward the Drunken Logger as it had rained that day. The dwarf trudged up to the wooden door of his "Home away from home" and paused to scrape the mud off his boots before heading in. It wasn't immediately apparent that the stout figure who now stood in the doorway was Carrick as he looked a bit more haggard and unkempt, as spending several months living in the forest is likely to do to a person, but when the figure spoke up and asked for an ale, it was unmistakable.

The tavern erupted in a mix of a cheers of relief and jeering at the return of the dwarves ranger. As he drank his first ale in months, word quickly got around and eventually the rest of the Defenders of Clear Creek came to see if what they heard was true. Upon seeing all his old friends, Carrick jumped up and hugged all of them especially Zinna and Leo who he was glad that they apparently completed whatever task was asked of them by the strange "Queen" they spoke of last time.
Indeed it was good to be home, however the dwarf had dour news…

Carrick detailed his time in the deep Wilds trying to uncover more of the Illiosani's plans. He spoke of how he would think he was on a trail, but would end up losing it. It seemed they were always a few steps ahead of the ranger. But the dwarf did explain how he would come across camps of orcs and stake them out for a few days, picking off a straggler every now and again. However on more than one occasion he would pick up on some tracks that would lead to what could only be described as a massacre; Sometimes the orc body count reached upward of twenty at some sites, and not one elf…
The information that Carrick had set out to find turned out to be that the Illiosani can't be underestimated.

Once settled back into his life, Carrick started to try to organize the other local hunters and trappers into some form of an organization. Mainly to better keep track of one another as the Wilds grew more deadly with each passing day, but also to teach them some of what he learned from his time deep in the Scolandi. The dwarf hoped that by expounding on skills they were already familiar with, they could be a useful ally in the coming threat.

It was raining when that threat finally showed itself. The hanging emaciated body of Melek brought to the forefront of Carrick's mind all the horrors he saw in the Wilds. It was time. But were they ready?

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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread
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Aericsteele’s D&D 5e RPG Main Thread D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 92

Corren's blood boils at the sight of Malek, and recognizing what the scars and note denote. He lokks over as Zinna blanches and is sick. This makes him even angrier. When she finally regains some composure he holds her hands and says, "It's okay. I know it's scary, but we're all here. I'm here. We will deal with this. I promise." He kisses her cheek, about as much of a public display of affection as he ever allows when they are officially acting as Defenders.

Once she seems in control he says, "Let's get him down and take his body back to town. Maybe someone will know whom to contact. But I need to see the Reeve."

Once he meets with Reeve Gant, he comes clean about their entire adventure a year ago, and explains why he left out the details, for fear of Imperial or Church machinations bringing further strife. "But now you're going to have to report this. I understand. But I am hoping we can use all of this as leverage. We show this note to the Lighthair and ask them to help deal with the Illiosani. And we tell them that we fear the reaction of both the Empire and the Church if our newest allies won't help us with the threat. Which in fact I do. It would be in the Lighthair's interests to help us. Else the Church and Empire will come to the forests in great force… "

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