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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 778

Cratol will secure the services of Thumbolt Rockseeker to ensure that he is able to get to the engineers and then back up to the market place. Once he gets up to the market place he looks around.

Out of Character: Insight rolls are included not sure of +s.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Poljen smiles upon seeing the noble beasts. He is unsure of their temperament, so he waits until the half-elf appears finished with the gryphon he is inspecting. Then he approaches, his usual grin fixed to his face. "Ho there, good sir! You are the person in charge, yes? I wish to discuss renting one of your fine creatures, along with a guide for a brief expedition to the north. Do I speak with you?"

Out of Character: : Dai, if you want to kick this over to Side Stories to carry on, be my guest.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Lia studies the place, and gets the impression that this place is in part for show. The merchants here are hoping to take advantage of visitors who stop at the easy to find shops. That isn't to say they're not offering agreeable deals, at least for the most part, but this may not actually be the best place to bargain.

Cratol is led through a bewildering array of tunnels to a guild of craftsmen that specialize in siege weapons. He is introduced to an elder dwarf by the name of Kendrik Ironbeard, who states, "Certainly, we have two such ballistas in storage, and a third in construction. I can have 2 delivered by this evening, the third in two days."

Above, the half elf before Poljen nods and says, "Yes, I am responsible for them. Renting one may be possible, but I have to ask, do you have any experience riding a flying creature?"

Out of Character: In modern terms, the upper market is a tourist trap. Also, for Poljen, Lake Woe and the Giant stedding is to the East of here rather than North.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Page 778 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Lia shakes her head upon observing the upper markets. This is obviously not the best place to find bargains. She motions to Mari and they rejoin the others.

After getting her companions attention Lia speaks softly." This isn't the best place to shop here. Few bargains will be found here. This is setup for visitors to the city. Better shopping will be had in the city proper. I assure you that residents of this city know better than to shop the upper markets. Trust me, I know about shopping." She smiles at them." Join me if you wish. Mari and I will be heading into the city below." The two will go below with or without the others. They will seek to enter the city.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Poljen says, "No. That is one of the reasons I need a guide. Once I reach my destination I will be away from where I land for a bit, and the guide will tend to the animals. Or animal, if one of those fine steeds can carry myself and the guide." He pauses, then just adds, "I intend to fly to the top of the rock that rises from Lake Woe. So the guide must have nerves of steel. Though if they can fly one of these, I am sure they have that quality."

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

Following Lia's advice, and her shapely form, Lawrance moves deeper into the city, slightly sad that the bright market wasn't the destination. "Well, as long as I get where I need to get, I guess."

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Page 778 Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

The Protector. says...

Tazskan, feeling a little bewildered and tired notes that this place is more like a rabbit warren.
He, bumps into Lia and Mari. "So, nice to bump into you two ladies again," He says.

"I don't suppose, you know where I can find what I'm looking for,"? Tazskan adds, with a hint of frustration.

Tazskan, follows Lia's advice and like Lawrence cannot help notice her shapely form. Follows after them. He smiles, "Feeling better, already."

Out of Character: Tazskans search roll was rather dismal, which is indicative of his tiredness, and relief to follow the leader here.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 778

Cratol tells Kendrik Ironbeard to deliver the two to the skycastle tonight and then he will look for the third in two days. He pays the man. When hears about the upper city he will have Thumbolt Rockseeker take him to a shop where he can buy a nice +1 quarterstaff in the lower city before going back to the skycastle like stated before.

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