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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red - Page 58

The Diplomat says...

Kyra offers a situation that comes to mind, in consideration as given for the one she spoke of previous, by asking Jesla, "What if one encounters a demon or devil that detects as evil yet also does not, or perhaps detects as both evil and good?"

On the reasoning for that question the Paladin would explain, "A thought that has been discussed among those of my faith is the consideration that because an outsider has as the essence of their being a certain nature, whether they are a one of good or evil, law or chaos is what if they take a different path, become fallen or find redemption." She pauses for a moment to let the idea sink in.

Also a momemt, Kyra continues saying, "If an outsider takes a different path, and this is no longer who they were before. The thought being, what if you have an outsider that by nature was born evil and yet by choice took the path of becoming good?" Again a pause, before finishing, "Will they detect as evil, will they detect as good, or perhaps will they detect as both to the same time?"

Out of Character: This has been a thought I've considered, what would they detect as? Personally I believe that it may just give a headache to anyone who tried divining their alignment.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Jesla shrugs. " I have no idea in the matter. That is a discussion for paladins. I'm sure Mykael can add more to that discussion than I can. To me isn't worth pondering. It's a one in a million happening if at all. They have no souls and are not persons protected under our law. "

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Kresnik speaks up, "Since the subject of a Paladin's senses have come up so often in this, It should be noted that they can be fooled. It would take some preparation, but in the unlikely event I ever had reason to do so, I could make a good creature sense as evil, or vice versa. Other spellcasters are capable of much the same."

"But I think we've spent enough time on this. What edicts did we have in mind for this month?"

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Page 58 Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Game Master says...

After the speeches of Archival, Jesla and Theaton there are mumurs through the crowd. Some agree with the ruler, others with the executioner and warden. They like the idea of duels, many of them having come from Restov where such things are popular.

They think Kresnik comes up with interesting points. They unanimously agree that refugees and more settlers should be welcomed, but get confused when he speaks about categories of undead, and some just refuse to believe that Deathless can exist.

There are more murmurs about the treatment of trolls and orcs and inherently evil creatures. Mykael appears to give those gathered a lot of resolve in his line of argument. Yet after Kyra speaks, there is again dissent and confusion. Archival's more accusatory words and individual appeals sway a large portion of the crowd to his side, but backing up Kyra's story of Eludecia seems to form a distinct schism among the gathering. Some people bicker while others shuffle around to back up likeminded counterparts. The quick back and forth between Theaton and Archival only seems to cement either side.

A concensus being reached defuses the situation, but people keep murmuring. No doubt this will lead to further discussions among the others in the room. There are a few sighs of relief and others immediately leaving in disappointment.

"I am glad we reached a conclusion," A portly, balding man with beads in his scraggly beard steps forward, his eyes wide. Yo know him to be the carpenter's guild leader, "If we had divided on this well - the curse of the Stolen Lands would have struck us. We would never tame the wilderness. Divided, we could be taken by Restov, other houses of Brevoy, trolls, or darker things still. Just last week my lumber suppliers mentioned they came across a slain unicorn in the forest."

Out of Character: If we get to a desperate enough stage, I would be fine to run two separate kingdoms - I hope I caould manage.

Arodus was the first month. I'm sorry I missed Archival's and it's something I wanted to pay attention to too! I think all the characters should have a birthday set. You would have been visiting the Sootscale kobolds at the time, I guess busy people have no time for fun…

It would currently be Rova the 1st (Sunday) if you would run the meeting on a rest day, or the 2nd (Moonday).

What would a redeemed demon detect as? Good question, considering they do not lose the evil subtype. Detect Evil specifies a creature's (Outsider's) alignment so it wouldn't, but more specailised spells, such as Detect Demon/Detect Fiendish Presence will reveal them. Detect Good will definitely pick up on the good aura.

It's important to note that Detect Evil goes further than all the other divinations in finding actively evil intents, even for creatures who are not inherently evil. What Kresnik montioned about masking alignments and faking them goes down a deeper rabbit hole, so let's avoid it until it happens - if it does.

I updated the kingdom sheet (Finally! - It was just like a band-aid, painful to do it slowly and nothing to worry about when it was over). Maps still to be done.

