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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 84

The Referee relays...

You find that the M-Drive is operable but, like much of the Wildcard, it has obviously been rigged several times in some cases amounting to little more than large amounts of duct tape and prayers. Though you are unable to 'bring her up to code' as it were, you are able to patch things up better than they have been and in the end you are confident that she will hold together and get you where you need to go, but knowing that there is a chance the crew will be forced to skip maintenance this month you would understand that she is already poorly maintained. One more skipped maintenance may not be disastrous, but then again, it might be and you would not be able to say with much certainty that the Wildcard's M-Drives won't break down leaving you and the rest of the crew floating aimlessly in the black.

Your presence doesn't seem to ring too much anxiety to the passengers, most of whom greet you pleasantly or ignore you altogether as they pass between their staterooms and the passenger commons. His observations reveal nothing out of the ordinary as far as the Wildcard goes, the corridors are obviously worn but you don't see anything that appears out of place. You do notice, however, that one of the middle passengers, a woman perhaps in her early thirties registered under the name of Gwyneth Rees sports a tattoo on her left shoulder depicting a horned devil with a barbed tail holding a trident poised to strike.

You would recognize the tattoo as an identifier for a marine detachment that you had contact with during your time in the service known as The Fiends (I leave it to you to determine in what capacity your unit had contact with the Fiends during your service). Reese tends to spend the majority of her time in her stateroom but does venture to the common area during meals or for the occasional holovid.

The tattoo is the only thing that gives her away as having been in the service as she is a woman of fairly small stature with long black hair that is beginning to form streaks of grey in some spots. Her features are softer than one would expect from a soldier/marine as well. Most of the time she is dressed in clothes that obviously were chosen for comfort over form; sweatpants or shorts and t-shirts in general. You noticed the tattoo when she wore a pair of grey sweat pants and a simple black tank top as she was on her way to dinner in the common area one evening. You happened to be humming one of your favorite cadences at the time as she passes you she gives you a slight nod and small smile and then hums the remainder of the cadence as she walks by.

The other players are going to have to determine whether their characters do provide you with the requested after action reports as well as what those reports would contain.

I will need an Engineering (Electronics) skill check regarding your study of the wiring schematics. Because the system has been rewired so many times you will suffer a -2DM to the roll but if you succeed then I will allow you to waive the -1DM to future repair checks involving the sensors; if you suffer an exceptional failure (Failing by 6 or more, in other words rolling a 2 or less) you will suffer a -2DM to future repair checks involving the sensors.

Loriel shows you the basics of operating the sensors as well as how to interpret the data that comes through. It is complicated, but as the days go by and you spend more time working the sensors and the comms (As Loriel decides to walk you through that as well), you begin to feel as though with a little more time you can begin to comprehend the basics at least.

Tristan agrees to submit to whatever testing you ask. The results showing that this is a young man with a definite substance problem. You find traces of several drugs on board though primarily stimulants. The results show that he was likely under the influence of stims when he arrived board but the levels are lower now suggesting that he is likely 'coming down' and his physical appearance and 'jitters' during your examination would support that. As the examination drags on you can see him beginning to get impatient and frustrated.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
A Friend

RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Silver realizing that others are busy, just briefly stops each and mentions that he would like to look into thoughts, concerns, issues, or even feelings regarding Ruie and the events associated with that planet. He will make himself available should anyone want to talk.

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Njall Nail Lang
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Rebel over...

Njall takes his time over the electrics, not wanting to disturb the currently functioning status quo of a dangerous system, and aware that his knowledge is limited. He has the J-Drive read-outs slaved to the bridge engineering console so he can monitor it while working.

Out of Character: : if possible I'll use the "Going slower" adjustment, taking as much help from that as I can.

Njall Nail Lang Results:
  • Electrical Engineering on D12 (+0): 2 (1 roll, as D2-12)

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Page 84 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

This is The Cynic, over...

In Character: : Maiokus is cleaning the grease off his hands when Silver checks in with him.

"Well Cap, our M-drive is ship shape for now, but we can't afford to miss a maintenance stop after Whanga. We're running low on parts and fluids."

In regards to Ruie Maiokus weighs in. "Well I'm not happy about the GTC authorities using us like they did. But we didn't have much choice. We need to make sure we are stocked up on ammo and arms if we expect more combat. I think Krakrefr is on to something with the ship stashes."

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Baron Gaden Baenre
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

This is The Reaper of Ships, over...

In Character: Adjusting the rifle on his back, Gaden says to Silver as he checks in "Ruie was a bit of a mess but we seem to have come out on top. Hopefully our pay day is worth it. Everyone aboard seems content at the moment Jefe. No sign of our junkie noble. Not much to report really."
During his rounds about the ship Gaden sees Gwyneth in the passengers common area. After watching her for a few moments he approaches her. "A Fiend huh?" he says rolling up his sleeve to display his tattoo. "Reaver. Ran a join mission with your unit years back to recover an imperial cruiser that had been hijacked by rebel scum. Some of the toughest marines I've ever met, first in and last out." Gaden gives her an appraising look. "What brings you aboard the 'Card if I might ask ma'am?"

