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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Dungeons and Dragons
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation - Page 4

Cahleth is now updated with equipment and the other fixings. I decided to go human, instead of half-elf for his race and I used the UA Ranger build.

As for his personality, he is well practiced in a variety of demeanors. Depending on the situation, he may be sitting pensively at the bar, reading lips from across the room, or he may be carousing with locals in an attempt to harvest information. When push comes to shove, he may have to dagger someone in a dark alley, but that is only once he is certain that his intelligence is correct.

He works for the Harpers, primarily as an extra set of eyes and ears out in the realm. He checks in with faction sympathizers everywhere he goes, reporting back concerns and developments to the agency at large. While in the field hey may be called into action if an imminent threat arises, or if some malfeasance needs closer investigating.

Daishain, this is where I thought you could tie Cahleth into your larger story as appropriate. He is traveling with his current party members for two reasons. First, they are genuinely helping the realm (Slaying orcs, protecting citizens from banditry, whatever we've been up to to get to level 4). Secondly, he is using his adventuring as a vehicle to strengthen and expand the Harpers' web of information and reconnaissance.

Let me know if you'd like me to edit, explain or otherwise tweak anything. This is my first experience with this site and play-by-post. Looking forward to a good time!

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Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Terror says...

The earliest memories that Targul has are of his mother trying to raise him in a small fishing village on the island of Shattered Rock. Even in a small village, he still felt the sting of prejudice against his mixed race. No matter what Targul did, he never fit in with the humans that he was growing up around. It didn't help that he was a bit slower than the other kids mentally and that he still didn't fully understand how to control his great strength. He kept getting into trouble for breaking things or hurting the other children when he was just trying to help out.

He tried to fit in, but he finally realized that wasn't possible, at least not here, and not now. That realization came when Targul was out wandering the woods on his own. He came across one of the girls from the village who had fallen into the river. He tried his best to save her, but was unable to. Just as she was slipping away, several boys from the village showed up and started accusing him of drowning her. Fearing that the village would believe them and not him, Targul ran.

Eventually he found a group that welcomed him as one of their own and did not question his heritage but rather praised it. Targul had found a band of pirates. They were free on the open seas and did what they wanted without anybody ridiculing them, except for the occasional military ship, of course.

Targul found that he fit right in with his new friends. He was free to be himself with no criticism or prejudice from anybody in the crew and his experience of growing up in a fishing village served him well on a pirate ship. He learned the additional sailor skills that he needed on the high seas quickly, and his great strength and skill in battle allowed him to rise in the ranks of the pirate crew. He even learned the joy of camaraderie and what it was like to work as and be part of a team.

But, as fate would have it, the good times soon ended. An ill fated raid on an elfin village saw the destruction of his ship and crew. He, for some fated reason, was spared and taken captive, presumably to face justice for his crimes. But, instead of jail and the executioner's axe, Targul was offered a chance at redemption. The elves in the village were working on assembling a team to investigate a wizard that had moved into the area and they needed somebody who was tough and had good fighting skills to help protect the party. Having seen Targul's fighting skills first hand, they offered him the job. The alternative wasn't nearly as promising.

It took some time for Targul to adjust to the new group. He realized that this group was much like the crew he had served with, they watched each other's backs and they worked together. And, he still got to participate in bar room brawls and other fights. The others would often talk about things that he didn't understand, but they still included him and made him feel a part of the team.

This new life wasn't what Targul had expected, but given a choice now, he would never go back.
I switched it up a little bit. Targul isn't smart enough nor does he care enough if the party he's with works for the Harpers or not, his loyalty is to the party.

And, Targul's final stats are:

Strength 18 (4)
Dexterity 14 (2)
Con 15 (2)
Wisdom 12 (1)
Int 8 (-1)
Charisma 10 (0)

Question: Are you allowing everybody to have a feat or are you following the strict rules of the PHB?

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Sarai Tzzerit
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation Archive Pathfinder / D&D

The Shaper of Thoughts says...

(Just the concept backstory. If you need stats I can post them. Just thought I'd give this first for approval)

Sar'ai T'zzerit:

Ilmryn T'zzerit, grand-nephew of the Lolth Priestess Ahlysaaria the matriarch of house T'zzerit, was considered a skilled warrior and upon his return after the sacking of Blingdenstone was given high honors for his military prowess shown during the battle. Some of his "Rewards" included a svirfneblin slave named Warni. Warni was the second slave Ilmryn had come to own, the first being a human female in her mid to late twenties named Elanna, who he acquired as a "Gift" from another prestigious house looking to find favor with Ilmryn and his connections to his great-aunt.

