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National Rifle Association of America
Or is it all lies? Also featured in this thread is Discussion surrounding the NRA - National Rifle Association of America
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11th Dec, 2005 - 2:13am / Post ID: #

The Truth About Guns - NRA

We have had this debate about handguns in the house. But one thing that bothers me is the amount of contradictory statistics people are using.

They can't all be right. What I would like to do is compare the stats in an objective manner. I would like people to add their stats and the source without debating the merits of gun laws. Please keep the sources credible

I found a few interesting stats from US government research centres and Harvard.

Attached Image QUOTE
Comparison ofyou.S. Gun homicides to other industrialized countries:
In 1998 (the most recent year for which this data has been compiled), handguns murdered:
373 people in Germany (1 per 220,995 people)
151 people in Canada (1 per 217,252 people)
57 people in Australia (1 per 350,877 people)
19 people in Japan (1 per 6,706,170 people)
54 people in England and Wales (1 in 1,119286 people)
11,789 people in the United States (1 per 25,085 people)
Among 26 industrialized nations, 86% of gun deaths among children under age 15 occurred in the United States.
CDC National Center for Health Statistics

Attached Image QUOTE
In 2002, there were 30,242 gun deaths in the US:
17,108 suicides (56% of allyou.S gun deaths),
11,829 homicides (39% of allyou.S gun deaths),
762 unintentional shootings (3% of allyou.S gun deaths),
And 300 from legal intervention and 243 from undetermined intent (2% of allyou.S gun deaths combined).
CDC National Center for Health Statistics mortality report online, 2005.

Attached Image QUOTE
Every two years more Americans die from firearm injuries than the total number of American soldiers killed during the 8-year Vietnam War. In 1999, the total number of people killed by guns in the United States was 28,874,a 6% decrease from 1998 figures.
CDC National Center for Health Statistics report "Deaths: Final Data for 1999." Vol. 49, No. 8

Attached Image QUOTE
While handguns account for only one-third of all firearms owned in the United States, they account for more than two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths each year. A gun in the home is 4 times more likely to be involved in an unintentional shooting, 7 times more likely to be used to commit a criminal assault or homicide, and 11 times more likely to be used to attempt or commit suicide than to be used in self-defense. Armed potential victims kill between 2,000 and 3,000 criminals and wound an additional 9,000 to 17,000.
-A Kellerman, et al. Journal of Trauma, August 1998; Kellerman AL, Lee RK, Mercy JA, et al. "The Epidemiological Basis for the Prevention of Firearm Injuries." Annu.Rev Public Health. 1991; 12:17-40.)

Attached Image QUOTE
In a ten year span, 1988 to 1997, 633 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed by firearms in America. A handgun was the murder weapon in 78% (492 victims) of the fatal incidents. Over the same period of time, rifles killed 106 officers and shotguns killed 35 officers. A total of 253 law enforcement officers were slain while equipped with body armor.
- U.S. Department of Justice

Attached Image QUOTE
Everyday in the United States, 8 young Americans aged 19 and under are killed in gun homicides, suicides, and unintentional shootings.
For every child killed by a gun, four more are wounded.
Data from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Attached Image QUOTE
39% Number of teens who said they know someone who has been shot
37% of teenagers could get a handgun "If I really wanted to"
27% know of a handgun kept in their house, apartment or car
59% do not believe that "Video games can make teenagers violent"
56% do not want armed security guards patrolling their schools
90% do not believe that teachers and principals should be able to "Bring handguns to school to protect students"
Moreyou.S. Teens aged 15-19 die of gunshot wounds than of all natural causes combined, and firearms are involved in 65% of all suicides among persons under the age of 25.
Source: Teenage Research Unlimited, June 2003.