Upkeep Phase
Step 1 - Determine Kingdom Stability: Warden Theaton rolled Stability. Success: -1 Unrest = 0 total.
Step 2 - Pay Consumption: 1 BP consumed, 65 remain.
Step 3 - Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots: No slots, skipped
Step 4 - Modify Unrest: Royal Enforcer Jesla has no dissent to quell

Upkeep is complete and the following is left to do:

Edict Phase
Step 1 - Assign Leadership: Looks like everybody has decided to remain together for now, will Akiros or Kyra fill the Grand Diplomat? Akiros had been standing idly by in the debate after all. Changing which stat the spymaster is focusing on?
Step 2 - Claim and Abandon Hexes: 1 claim for 1 BP. Do you allow Theaton his personal hex claim to the north or will it become part of the kingdom when you expand that far? Any details - such as different local laws - can be abstracted away, like they are for the kobolds.
Step 3 - Build Terrain Improvements: Up to 2 improvements.
Step 4 - Create and Improve Settlements: 1 new building and an additional living space.
Step 5 - Create Army Units: Not yet.
Step 6 - Issue Edicts: Currently Holidays - none, Promotion - token and Taxation - none.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Red Run Rivers Kingmaker Pathfinder Icons

Out of Character: My take

1 From a player's perspective, Kyra would appear to be more suited to the position of grand diplomat. But I think we need to roleplay that out a bit more in the meeting before making that official, since we don't actually know much about her. (Or maybe we make it official now, and RP it out during the rest of the meeting?)
In any case, where can we place Akiros and Hegin? We don't have a splinter settlement for either to be Viceroy, and I don't think they're going to be a consort or heir either. Weren't there more leadership roles somewhere?
2 Assuming that a split in the leadership is not going to happen, I don't see why we shouldn't claim Theaton's hex as normal when it comes time for such. Though I rather suspect that Theaton will wish to impose some restrictions on how it is used. In any case, I suggest that for this month we claim the plains hex to the north and…
3 build a Farm terrain improvement there
4 Since we do have the BP stored up, I am inclined to suggest that we build a Caster's Tower either this month or the next. It is an expensive investment (30BP) but it is also the single most efficient move we can make to get copious amounts of BP flowing into Freehold early on, as the magic items it generates can be sold for quite a bit of income.
5 not there yet
6 If we go for the caster's tower, I suggest setting promotion and holiday edicts to 1 each. That effectively nets us 2 stability and 2 loyalty for a 2 BP per month total cost, which the farm I suggested in #3 offsets. If we do not, then leave them where they are. Leave taxation at none either way.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red

Smiling, I quietly reply to the carpenter's guild leader, "I am too." Motioning Caelum over, I whisper, "Please find a quiet spot outside of the meeting hall with this gentleman and get information on the whereabouts of the deceased unicorn. When you have all of the pertinent information, we will bring it up with the rest of the leaders." Turning back to the guild leader I thank him, "You have my gratitude for bringing this to our attention. We will look into the matter and see what comes of it."

Standing up, I look to the gathered crowd and address them all, "Thank you each for taking the time out of your day to come here. I appreciate the concern you have shown. Now, however, we are going to carry on with our meeting after a brief respite. It does my heart well to see so many men and women of the realm taking interest in its future."

I then motion to the other leaders and step away from the hall. When everyone has gathered, I relay the information Caelum gets from the guild leader in real time via our link. After all pertinent details are shared I state, "I know you will want to go out as soon as possible to investigate this Theaton. What say you we complete our week and then set out to do so in force?"

After the hall has been cleared of those not normally privy to our meetings, I ask the others, "Are we all ready to finish our day's business?" When we are, I walk back in and sit down again.

Reconvening the meeting, I go right back to it as if we had never been interrupted. "Currently our only leadership position left open is that of the Grand Diplomat. I was somewhat disappointed by Akiros not weighing in. Previously we had contemplated giving him the role, but we find ourselves in a fortuitous position. Kyra seems to be well-versed in the art of diplomacy and is not bashful when it comes to standing up for what she believes in. What say you we offer her the position? I believe she would be a boon to the realm. I know Mykael had some reservations about giving Akiros a leadership role to begin with, and this would certainly give him more time to prove he has changed his ways and is truly repentant. Perhaps he could be made a Viceroy upon our establishing a second city in the future."

"Maerrun, please focus on Stability this month. We need to stop this sensational crime from continuing."

"Theaton, I understand you want us to claim the area surrounding your home. That area also holds the gold mine, yes? Right now it is too far away from our other holdings for us to maintain a claim on it. However, if we claim the lands home to the silver mine and the kobold this month, we can claim the lands Southwest of your home in Lamashan, and then claim your lands in Neth. This would result in us having enough areas with rivers under our control that our Economy would see a boost (+1 Economy per 4 River hexes claimed, +1 Stability per 8 River hexes claimed). Which reminds me - it is getting late in the year. I recommend everyone purchase cold-weather outfits for yourselves and protection for your mounts as well."

"The area with the silver mine is a special resource area. As such, it will net us an extra bonus to our Economy (+1) when claimed. If we construct a Mine, it will give us even more than normal returns on the investment; specifically, an extra boost to our Economy (+2 instead of +1) and additional resources the equivalent of 8,000 gp each month (+2 BP instead of +1). If we also improve the area with a Farm, that would result in a greater than normal reduction to Consumption too (-3 instead of -2)." (Totaling it all up, we look to see an increase in our Economy of +3, +2 BP per month, and -3 additional Consumption per month - quite the boost for 1 month's actions!)