Ilmryn was unlike most drow when it came to owning slaves in that he did not see them as "Pets" to just be flaunted and used. He valued Warni's knack at reading others' intentions, as he was trained in the arts of subterfuge, and began having the deep gnome sit in on his meetings with other prominent house members as an advisor. This was something that deeply offended the other drow present but brought Ilmryn much pleasure for he was not one to endure the "Game" of politicking within the drow hierarchical social structure. And as for Elanna, Ilmryn found her quite beautiful, for a human, and quickly found her tenacity given her circumstances was admiring. As such, he began to treat her not so much a servant, but almost an equal, to which Ilmryn found Elanna was very reciprocative and overtime they grew feelings for one another and eventually they had a daughter, Sar'ai.

Now, this was very taboo; to have any relations with one's slaves on any level other than pleasure was seen as an immense offense to Lolth, who so graciously maintained the drow's purity when they were expelled from the surface, not to say anything of the social ramifications. Ilmryn and Elanna's relationship and child were kept secret for quite some time until suspicions grew amongst the other houses as to why Ilmryn would not take a life mate. This eventually lead to an arranged marriage to G'eldeiia of house Niv'ynthiir, forced by Ahlysaaria to secure the house lineage but also to bring G'eldeiia's family more under her influence.

Ilmryn knew of his great-aunt's schemes and the pompous ambitions of G'eldeiia, but he would do his part to maintain the honor of his house. His relationship with Elanna was reduced back to "Slave and owner" by G'eldeiia but luckily their daughter, who was now almost fifteen years of age, was still not known, thanks mostly to the help of Warni, who had been training her for years on subtleties of stealth and cunning in case her existence ever came to light.

Unfortunately, late one evening such a circumstance occurred when Sar'ai, sneaking back into the slave quarter through a hidden entrance that was built specifically for her, was caught by G'eldeiia who had been in the slave quarter after discovering Ilmryn and Elanna together. G'eldeiia had suspected something was amiss but now she had proof and a hand crossbow which was now aimed at Elanna. At the starting sight of Sar'ai emerge into the room, G'eldeiia twitched her finger, loosing the bolt which found its mark deep within Elanna's chest, and the human slumped to the floor dead.
Before she could blink, Sar'ai saw her father rush G'eldeiia to try to grab the crossbow from her hands.

Without hesitation and full of sadness and rage at the sight of her mother just die, the young half-drow picked up a crossbow bolt that had fallen to the floor from the scuffle, ran up behind G'eldeiia while she was still engaged with Ilmryn and plunged it into her neck. Blood spurted as Sar'ai pulled the bolt back out and saw G'eldeiia give a gasping glare at her as she crumbled to the floor, convulsing. Ilmryn was in shock. The mother of his child and a drow of another prominent house both lay dead on his floor. There was no explanation for this that warrant pardon. It was then Warni spoke up, having been off hiding in a corner this whole time. He informed Ilmryn that the only way to save Sar'ai from certain execution was to take blame for the death of G'eldeiia, who he killed for murdering Elanna, and begging Ahlysaaria for mercy on Sar'ai.

And so it was; Ilmryn was taken into custody for the murder of a house noble and Ahlysaaria, to much of the chagrin of house Niv'ynthiir, took Sar'ai under her care. She was, after all "Family". However, as Sar'ai was not full drow, she would never be permitted to join the priesthood and so was sent to study the arcane teachings. Ahlysaaria's main reason for all of this was, of course to further her own agenda. Sar'ai developed very promising talents of illusory magics and combined with her little bit of training in the stealthy ways under Warni, and after a few years she proved to be a valuable spy for her father's great-aunt. That was until Sar'ai began to ask questions about her father. Ahlysaaria always dismissed these questions as reminded Sar'ai who it was that saved her life.

