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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters - Page 6

Rather off topic, but...
Edit: So I went out today and bought pathfinder advanced players guide $39.99 (Plus tax), and pathfinder core rulebook $49.99 (Plus tax) just to play this campaign. Hah, but on a serious note I have been meaning to pick them up, my old Dungeons & Dragons group always wanted to play it but we stubbornly stuck to 3.5.

Kuj Vaxca is a descendant of the Tao tribe, whom primarily hail from the outskirts of northern Brevoy. As a small child Kuj had a rare deformity, his skull was groteskly mutated to the point he rarely resembled his own species. The other kids would call him names such as small head and joke about eating him because he wasn't a goblin. Lonely and afraid Kuj spent most of his childhood on the tall hillsides watching Brevoy from a far daydreaming that he would one day be a knight serving in the lord's army. Days came and went but his fantasies only got him picked on, he was harassed and pummeled by the other goblins for living in such a fantasy world. Upon reaching his teenage years Kuj became depressed and felt uncomfortable within his own tribe and decided to run away. Taking nothing but his father's coin purse, a knapsack, and his grandfather's polearm he set off into the wilderness knowing nothing of the world. Little did he know that his family's mount would follow him, disobeying his orders to return home.

Kuj learned to live on the fringes of small cities and to draw little attention to himself, he has performed various good deeds to help aid communities when he can taking little to no pay. By adulthood he was nothing more than a wondering mongrel who saved his whole life for a suit of armor.

Although not the brightest, his heart is in the right place and he will fight for any reasonable cause to serve justice, and he would give his life for anyone who befriended him and treated him as an equal.

He is 3'2 weighing only 48 pounds at 16 years old which is a mature adult by goblin standards. His skin is a pale grey and his eyes are an intense yellow. His head is rather small and his facial structure is somewhat deformed, making his race questionable.

HP 12

14 (+2)
14 (+2)
14 (+2)
8 (-1)
10 (+0)
10 (+0)

BAB +1
Fortitude Save +4 = 2 [base] +2 [Con]
Reflex Save +2 = 0 [base] +2 [[Dexterity]]
Will Save +0 = 0 [base] +0 [[Wisdom]]
Initiative +2 = 2 [[Dexterity]]
Basic Melee Attack +4
Basic Ranged Attack +4

AC [18] = 10 +5 [Scale Mail] +2 [[Dexterity]] +1 [Small Size]
Touch AC [13] Flat-Footed [16]

Handle Animal"  +4 = [Charisma] 0+1+3
Ride +10 = [Dexterity] 2+1+3+4
Sense Motive +4 = [Wisdom] 0+1+3

Weapon Focus (Guisarme)

Challenge 1/day

Light Load: 44lbs.
Medium Load: 87lbs.
Heavy Load: 131lbs.
Lift Over Head: 131lbs.
Lift Off Ground: 263lbs.
Push or Drag: 656lbs.

-- Equipment--
Spiked Gauntlet 1d3, [Critical Hit] x2 slashing or piercing
Guisarme 1d6 [Critical Hit] x3 slashing (Reach / trip)
Dagger (3) 1d3 [Critical Hit] 19-20x2 slashing or piercing 10' thrown
Scale mail + 5 AC
Rations (10 days worth)
Water skin
Torch (5)
Flint and steel
Lanturn hooded
Oil flask (10 pints)
Peasant cloak
Cheap barding
Saddle bags
Feed (7 days)

Cost 85

Edit: Forgot to calculate how much gold I have left. I'll post that in a little while when I figure it out, I'm a little distracted with my new pathfinder books, *smile*

Total weight 65 pounds (Only carrying weapons, armor and coin purse on person, rest is strapped to the mount) Making me at a light load (Not that I need to be)

--Goblin racial traits--
+4 Dexterity, -2 Strength, -2 Charisma
- Small: Goblins are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
- Fast: Goblins are fast for their size, and have a base speed of 30 feet.
- Darkvision: Goblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
- Skilled: +4 racial bonus on Ride and Stealth checks.

Order of the dragon

Mount: goblindog

Not sure if Perception and Survival get bonuses or not for being my order skills but they are also added.

-- Traits --
Ugly Swine
Heirloom Weapon
Noble Savage


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Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Game Master says...

Firstly I assume you chose Human as your race, due to your extra feat.

Monks have to be lawful so the alignment is good, but I'm finding it difficult to rationalize the kind of gluttonous lifestyle you wrote with lawful behavior. You don't have to have a deity as a monk but Cayden Cailean may be a match for such a character. Except that he is a chaotic god. There are also the Evil gods Urgathoa and Circatto

Second, you seem to have made a character for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons where I am running a Pathfinder game. The two are very similar, Pathfinder is relatively new on the market. The generator and rules can be found in the first post of Source 2. If you go with my suggestions below, maybe printing a sheet and filling it by hand will be simpler.