Attached Image QUOTE
March 2002 --
Harvard Study links rates of gun ownership with young deaths
Children are much more likely to be murdered, commit suicide or die accidentally because of guns in states and regions with higher levels of household firearm ownership, according to a new study by Harvard researchers.
The study, published in The Journal of Trauma, is significant because it shows that the mere presence of firearms leads to more violent death among children aged 5 to 14, said Dr. Matthew Miller, the lead author.
''When most people buy a gun, they do so with the presumption that guns make them safer,'' Miller said in an interview. ''Our results suggest strongly that this presumption is not warranted and that the children that parents seek to protect with guns are instead being killed by guns.''
While other studies have shown links between teenage suicide and guns, this is the first national study to examine the connection between firearm ownership and violent death among younger children, said Miller, associate director of Harvard's Injury Control Research Center.
The study looked at data from all 50 states from 1988 to 1997. In that period, 6,817 children between 5 and 14 years old died from firearms: 3,447 from homicides, 1,782 from accidental shootings, and 1,588 from suicide.
The study showed that the five states with the highest gun ownership levels had many more firearm-related deaths among children than the five states with the lowest levels of gun ownership.
The two groups of states had almost the same number of children, but in the high gun-ownership states there were 253 accidental firearm deaths compared to just 15 in the low gun-ownership states.
There were 153 firearm suicides in the high gun-ownership states compared to 22 in the low-ownership states and there were 298 firearm murders in the high gun-ownership states compared to 86 in the low-ownership states.
Meanwhile, the rates of nonfirearm-related suicides and murders in the two groups of states were much closer, leading Miller to conclude the increase in deaths was attributable to the higher number of firearm-related deaths.
''The large difference in gun-related deaths compared with the low level of difference in non-firearm deaths allows us to say that guns are playing some role,'' Miller said. The difference remains even when the data is controlled for poverty, education and urbanization, the study found.
The five states with the highest rates of gun ownership are Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia. The five with the lowest are Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Delaware.
This story ran on page C3 of the Boston Globe on 3/5/2002.

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11th Dec, 2005 - 6:11am / Post ID: #

NRA Guns Truth The

This whole gun issue reminds me of this quote: "A liberal is a conservative who's been arrested. A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged." I'm not sure who this is attributed to, but it's a great quote.

(A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.
(B ) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
(C ) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.
(Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services)

(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000.  (Yes, that is 80 million.)
(B ) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.
(C ) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.000188.

Accidental Deaths in the U.S. for 1998
Source is the National Safety Council
41,200 deaths related to motor vehicle accidents,
16,600 in falls at home and on the job,
4,100 from water in drowning,
9,400 from poisoning, in the same year,
3,700 due to fire or burns,
3,200 due to choking, and
900 from guns
Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm of Bentley College deserves some sort of special prize for taking on the thankless task of talking sense on a subject where nonsense is deeply entrenched and fiercely dogmatic. In her recently published book, "Guns and Violence," Professor Malcolm examines the history of firearms, gun control laws and violent crime in England. What makes this more than an exercise in history is its relevance to current controversies over gun control in America....

In 1954, there were only a dozen armed robberies in London but, by the 1990s, there were more than a hundred times as many. In England, as in the United States, drastic crackdowns on gun ownership by law-abiding citizens were accompanied by ever greater leniency to criminals. In both countries, this turned out to be a formula for disaster.

While England has not yet reached the American level of murders, it has already surpassed the United States in rates of robbery and burglary. Moreover, in recent years the murder rate in England has been going up under still more severe gun control laws, while the murder rate in the United States has been going down as more and more states have allowed private citizens to carry concealed weapons -- and have begun locking up more criminals.

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Post Date: 1st Jan, 2005 - 10:04pm / Post ID: #

NOTE: News [?]

The Truth About Guns - NRA History & Civil Business Politics


Toronto's mayor came out swinging at opponents of gun control in his first news conference since the Boxing Day shootout that took the life of a teenage bystander and wounded six others.

Post Date: 21st Feb, 2006 - 3:42pm / Post ID: #

The Truth About Guns - NRA
A Friend

NRA Guns Truth The


It is difficult at best to honestly compare stats in an objective manner.

The following is from the NRA, so obiously they are biased toward the possitive influence of firearms, but they do cite their own statistics:

The following #5 from John Stossels ABC comentary of Myth, Lies, and Straight Talk, A List of 10 Media-Fed Myths.