Not one to just accept "No" as an answer, Sar'ai snuck into Ahlysaaria's study one night and after searching for a bit, found a strange book detailing something about a "Trial of Lolth". As she skimmed through the book she ascertained that this was a text for a ritual for a drow to be turned into a drider, the "Cursed of Lolth" as they were known, and on what appeared to be a record written in the back of the book were multiple names. One name stuck out like daggers when Sar'ai's eyes read them, "Ilmryn T'zzerit". Stifling a gasp, she quickly closed the book and fled in the middle of the night. She had learned of several ways to the surface world that Warni had told her about years earlier. So with nothing but her training and resolve, she headed to the ruins of Blingdenstone and found the exit to the surface.

She had been living in Neverwinter, using her deceptive charm and magic to "Relieve" those she deemed unscrupulous of their money which she then used to fuel her own ambitions. However, she still never forgets that one day her past could just show up just around the next ally way and is always on the move…

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Page 4 Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

If it is quiet enough at work this afternoon/evening I intend to create my human barbarian. One quick question: As 4th level we have 3 levels worth of HP to acquire. While 1st level you get max, the others normally require rolls. Do you wants us to roll here? Or simply take the mid-range number listed in the rulebook? Roll our own dice and use the honor system? I have had to use many different variations over the years. Thank you.

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Creation Character RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

This is certainly a formidable looking group. I don't see any areas that really aren't covered by someone. Someone better bring some extra rations with the huge barbarian and fighter characters in the party *smile* It's really a nice mix of characters. There is an abundance of fun roleplaying opportunities with the vastly different character backgrounds in the group.

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Onwen Brecht
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation

The Friendly Necromancer says...

I decided not to do the human variant and instead increased each ability score by one. I placed the 4th level increase into Dexterity. I spent the extra 100gp to have my characters dagger silver plated. Hopefully everything adds up but math is definitely not my strong suit

Standing at about 6' tall Onwen has an average build but a clean shaven face and neatly trimmed brown hair reveals the squared and chiseled features of his face. His eyes are a light shade of green that constantly seem to survey his environment or gauge the person who is speaking to him. He favors finely made wizard robes and cloaks with his favorite being a dark blue robe with black trim. He carries a staff made of oak that has an onyx gem in the form of a small sphere clasped by a steel claw set at the end of the staff.

Born the second son of a Cormyr nobleman Onwen spent his life in the shadow of his older brother. Boeric got everything from their father, wealth, looks, intelligence, and eventually the Brecht estate and Onwen was only destined for the leftover scraps. Whether this was the reality of not, it was Onwen's perception.

But Onwen became a master at disguising his bitterness toward his brother, and his lot in life. In his youth he spent much of his time in hedonistic pursuits, squandering what "Leftovers" his father threw his way and in fact he grew to appreciate the fact that he seemed to have many of the benefits of nobility without the overwhelming responsibility that his brother often faced; it helped to placate his sense of bitterness and injustice.

Onwen was sent to study at an arcane academy and returned ready to fulfill his role, though begrudgingly, as a mage and adviser for his brother but as fate would have it he would fall in love with his brother's new fiancee, a beautiful half-elf woman named Audreeana. To his surprise, she returned Onwen's interest and they began a love affair that culminated in the two eloping and making their way to the Sword Coast.

Audreeana would not survive the journey, however, and fell victim to a mysterious plague that ravaged the caravan that they were travelling with. Heartbroken, Onwen did what he could to preserve Audreeana's body and vowed to find a way to cheat death and return her to life. He set up residence in Waterdeep and joined up with a band of adventurers hoping to fund his research and perhaps even come across ancient tomes or artifacts during his travels that he can use to cheat the fates which seem to have dealt him such a wretched hand.

He pushes his bitterness down and tries to make the best of what he has while biding his time and garnering his resources for the day he will be reunited with his love.


--Features and Traits--
Arcane Recovery: Once per day when finish a short rest can choose to expend spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal or less than half your wizard level, and none can be 6th level or higher

Arcane Tradition: Necromancy
--Necromancy Savant: Gold and time spent to copy a necromancy spell into spellbook is halved
--Grim Harvest: Once per turn when you kill one or more creatures with a spell of 1st level or higher, you regain HP equal to twice the spells level, or three times its level if the spell belongs to the School of Necromancy

Ability Improvement (4th level): Dexterity +1

Cantrips: Prestidigitation; Chill touch; Dancing Lights; Mage Hand

Level 1 (4/4 Slots): Alarm; False Life*; Mage Armor*; Detect Magic; Sleep*; Magic Missile*; Charm Person*; Identify

Level 2 (3/3 Slots): Locate Object; Gentle Repose*; Web*; Darkvision

Onwen has generally turned his back on the gods in bitterness; he holds a particularly strong grudge against Talona as he sees her as responsible for the disease that ultimately claimed his lover's life.