So my suggestions are as follows. Either choose the Martial Artist archetype (Ultimate Combat) which replaces class skills and removes the alignment restrictions. If you go for a Lawful monk, the Drunken Master archetype (Advanced Players Guide) is available.

Or choose a Fighter with the Unarmed Fighter archetype (Ultimate Combat), or a Barbarian with Brutal Pugilist or Drunken Brute archetypes (Advanced Players Guide) or both (Since the alternate abilities do not interact).

If this is all too much to take in, I'm right here to help *smile*


Rather off topic, but...
Well I hope your group enjoys it as much as mine. Most of it is online, but there's nothing like having a reference in hand.

Everything is in order, except that your CMB and CMD aren't listed, but can easily be calculated.

For Tactician, you must pick a bonus Teamwork Feat. Escape Route is one of my favorites, but they are all quite good. Normally, the other party members should also have the feat to use it's benefit, but Tactician ignores this.

Also, I will nitpick one little thing due to the setting. Goblins start with Goblin as a language only, you would need a rank in linguistics or an Intelligence modifier of +1 to speak common.

Perception and Survival get a bonus of +3 when you put your first rank in them. This is what happens with every class skill (All skills only cost a single rank in Pathfinder).

Now, in character, would Kuj turn a blind eye towards poor thieves? Would he ever be reduced to stealing for survival?

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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters Archive Pathfinder / D&D


Yeah, I see that I used a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 generator. I wrongly assumed it would work with Pathfinder. And yes, he is a human monk. I can give him the Ascended you chose, if you think that works better. I also rewrote the last line of his generic description from "Wine and blood" To "Wine and justice." This should give him a more lawful sense.

I rerolled them with a Pathfinder generator. How do these work:

Male Human Monk 1
Lawful Neutral
Strength 17 (+3)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 9 (-1)
Intelligence 7 (-2)
Wisdom 11 (+0)
Charisma 11 (+0)

Size: Medium
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 210 lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Swarthy

Total Hit Points: 11 [includes toughness]
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 12 = 10 + 2 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 12
Flat-footed: 10
Initiative modifier: + 2 = + 2 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: + 1 = 2 [base] -1 [constitution]
Reflex save: + 4 = 2 [base] + 2 [dexterity]
Will save: + 2 = 2 [base]
Attack (Handheld): + 3 = 0 [base] + 3 [strength]
Flurry of Blows: + 2 / + 2 [includes strength modifier]
Attack (Missile): + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [dexterity]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: + 3 = 0 [base] + 3 [strength]
Combat Maneuver Defense: + 15 = 10 + 0 [base] + 3 [strength] + 2 [dexterity]
Languages: Common

Unarmed Damage: 1d6 +3 [strength]
Javelin [1d6, [Critical Hit] x2, range inc 30 ft., 2 lb, piercing]
Bastard Sword [1d10, [Critical Hit] 19-20/x2, 6 lb., one-handed, slashing]
Shuriken [1d2, [Critical Hit] x2, range incr 10 ft, 1/2 lb, piercing]

Combat Reflexes Additional opportunity attacks
Exotic Weapon Proficiency Weapon: Bastard Sword
Improved Unarmed Strike [free to monk] Always considered armed
Stunning Fist Stun opponent with unarmed strike [free to monks]
Toughness +3 HP + 1/level over 3

Acrobatics [Dexterity]* 6 = +2 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Appraise Int -2 = -2
Climb [Strength]* 7 = +3 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Craft_1 Int -2 = -2
Craft_2 Int -2 = -2
Craft_3 Int -2 = -2
Escape Artist [Dexterity]* 2 = +2
Fly [Dexterity]* 2 = +2
Ride [Dexterity]* 2 = +2
Stealth [Dexterity]* 6 = +2 + 1 + 3 [class skill]
Swim [Strength]** 3 = +3

Favored class points: Hit points +1; Skill points +0
Adjust weapon attack rolls and armor penalties as required for masterwork / magic equipment

Class HP rolled
Level 1: Monk 8

Grappling hook
Rations (1 day) x1
Rope (50', hempen) x1
Sacks x1
Waterskins x1

More about Crixicus:

Crixicus was born a servant into a wealthy family dedicated to pious belief in their gods. This family was murdered before his eyes by brigands, except for a young child he'd helped raise. His last sight before being bludgeoned unconscious was her frightened face before a burlap bag enveloped her. As a young man he wandered from place to place, searching for this child, but in vain. In time, he entered a monastery dedicated to the undermining of the gods. He learned to curse negligent divinities whenever their names arose, vowing never to give them credence. The pain of his former life eventually faded, and he now lives for the virtues of martial perfection, the graces of the occasional free-thinking woman, and the spiritual excesses of wine and justice.

