Abnninja Introduction

Abnninja Introduction - Introductions, Member Sharing - Posted: 22nd Jan, 2017 - 5:55pm

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Abnninja Introduction
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Abnninja Introduction

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the time of the Chainmail rules. I'm interested in the Rokugan setting and to see if there are any D20 Rokugan character generators and for anyone interested in starting a game.

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Middle Ages Facts

Introduction Abnninja

Welcome Dungeons & Dragons Role-Player

Welcome Adventurer! We bid thee greetings and we're glorified by thy declaration to be part and parcel of good adventuring.

For thy knowledge all Dungeons & Dragons Role-playing Games are kept here: [+] Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder Board. To learn the 1-2-3 steps for Dungeons & Dragons Play by Post then go straight to the Dungeons & Dragons Start Guide where a sage has posted steps to follow.

Don't worry young master, there is also another Thread for thy consideration: How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?. Yet, if ye still be havin' questions do ask here, thy Introduction Thread, and someone will address thee.

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Abnninja Introduction
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Abnninja Introduction Sharing Member & Introductions

Young Master? *laugh*, it's been a long time since anyone called me young! Thanks you and glad to be here.

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Introduction Abnninja

Hi Abnninja! Nice to have you here. There is a 5e, 3.53, 2e and 1e version of Dungeons & Dragons available to join. If you wish to join one of those please let me know which and I can give you the link to create your character. If you ever have questions please ask here and someone will help even if you're not so young *wink*.

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Abnninja Introduction
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Introduction Abnninja

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm a 3.5 kind of guy. Also, do you know if there is anyone or if there are any links for people who play the D20 version of L5R. It's from the reprint of Oriental Adventures and the Rokugan campaign setting. Again, thanks for your help.

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Abnninja Introduction

For 3.5 go here: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Create Characters For Play By Post to create your character.

I do not believe that setting you mentioned is available here, however in time if you become a Dungeon Master you can always run one if you like. Reviews on Role-playing Game systems are kept here: Board, Card, & RPG Reviews.

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Abnninja Introduction

I've seen you around in a few other topics, but not in the RP section as of yet.

As mentioned, several Dungeons & Dragons games are taking in players, the one I run included.

While a Rokugan game does not exist at the moment, you can gauge interest in the same by creating a thread on the subject here: Source 4d.

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Abnninja Introduction
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Abnninja Introduction

Thanks for the information. I'm still feeling my way around here. This seems like a great place. Also, thanks for sending the link. I was looking for a place like that. I have to think about the way I'll approach the post to ask about interest in a Rokugan game as well as developing a campaign. Question, if/when I do this can I tell people what books they need? People will definitely need the reprint of OA and the D20 Rokugan campaign Setting rulebooks. Can I share some of what I have with them? When I say share I know I have to be careful so I mean providing snippets of info from a sourcebook someone may not have access to. I have almost all the D20 Rokugan sourcebooks, and I may have all if I can find them.

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