Setting my book before me once again, I open to a marked page. "What we build now within the settlement is dependent upon our goals. If we are to claim Theaton's area and the gold mine sooner rather than later, I would recommend building the Castle. The ruined Fort will cut its cost in half. If we use the Lyre of Building, we can further reduce its cost. For the equivalent of 100,000 gp (25 BP), we can see a boost to Economy (+2), Loyalty (+2), Stability (+2), Fame (+1), Defense (+8), and a reduction in Unrest (-4) - which would actually be nothing since we currently have no Unrest. I know it is expensive, but it is a giant boost to our barony. After a Castle, the Mint would also give us a good bonus to all three areas of importance. After that, a Foundry or two would boost the silver and gold Mines' Economy and BP earned (+1 to each)."

Looking to Mykael, I continue, "I know you have been wanting to create a better defense force than just my personal guard. I see the wisdom in that. Since we are not creating a new settlement this month, we could actually create an Army for you to lead. I think sticking to a Large Army for now would be the best option. If we place them in Reserve, the Castle will hold all 200 soldiers and it will only cost us a minimal amount of resources each month (1 BP). Just note that if and when we activate the army, that cost will have to be paid each week instead of month."

"For now we should probably leave our edicts as they are."

Out of Character: I'm fairly certain there was a fix to the magic item loophole when the Ultimate Campaign book was released. I've read about it being an issue with Kingmaker on forums, but those same forums tend to also state the UC fixed it. I've never read the Kingmaker books, but I have the UC and have been unable to find any way to make BP by selling magic items. ICon, what's your ruling?

After the first day of having my downtime activity for earning gp was shot down, I would have moved on to something else. I assumed Diplomacy would be acceptable as skilled work because it lists it as such in the SRD. In fact, Craft, Diplomacy, and Profession are the only three skills listed as being able to earn all four of the types of capital (Goods, Influence, Labor, & Magic). I'm having a hard time discerning why the people would react to Archival like that. Especially considering his Diplomacy is so dang high he could take a 10 while interacting with everyone and manage to even turn a Hostile creature with a 13 or less Charisma into just being Unfriendly. If someone was Unfriendly and had a 13 or less Charisma, they'd wind up being Friendly. The only thing I can think of is someone's actively working against him.

The second day I would have went out to earn XP. I realize I only earn enough to catch up to the highest, which is Theaton. What would have earned me 2,400 xp nets only 556, and I'm okay with that.

So, can you explain that for me? If needs be, after his second day, Archival would spend the rest of the week Gathering Information (Via Diplomacy and Caelum's Sense Motive - taking 10 is a 26 and 27 respectively) to discern what the problem is.

Also, since we had 0 Unrest at the start of the Upkeep Phase, the Kingdom Stability check succeeding should have rewarded us with 1 BP, which means we should have 66 remaining - unless you counted it without writing it, in which case 65 is right… Regardless - friendly reminder about 0 Unrest and the Upkeep Stability check :D

Great job on the Kingdom sheet! Ready to update it again? (Laugh).

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2 Rivers Run Red - Page 58

Out of Character: : This is her downtime activity.

In Character: : Jesla is bothered about the undead creature haunting her sleep. She tosses and turns thinking about the dream. Waking up the next morning she decides something must be done. She has heard tales of people who are almost invulnerable to magic effects. Some of her Kellid brothers and sisters boasted of such.

After walking around and thinking for most of the morning she suddenly has an idea. There were stories of a huge Kellid man recently arriving in town. She had investigated a little bit previously because she was curious about another Kellid in Freehold.

Using her knowledge she walked over to the part of town that formed the entertainment district. She walked around calmly with her great sword visible on her back. Jesla begins checking through the tents that make up the taverns looking for the large barbarian. When she spots him she will approach him boldly.

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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2: Rivers Run Red
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Icon's Pathfinder Kingmaker 2 Rivers Run Red D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 58

The gold mine is the hex to the east of what I wish to claim. Most of the hex I wish to claim as my own is forest land. I would want all of that as private land for me to do with as I will. That is where my house is at.

As far as the Unicorn yes lets go in force and see if we can find what happened to it and see that no one is harming anything else in these lands. Keeping them free of such bad things is going to be a major obstacle for us.

Out of Character: If you look at the map The hex marked with the TZ is the gold mine. The hex to the left of it has a small clear spot in the forest by the right edge. That is where Theatons house is at. The rest of the hex is all forest. This is the hex he wants for himself.

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