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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
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Page 6 Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Teamwork feat I will take Escape Route, I was going to take one that effects combat maneuvers but I would be provoking too many AOOs without proper feats, so this works better.

Kuj has beliefs similar to robin hood, he would steal from someone who doesn't need it to donate it to those who do. This doesn't mean he goes around trying to steal, but this would be one of few scenarios he would agree with. Now as for turning a blind eye, he would be able to accept it only if they were trying to survive and certainly not out of greed, otherwise he would go out of his way to capture him and bring him to the authorities so he may face justice.

[..] So only having goblin as a language would mean not being able to communicate with the party. I may alter my stats if that is the case. I would be fine if there is a way around it such as a translator but I am finding it hard to reason joining a group without being able to converse. I'll add my stat changes to the bottom, and me extra language will be common.

Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 7 (-2)
Charisma 10 (+0)

Fortitude Save +4 = 2 [base] +2 [Con]
Reflex Save +2 = 0 [base] +2 [[Dexterity]]
Will Save -2 = 0 [base] -2 [[Wisdom]]

CMB +2 = 1 [BAB] +2 [[Strength]] -1 [size]
CMD +14 = 10 +1 [BAB] +2 [[Strength]] +2 [[Dexterity]] -1 [size]

--skill changes--
Handle Animal +4 = [Charisma] 0+1+3
Perception +2 = [Wisdom] -2+1+3
Ride +10 = [Dexterity] 2+1+3+4 [racial]
Survival +2 = [Wisdom] -2+1+3
Sense Motive +2 = [Wisdom] -2+1+3

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Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Game Master says...

I can see you did your reading, very well made character! There are just some fine details you may have overlooked.

If you wish to keep 'wine and blood' in your description and have more freedom while role playing him, the Martial Artist archetype doesn't change anything at 1st level. But it lets you pick a neutral or chaotic alignment. It's like a monk who focuses more on combat than enlightenment.

Having multiple Ability Scores which are odd numbers is not mechanically beneficial, since you get bonuses for every 2 points above 10. So I recommend changing Wisdom and Charisma to 12 and 10 respectively. Strength can remain, since you will get a +1 at level 4 which will make it even.

Flurry of Blows specifically states (Emphasis mine) "These attacks can be any combination of unarmed strikes and attacks with a monk special weapon (He does not need to use two weapons to utilize this ability)."
So, you can use the Bastard Sword to do normal attacks, or with your remaining empty hand do a Flurry, but not both.

If you are looking to to 1d10 damage, consider the Sansetsukon (3 section staff listed in Ultimate Combat), an Eastern Weapon, which you do need to use a Martial Weapon Proficiency feat for, but it is two-handed. Or if you just want a sword, the Temple Sword you already have proficiency to use as a Monk, but does 1d8 damage. (Same critical range on all 3 weapons).

You also get to pick 3 traits, maximum of one from each category. I recommend the following:
Hard to Kill
Accelerated Drinker
Honored Fist of the Society
Spirit Sense
Adventurous Explorer
Blade Bravado(If you wanted a one handed sword)
Ice Walker
Open Hand and Mind
World Traveller
Master of Peaks
Seasoned Climber
Hero of the Hall

In the setting, if you came from the oriental continent of Tian Xia, that would explain your appearance, fighting style and weapon (If you choose the 3-section-staff). People of the nation Tian-Shu have particularly darker skin and are the most populous ethnicity of the continent. Additionally I've already thought of a back-story (No pressure :P ) to explain your presence which is why some traits are about living in cold environments.

Tuj is approved.

As you awaken in the slums of capital city of New Stetven, the familiar sight of Alisha, a young street urchin girl greets you. She is positively beaming, but you can tell she has a burning question waiting to be asked.

She says in her high pitched drawl "I robbed that evil Lodovka spoilt brat. The one that keeps demanding free drinks form Gord downstairs. There's a bit of gold to share around, but I can't read the crumpled note in his purse." She frowns deeply, reminding you of the oversized gobs of goblins back home. She had the strongest expressions of any human you'd seen. The crumpled vellum she hands over is of high make, you can tell it was important to whoever wrote it, not so much to the recipient.

The note is what is written in the first post of the Main Game thread. It is currently the morning of Starday [sic] the 26th of Calistril, despite what is written. You can begin posting there.

Also, I forgot to answer your dice question. I will do a check of past posts if there are too many good rolls in a row, but honesty is the best policy.