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

The Referee relays...

[Rolled Snake Eyes] You spend most of your free time over the course of the next few days in jump space going over the schematics of a Class A type Free Trader and utilizing the repair robot to determine what changes have been made over the past forty or so years. It is an arduous process and on 025-1115 near the end of your normal 'work day' around 1700hrs you are sitting at the sensors console. The console has the schematics from the ship's library displayed while the schematics mapped out by you and the repair bot are displayed on your hand held computer.

In a manner that reminds you of what occurred when Enerri was killed; the lights dim and flicker then go out completely for about ten seconds before backup generators hum to life and restore power. You are able to reset the power grid easily enough (No roll necessary) but you realize that your hand held computer is no longer communicating with the repair bot, which as far as you know is now sitting idly in an access shaft. You are unsure if the repair bot has suffered any damage. You do know the approximate location of the repair bot before you lost communication with it though, but attempting to retrieve it manually will probably take anywhere from one to three hours.

When the lights flicker and go off Loriel, who had been standing near you explaining sensor readouts quickly moves to the sensor console and begins looking it over. "Dang" she says after running a quick diagnostic "Sensors are getting a lot of internal interference. Might take me a little bit to sort it all out. In the meantime we're probably going to be half deaf and blind for the next day or so."

You have incorrectly mapped large sections of the sensors schematics (Although in Njall's mind he believes that he has mapped it correctly) and until the system is replaced/overhauled you will suffer a -2DM to repair checks involving the sensors. Also, until Loriel is able to sort out the sensors interference sensor checks will now suffer a -4DM.

Gwyneth eyes your tattoo "Yeah the Reapers" she smiles "I remember that… ISS Gladiator was the name of the cruiser if I recall correctly. Heck of a fight; I remember we hit the airlocks on the port bow. We took the bridge while you Reapers hit one of the starboard stern airlocks and took engineering."

She motions for you to sit and join her "It's sergeant by the way… Sergeant Gwyneth Rees. Did you work for a living in the service or should I call you sir?" she laughs but waves the joke away

"I'm just kidding. I had the pleasure of serving with some fine officers during my time so if you are among the brass I promise I won't hold it against you." Waiting for you to settle in she continues "Anyway; I was doing mercenary work on Ruie but caught wind of an opportunity on Whanga. Whanganui Corporation was given colonization rights back in 1107, but they haven't accomplished much over the course of the last eight years or so. At the moment its just pretty much just a bunch of scientists and specialists trying to prep the world for colonization. Their head of security is my old commanding officer, Captain Aniani Koi; he offered me a position as his second."

She is thoughtful for a moment before she goes on "I probably could have made more money in the end if I'd stayed on Ruie, what with the GTC land grab going on, but the Captain said he needs me so… "

She shrugs "What's your story then Marine? How do you end up on a small free trader heading to some backwoods planet in the Marches?"

You have a minor confrontation with Tristen Trellnor during one of your watches; as you pacing the corridor puffing on your pipe, sending billowing clouds of smoke throughout the cabin you hear the door to the young mans stateroom open and he peaks his head out for a moment.

Seeing you, the young boy initially disappears back into his room but then he strolls out with his hands in his pockets. He stands near you for a moment eyeballing you curiously until he says "So… like, what you smokin? It any good?"

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 84

When Silver and Maiokus have a chance to speak, Silver listens intently to the report on the M-drive and Maiokus's feelings about events on Ruie.

Making a note on the clipboard in regards to the repairs mentioned by Maiokus and nodding in agreement to his statement about increased security on board, Silver makes a statement of his own, "Communication was the one thing we didn't have a 100% control over. There was a leak or a mole at the starport. And all that time waiting for troop loading and such, I believe we lost the element of surprise."

Making another note on his clipboard and as Maiokus returns to work, "Might be beneficial to establish some code words or phrases. That can be used as a warning or a means to verify agreement or express concern."

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 84

This is Kanin, over...

"Well, mate, I am sorry to dissapoint you, but it is only plain Vargr tobak. Strong it is, but I am not the guy you need now.", says Krakrefr a bit annoyed and strokes his braided fur, with his fangs showing and hoping the boy will understand the message.

If the boy insists, Krakrefr will shove him directly to the direction of Dr.Shuth by saying with angry tone "Get to the doc kid, I am not serving fiends." And he will leave but staying alert in case the boy will jump on him.

Krakrefr has nothing more to say about Ruie, that has not been spoken so far during the group meetings. But he will suggest, if economically possible, for all crew to get some bodyglove armour and hidden weapons in the near future. He is more concerned with the boarding and the lack of security when the Wildcard is parked.

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