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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Dungeons and Dragons
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support Related Information to Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support

Main Thread
Character Creation
Side Stories

This thread is set aside for queries, comments, and general out of character chatter.

Generally speaking, while game balance is a notable concern of mine, as the following will likely indicate, I like to tweak things, especially in favor of the players being able to do neat stuff together. If a something seems reasonable, but isn't technically allowed by the existing rules, feel free to ask.

General Code of Conduct:
-Players are expected to keep their posts in the main thread content rich. Even if they have nothing to say out loud at the moment, details concerning inner dialogue and/or motivations are welcome.
-I will wait at most for a 48-hour period before moving on if a player is unresponsive. If necessary, I will have the character make some fairly predictable action without their consent.
-Characters that are unresponsive without advance notice for more than a week will be retired or killed off, though the former is noticeably more likely, especially if I’m given reason to think the lack of activity is involuntary. Either circumstance does not necessarily prevent a return if the player again becomes active, though we’ll have to work on what’s been going on in the meantime.
-By default, in combat I ask that players post 2 rounds worth of actions at a time. I may change this to 1 or 4 if conditions are rapidly changing or the combat is unusually drawn out.

-The Healer feat no longer exists. Instead, any character can replicate either of its effects pending a successful DC 10 Medicine check. If the check is failed, a charge of the Healer’s Kit is wasted. In addition, the price of Healer’s Kits have increased to 20 GP (Note that each kit has 10 “charges”, so it works out to 2 GP per attempted use), and any use of said kits takes one minute to apply. (Note that a dying character’s need to make death saving throws is suspended while applying a healer’s kit, and they only resume if the application is interrupted, stabilization is otherwise guaranteed.) A character can only benefit from one of each type of application per short rest.
-Death saving throws apply the character’s Constitution modifier to the roll
-Standing up from the prone condition can provoke attacks of opportunity from adjacent enemies
-Characters healed up from 0 HP gain a level of exhaustion, this can be removed with rest as normal. If this would cause the character to reach the final stage of exhaustion (Death), that character instead falls into a coma, and cannot be revived by any normal methods until allowed to complete 8 hours of rest, or the excess exhaustion is otherwise removed.
-If already a spellcaster of some variety, characters picking up either the Magic Initiate or the Spell Sniper feat may use their normal casting stat for the gained spells.
-Players can make a “called shot” to a specific body part (Leg, arm, torso, or head) by self-imposing disadvantage on the attack roll. This option is not available if the player already has disadvantage from another source. A successful called shot will impose an additional effect on the target per my discretion, (Ranging from extra damage, to dropped weapons, to negative status effects such as blinded, not all creatures will be effected the same way)
-Run action, while running, you can move up to 3 times your speed if wearing heavy armor, and 4 times your speed if not. However, doing so sacrifices all other actions for that round, reactions included, along with any Dexterity bonus to AC. You can keep running for a number of rounds equal to your Con score, after which you must pass Con saves to keep going. After running, you must rest for at least one minute before you can do so again.
-As much of this campaign involves the difficulties of getting around, transportation magic is particularly difficult to learn and use. The spells Teleport, Teleport Circle, and Phantom Steed are all one spell level higher than normal. (Ask about similar spells I may have forgotten) As partial recompense, phantom steed lasts eight hours rather than one.

Magic Items:
Many 5E official magic items can be found via WOTC's 5E SRD, which can be found through the SRD link above. That list is however rather sparse, and only represents a small fraction of the items that the Dungeons & Dragons world has to offer. When in a situation where the purchase or commissioning of magic items is possible, I invite players interested in alternatives to peruse the magic item lists found online for 3.5E and/or Pathfinder. If something catches your eye, ask me for a conversion. Note, nearly all items must be changed somewhat to fit 5E's design, and not all items will 'translate' well between editions. However, so long as requests are kept reasonable, I promise to work with you in making something appropriate.

Weapon tweaks:
Sickle now has the finesse property. Mace is versatile (1d8). Morningstar and War Pick are versatile (1d10). Pike grants a 15 foot reach instead of the normal 10, but imposes disadvantage on attempts to strike targets 5 feet away, and cannot be used with Polearm Master's bonus action attack. Glaive loses the Heavy property (Making it usable by small races), but drops to 1d8 damage. Blowgun’s damage is boosted to 1d4, and checks to safely apply poison to its darts are made with advantage.

Note that I'm quite open to refluffing weapons to taste, for example if a character wanted to use a bardiche (Sometimes known as an executioner's axe), I'd be inclined to slap that name and description onto the Halberd stats. If a character's weapon choice requires something new in terms of stats, we'll talk but don't expect miracles.

Dice Rolls:Fair warning, in some cases, I may make a roll on your character's behalf, usually in the interest of not bogging down the game, but in some rare cases in the interest of not letting people know something just happened. The two most likely scenarios for this to occur would be extra damage inflicted for a critical hit, and saving throws in response to spells/traps quite likely to force a change in what happens. Please be sure to keep your saving throw totals up to date and easy to find on your character sheet. I would really rather not shortchange anyone in this regard because they forgot to update their stats.

Perception:I will only rarely ask for perception rolls. If you want to be actively looking around, indicate as much and make the roll. If you do not, I'll by default assume that you're relying on your passive perception scores and use that number in regards to what does and does not go unnoticed.

