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    Post Date: 12th Mar, 2017 - 7:05am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question - Page 56

    Thomas, check Pg 53 of UC, Familiar Cohort perk, it seems to do just what you're looking for.

    Kyr, Improved Renown Perk is likewise available, effectively gives a +4 to your Leadership score when determining cohorts and followers. You have to be level 8 to take it, but that should be fairly soon. There are also a series of perks that let you use other attributes, like strength, in place of charisma to determine leadership scores.

    Alternatively, you could double down on your independence and go for Loner perks, which provide significant bonuses to your own abilities, but keep you from ever attracting cohorts. Bear in mind that your mercenary guild can still be established under those circumstances, it would just be a bit harder, as you would need to give them reasons to follow you other than inspiring them as a leader.

    Icon, concerning the Faerie Dragon. Interesting idea, but unless K encounters one that goes well against type, I think I'll have to decline for in character reasons. Faerie Dragons are known principally for their puckish sense of humor, and Kresnik has more than his fair share of pranksters he can't get rid of in his life as things stand.

    All, It looks like this is happening, so I'd like some feedback. There are two leadership perks I am considering that would have a notable impact on the kingdom. Magical entrepreneur, and Economic Titan

    The first is simple enough, it reduces the cost of earning magical capital (Which since we're not messing with those rules, I suppose would just be handwaved into a somewhat easier time doing related organization building), and as Magister, it would let me roll twice when filling Kingdom magic item slots, keeping the preferred result.

    The second one depends on the academy I intend Kresnik to start building shortly as an extension of his duties as magister. The place would in theory be organizing and teaching a little of everything, from divine and arcane magic to Alchemy and other advanced trades. In any case, long story short, if an organization someone with the economic titan perk controls is the largest nongovernmental group in a settlement, they get to add a quality to that settlement of their choice from a limited list. On initial review, Prosperous (+1Economy, +30%basevalue, +50%purchaselimit) would seem to be the best choice among those. Academic would be a more appropriate quality all told given the circumstances, but frankly its benefits areā€¦ unimpressive.

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    12th Mar, 2017 - 1:30pm / Post ID: #
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    Question Setting Rules Pathfinder Kingmaker ICon

    The Diplomat says...

    I will need to wait to check my copy, when I get home from work I can see to looking for such. I am pleased to see so many interesting, UC I feel is a gem of a resource with worth comparable to Spheres of Power and Everyman Gaming's Unchained line of products.

    I will take a look at the Familiar Cohort perk as well other details requested and get back to you. Onto your question, I consider Economic Titan to be the better choice and the one to go with. All around, having a strong and expansive center of education is very important.

    I could see a certain paladin encouraging Kresnik to not neglect the divine side of learning, perhaps offering that she contact her home city for perhaps religious texts and other such books to be sent, as well the arcane but it would be up to you to decide how he takes such advice and consideration.

    Post Date: 12th Mar, 2017 - 4:11pm / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question Archive Pathfinder / D&D

    I don't think he needs much encouragement, but he would greatly appreciate the offer of books, can never get enough of the things.

    Kresnik dabbles in Arcane magic, alchemy, magic item crafting, and a few other subjects. But he is first and foremost a divine caster, and well aware of the importance of the gods to this world. Likewise, while he is principally a devotee of Desna, most of the nonevil gods have his respect.

    So yeah. He has no intention of neglecting divine studies, though he would insist on leaving the actual preaching to the priests of a faith. I am thinking what eventually becomes this grand academy would have quiet spaces for worship, meditation and contemplation, but any group large enough to need a proper temple would need to find the space elsewhere.

    Post Date: 15th Mar, 2017 - 1:05am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    Page 56 Question Setting Rules Pathfinder Kingmaker ICon

    What do we need to get moving again guys? Stability check has been made. Unless it fails, I don't think we have anything else prior to our work week.

    Post Date: 15th Mar, 2017 - 2:11am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    Question Setting Rules Pathfinder Kingmaker ICon

    Daishain, what perk would I need for Jesla to use her strength instead of charisma? Also, what kind of monster cohorts are available? I'm looking for something somewhat intimidating and intelligent. The plan is for the cohort to accompany Jesla on adventures at first and eventually be the second in command of the mercenary company.

    Post Date: 15th Mar, 2017 - 3:03am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question

    A perk called 'Renowned for Strength' swaps Strength in for Charisma in regards to leadership score.

    You'd have 2 more perks to choose after that, what kind of things are you hoping for? One I think you might be interested in would be the Crimefighter perk. Grants a bonus to several skills when using them to deal with criminals, and if you just happen to be a royal enforcer, it makes you better at quelling unrest while in that role.

    Additional Traits would also be a good personal choice, it just straight up gives you more traits (And the UC book happens to include more traits to pick from to boot.)

    And after that, several perks are available that would make you more effective at leading army units.

    As to monster cohorts, I'm afraid I don't have much for you. At your current level, you're limited to 4th and below level cohorts. At that level, most of the entries are advanced familiars, good followers, but not all that intimidating or inspiring on their own.

    The most intimidating specimen on that list would probably be the Blink Dog. A noble companion indeed, but not really suited to lead a company. (It can't speak for one thing)

    You could always go with a Nosoi, it could keep the men in line by creeping them the hell out, and you'd be sure that the lists of any casualties were accurate :P

    In any case, the first creature on the list that I think could meet both of your criteria would be a Centaur, but you'll have to wait until level 8 before recruiting one of those is possible.

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    Post Date: 15th Mar, 2017 - 3:48am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules Setting Question - Page 56

    That crime fighter perk sounds perfect. Other than that I would be looking for something to help her in combat I suppose.

    She can't speak the language that either creature understands which would be a problem. The nosoi sounds really entertaining. They hate undead which fits in well with Jesla. Since she can't get a cohort yet that could be a possible second in command are there any that would be good traveling companions?

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    Post Date: 15th Mar, 2017 - 4:23am / Post ID: #

    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules, Setting, Question
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    ICon Kingmaker Pathfinder Rules Setting Question D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 56

    Hmm, come to think of it, I don't know. Several entries here, but none of them seem to mesh well with Jesla's outlook. The few nonevil ones that share her love of battle tend to be highly lawful beings.

    Bear in mind that you're attracting a follower on the basis of shared ideals, not commanding the deference of a familiar or an animal companion, so what the creature wants out of the relationship is important.

    Pseudodragon might work, but they don't tend to like open conflict. Homunculus can work with anything, they're literally built to serve a master, but I don't see Jesla being comfortable with one of the things. There's still Blink Dog of course. I know Jesla doesn't speak their default language, but they're smart enough to be taught another.

    It might be more productive to start looking at advanced familiar list, and other magical beasts in the CR 1-2 range for a good match, and asking if they might be available. Bear in mind they'd need to be smart enough to choose to follow.

    Those criteria might let you pick up an Awakened Hawk for instance, which I think would be an interesting match. Pending Icon's approval of course.

    Alternatively, we could scrap the idea of a monstrous cohort, and stick with a humanoid one. Jesla simply attracts the following of a talented level four warrior of some description (Maybe even this kellid man mentioned recently?), and they work together for a while before she names him commander of the guild she builds.

    In regards to the perks. There are a series of leadership perks that enhance your personal combat capability. And they're pretty powerful to boot. But taking a loner perk prevents you from having cohorts or followers. You'd basically need to choose between having followers and using the leadership stuff for yourself.

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