"MYTH # 5 - Guns Are Always Bad for Us

America is notorious for its culture of gun violence. Guns sometimes do cause terrible harm, and many kids are killed every year in gun accidents. But public service announcements and news stories make it seem as if the accidents kill thousands of kids every year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, fewer than 100 kids 15 and under are killed in gun accidents every year. Of course that's horrible, and I understand why demonstrators say we need more gun control.

But guess what? The Centers for Disease Control recently completed a review of studies of various types of gun control: background checks, waiting periods, bans on certain guns and ammunition. It could not document that these rules have reduced violent crime.

The government wants to say regulations and laws like the Brady Gun Control Law are making a difference, but they aren't. Some maximum security felons I spoke to in New Jersey scoffed at measures like the Brady law. They said they'll have no trouble getting guns if they want them.

A Justice Department study confirmed what the prisoners said. But get this: the felons say that the thing they fear the most is not the police, not time in prison, but, you, another American who might be armed.

It's a reason many states are passing gun un-control. They're allowing citizens to carry guns with them, it's called concealed carry or right to carry. Some women say they're comforted by these laws.

But many people, including Rev. Al Sharpton, are horrified at the idea of concealed carry laws, and predict mayhem if all states adopt these laws.

But surprise, 36 states already have concealed carry laws; and not one reported an upsurge in gun crime.

This is the entire list:

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Post Date: 15th Apr, 2006 - 7:36am / Post ID: #

The Truth About Guns - NRA
A Friend

NRA Guns Truth The

Here is the problem with all the stats. Most of the guns in homes that cause accidental injury are shot guns and riffles. Most gangs use guns that are already illegal to own anyway. Kids who shot guns are not legally owning them anyway, they would find a way to get them. Most crimes are not committed with that persons legal handgun.

I don't have a bunch of stats to give you, just what I have learned over the years listening to this debate and common sense. Because it doesn't make sense to say that if you legalize concealed weapons crimes will rise. Why? Because criminals try NOT to use weapons and tools easily traced back to them. So then they either have to steal it or by it off a van which is illegal anyway. When a criminal commits a crime to get an illegal gun to commit another crime, how does that put the gun at blame? And what about other countrys who have legalized guns that have SIGNIFICANTLY less gun murders a year? Guns aren't the problem, its our society that is the problem. Taking guns out of legal citizens hands doesn't solve anything. It will simply create a world in which only the criminals have guns. And before you mention gun registration, criminals don't usually register their own gun under their name, that would be foolish and to easy to track and belongs on CSI or some other TV show that always ends up good.

Post Date: 3rd Dec, 2007 - 10:23am / Post ID: #

The Truth About Guns - NRA
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The Truth About Guns - NRA

It seems the more people carrying guns the lower crime gets. When the conceal carry law was passed in Ohio every liberal in the state was predicting exponential increases in crime. It dropped.

Why is it that people think that if there are more gun laws there will be less crime? This would mark the first time that criminals obeyed the law. I'd rather depend on the fear of getting shot to deter criminals, as laws don't seem to prevent crime.

Could someone tell me what crime is on the rise, because according to the state of Ohio it's been on a steady decline.
Source: Drop in Ohio Murder Rates

In the US as a whole murder has stabilized, rape is up, robbery is down, and assault is way down.
Crime Trends 1960-2006

Are all crimes committed using a firearm, no. Are most crimes committed using a firearm, again no. Here's the

breakdown(Link) of what was used to commit certain crimes in Ohio.

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The Truth About Guns - NRA
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The Truth Guns NRA

Its overall crime rates on the rise. They go down some places and up other places. Washington D.C. always has a steady rise in violent crime. The city I am from, Kansas City Missouri, has had an increase in homicides each of the last four years and set a city record the last two. I'm glad you live in a place where its going down.

Post Date: 3rd Dec, 2007 - 5:47pm / Post ID: #

The Truth About Guns - NRA
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The Truth Guns NRA Politics Business Civil & History

The second link shows a continuing downward trend in murder rates since 1990, with a slight increase last year. Some of the dramatic increases in other crimes may be attributed to more reporting, I'm not entirely sure on that.

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