Inspiration: I do use inspiration, and will attempt to hand points out on a regular basis to players who roleplay particularly well (No more than 2 per week of real time). All players begin play with one such inspiration point on hand, but can only have one at a time, so don't be afraid to use them. Please remind me to keep handing them out if you see another player doing well in this regard, as I’m notoriously bad at remembering to award said points.

Copyright notice: The Forgotten Realms setting and all setting specific details belong to Wizards of the Coast. This was the first campaign I ever wrote as a Dungeon Master, though it has undergone several revisions since. Rather than start from nothing, I used the premade adventure known as the Tyranny of Dragons as a starting point, which is likewise copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. The majority of the writing presented here is my work, but enough of the material remains for the original framework to be recognizable.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Support QampA Rules Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Since we have several people new to this site and/or to play by post in general, here's an overview:

The basic concept is the same as with playing TTRPGs in person, the Dungeon Master describes the situation, the player describes their response and rolls dice to determine the outcome of anything that might fail, the Dungeon Master updates the situation based on that, rinse and repeat.

However, the pace is notably slower. You can often expect it to take several hours to learn the full results of your actions. In part because of this, it is generally desirable that players put a little more thought and description into their actions than they might for an in person game. For instance, if Falrun's character is locked in melee combat, instead of posting "I attack with my greataxe", he might instead say something along the lines of "Twisting so the last blow deflects off of his steel pauldron, Targul retaliates with a furious strike from above, attempting to cleave the bugbear in two." No, not every post needs to be a short story in its own right, but they should add to the tale in an interesting manner.

Combat rounds are typically handled en masse. I will wait until everyone involved has posted or two days have passed, whichever is shorter, and parse out what happens in my next post. As mentioned above, you'll want to post actions and dice results for two rounds at a time for the most part, which lets me keep the out of game time needed to process a combat encounter down, and the story moving along.

If you haven't noticed, dice roll systems are embedded into the forum code. Give a brief description, select your die size, tack on any +x bonuses, and tell it how many times you need the roll repeated. There are two restrictions to bear in mind. One is that you will need to wait 31 minutes before the results are displayed. This is to hinder editing your post to mitigate the results of the roll. The other restriction is that once a roll is made, it cannot be edited or added to, even if the aforementioned half hour wait period is not over, so be darn sure you get the details right before clicking that submit button. In the event you forget to roll something, or mess up something that you did roll, I would generally prefer that you post in here with the new roll, unless you have something else notable to add to the main thread you can tack it onto.

You should also be aware that unless both you and the person you want to talk with have an upgraded account, you won't be able to speak with them privately. If you manage to amass enough forum points (Gained by being an active member of the community in areas other than just the Role-playing Game boards), and snag a guardian for your character sheet, I can at least send you messages without others seeing.

There are also references to gems on your character sheet, these are likewise earned by being an active forum member, and are quite tough to gain, but they can give your character an extra boost.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Some additional context concerning Greenest, stuff that you would know or can easily find out. It is located to the south east of your current location. I have some maps linked in the SRD (They were too big for the main map tool), The larger of the two marks the mentioned town as well as the Uldoon Trail, but you'll need to zoom in.

The town is fairly young, and was founded 200 years ago by Dharva Scatterheart, a halfling woman who called herself the queen of the Greenlands. While that title never became a reality, her town survives and thrives, largely thanks to the fertile soil that gave the greenlands its name.

Today the place serves as a minor center of trade, produces large amounts of grain and grain products to sell (Alcoholic beverages included), and has a reasonable collection of craftsmen. The population is principally humans, halflings, and dwarves, with notable numbers of many other races in attendance as well. Most of its inhabitants are adherents of the fertility goddess Chauntea, and the second largest structure in town is a temple devoted to her.

Sir Frume's proposed travel time of 10 days is doable. A group this size with supplies to match would have to push themselves and mounts to do it, but not to an unreasonable degree. On the other hand, a full size army unit would likely take at least 15 days, not including mobilization time, which confirms what you were told about there being doubts they could make it before the attack begins.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Support QampA Rules Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Ok, I think we can assume Geoffroy didn't actually bring the horse into the relatively small and crowded building. The squire is likely coming along regardless, but what of the other two? It sounds like this mission just might be taking you into a war zone.

I am going to say they're willing to follow, as the possibility of danger is not that imminent/obviously inevitable. So its up to you whether it is appropriate to bring them along.

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Support QampA Rules Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Quiet Shadow says...

I can make a update to my post, my apologizes for not being so perceptive of where this meeting was taking place. On the groom and servant, Geoffroy would keep them at camp or otherwise out of danger. Possibly even try to do the same with his squire, though his sister will likely protest not being a part of the fight.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support

No worries, it was kind of buried in a wall of text. Just wanted to make sure things were clear. And noted on your people.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules Q&A Support

I am so looking forward to this campaign Daishain. I have never played a Role-playing Game with this big of a group. A group usually doesn't have everything covered but this one does. It will make it difficult for you. You will have to make the challenges harder to make it a challenge for our large group. Not to mention handling this large of a group as Dungeon Master. Thank you for taking this on. If there is anything I can help with just let me know.

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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules, Q&A, And Support
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Daishain's 5e D&D Rules Q&A Support D&D / Pathfinder Archive

I'm rather looking forward to it as well. And yes, much of my prep work has been on adjusting challenges to match the numbers. Its going to be interesting working with a group that for once doesn't feel outmatched at every turn.

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