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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters


I'll keep the description wine and justice. I'll play him more along this line, rather than the more extreme version. I also adjusted the characteristic values to positives, as you suggested. I realized this character creation process was way more complex than I first thought (Or remembered from playing Basic), so I did some research and downloaded PCGen. It seems to have helped in most cases, although it wouldn't let me add the weapons or traits you suggested (Or I couldn't figure out how to see them). I removed the bastard sword and added a regular sword, although the Sansetsukon would be cool.


Also, I can play with the Tian Xia heritage, the Sansetsukon, and use your backstory, if all else is well. Once I get the go ahead on my character sheet, I'll manually transfer it to a standard sheet to play. Send along the backstory, if you can.

I feel like I am finally making progress!


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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters - Page 6

Icon. [..] I figured out a way to generate it electronically and organize it via text. [..] I am ready to post the stats, if you'd like to take a look.


This was generated with PCGen

Male Human; Medium Humanoid ( Human )
Hit Dice:
Hit Points:
Walk 30 ft.
13 (Touch 13, flatfooted 10)
*Sword (Short) +3; *Unarmed Strike +3; Javelin +3; Nunchaku +3; Shuriken +3; *Flurry of Blows +2/+2;
*Sword (Short) 1d6+3; *Unarmed Strike 1d6+3; Javelin 1d6; Nunchaku 1d6+3; Shuriken 1d2; *Flurry of Blows 1d6+3;
Face / Reach:
5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Attacks:
Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist
Special Qualities:
AC Bonus, Bonus Feat, Skilled
Fortitude: +1, Reflex: +7, Will: +2
[Strength] 17 (+3), [Dexterity] 16 (+3), CON 9 (-1), INT 7 (-2), [Wisdom] 10 (+0), [Charisma] 12 (+1)
Acrobatics: 7; Appraise: -2; Bluff: 2; Climb: 3; Craft (Untrained): -2; Diplomacy: 1; Disguise: 1; Escape Artist: 3; Fly: 3; Heal: 0; Intimidate: 5; Perception: 0; Perform (Untrained): 1; Ride: 3; Sense Motive: 0; Stealth: 7; Survival: 0; Swim: 3;
Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Stunning Fist, Throw Anything
Challenge Rating:
Lawful Neutral
Possessions: Sword (Short); Unarmed Strike; Outfit (Monk's); Bedroll; Grappling Hook; Pouch (Belt); Rope (Hemp/50 ft.); Sack; Tent; Javelin; Nunchaku; Shuriken; Flurry of Blows;

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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 6

Game Master says...

(Laugh) with the short sword we run into the same problem. It's Special column entry doesn't say monk, so you cannot Flurry with it. But you are perfectly capable of using it with normal attacks.

Maybe you couldn't add traits and weapons because you need to select more sources? They aren't in the Core Rulebook, try to find Ultimate Combat and the Dragon Empires Primer sources for PCGen. This is why I personally prefer pen and paper even for online characters.

I'm curious why you chose to boost Charisma over Wisdom, Wisdom is better for monk AC and eventually Ki pool. Sorry if I worded it ambiguously. So here's the story so far:

The monastic order was situated high in the Wall of Heaven at the southern end of the mountain range. Technically in the territory of Quain, the order did not care for political borders, yet utilized the advanced martial techniques taught in the nation.

But that was only part of training, the ultimate test was named "King of Heaven" And involved scaling the deadly mountain range all the way from the equator to the north pole, The Crown of the World. One must then sit one hour at the pole in the very middle of winter. The test was to prove the power of mind over body and then you become a wandering monk of the Order of Air and Ice. Ready to wander as a leaf on the wind, but prepared to retaliate against injustice slowly but completely, as the winter frost covers the world.

There were many rules, unheeded by Crixicus, who quickly realized that mind over body must mean thinking and planning ahead. On went the winter jacket and climbing gear and soon he was facing the desolate frozen desert of the north. He was 2 weeks ahead of schedule and decided to climb down and defrost himself in multiple inns. With wine flowing and women too, he found new energy and resolve to finish and headed north.

He did not expect the darkness. The all encompassing black that caused him to stumble every few steps. If it weren't for the well traveled Path of Aganhei, he would've died before reaching the site. A local guide showed him the way to go to his site, and he found it, the lotus flower made of large crystals of ice. Sitting and meditating for an hour the thought struck him almost as vivid as a vision. To be the king of Heaven he had to be a king on Golarion first. Leaving the place, enlightened, he noted at one of the villages on the path, the strange white skinned men. They were less refined and likely less intelligent than people back home, the perfect subjects for him! So he headed down the path again, away from his home continent, to see what awaited him. Brevoy awaited him.

If you approve the story and as soon as you get those 3 traits selected, I'll tell you exactly where you are and after that you can begin posting in the main thread.

EDIT: [..] He's been deleted by Cybermen. This character is still canon, in case any new player wishes to come and take over.

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