5 cp; 2 sp; 55 gp; 0 pp

Set of fine clothes; Scroll of pedigree; signet ring; lock of black hair belonging to Adreeana; Scholars Pack (Backpack, book of lore, bottle of ink, an ink pen,10 sheets of parchment, little bag of sand, small knife) ; Bedroll; Blanket; Tent (2 person); Tinderbox; 5 torches; Waterskin; Potion of healing x3; dragon chess set. Rations x5 days, 50ft hemp rope, book (Journal)

Staff (Arcane Focus), component pouch, Silver dagger

Riding Horse, Riding saddle, saddlebag, bit and bridle

Lifestyle: Comfortable (-2gp/day)

Onwen Brecht
Human Male; Wizard (Necromancer)-4

Hit Dice: 4 D6

Strength: 11 (+0)
+0 Saving Throw; +0 Athletics

Dexterity: 12 (+1)
+1 Saving Throw; +1 Acrobatics; +1 Sleight of hand;+1 Stealth

CON: 13 (+1)
+1 Saving Throw

*INT: 16 (+3)
+5 Saving Throw*; +5 Arcana*; +5 History*; +5 Investigation; +3 Nature; +3 Religion

*Wisdom: 14 (+2)
+4 Saving Throw; +2 Animal Handling; +2 Insight; +2 Medicine; +2 Perception ;+2 Survival

Charisma: 14 (+2)
+2 Saving Throw; +2 Deception; +2 Intimidation; +2 Performance; +4 Persuasion*

--Proficiency and Languages--
Language: Common
Weapons: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Staffs, Light Crossbows
Tools: Gaming set (Dragon Chess)

PERSONALITY TRAIT: I hide my true feelings of bitterness and injustice under a veneer of friendliness and courtesy.

IDEALS: I believe that the ends justify the means, especially as it relates to my goal of returning Adreeana to life. I would sacrifice nearly anything or anyone to have her back.

BOND I vow to find a way to bring my love back from the dead

FLAW I am secretly jealous of and indignant toward those that I perceive of being of a higher social status than me and I have particular scorn toward first born noble children/heirs to noble houses.

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Zarra Glannath
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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation - Page 4

The Quiet Shadow says...

So I believe I will go with the following:
Cleric of Lathander, Domain of Light, Heavy Armour proficiency, Noble Background with Retainers, Knight variant.

Though perhaps I can request that he replace his Tool proficiency from a gaming set to a musical instrument? If you are okay with this, I will get started. It does appears I have a far bit of reading to do because I have some confusion with level up and character advancement. It seems feats are optional?

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Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation
A Friend

Daishain's 5e D&D RPG Character Creation D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 4

In regards to HP, I thought I had listed my decision on that, but it seems I was mistaken. The answer is that you have a choice. You can play it safe and stick with the average value rounded up as presented in the rules, or you can try for more by rolling three dice of appropriate sizes on here.I might take pity if you end up rolling the 3 dice equivalent of snake eyes, but generally speaking be ready to live with the risk taken if you go that route.

@Thomaslee, you are free to swap out background features as needed. The only restriction I place on that freedom is that it makes sense given your character's history/outlook. From what I understand of your character, a musical instrument would be perfectly appropriate

As for feats, they are indeed handled differently, and can be a bit of an agonizing choice. Your class will on occaision list an Ability Score Increase instead of a new class feature. For most classes, that is generally every four levels, but rogues and fighters get a few extra.

That ASI can be used to apply 2 points to your ability scores as desired, OR it can be forfeited in order to gain a feat. Aside from being a human, that latter option is the only way to gain feats at all. This is indeed class level dependent, not character level, meaning multiclass characters can face additional challenges if they are not careful

It is a little rough to decide, especially at low level, but bear in mind that feats are individually a lot more powerful than they once were. I have considered revamping that system, but finding a satisfactory balance has proven difficult

@everyone, I'll be making a major update when I get home this evening and have a chance to review people's submissions in peace. I should be able to comment on the characters presented so far at that time. Thank you for your patience.

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