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24th May, 2016 - 2:53am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 100

The Referee relays...

Silver attempts to break free from the pirate and strike but instead gets a knee strike to his thigh (Common peroneal area) causing his leg to buckle slightly, the pirate follows this up with an elbow strike to Silver’s jaw causing him to take 2 damage.

Seeing things degenerate Njall gets a line of sight and fires his laser pistol at the pirate covering Silver. A red flash of energy sears through the mans vac suit leaving a gaping and smoldering hole in his chest. The man looks down in confusion at the wound then looks to the lady pirate with an almost pleading look in his eyes before he crumples to the ground lifeless.

It’s Krakrefr’s turn, then Maiokus, then the pirate that just struck Silver. Ajit will send the signal out on his turn (Which is next to last in initiative order now that the one pirate is dead; Adeline is last).

Krakrefr would have heard the commotion over the comms, if he wants he can use an action to blow the charge and then a move action. For those in the cargo hold, you would have heard the struggle and the shot but you have no line of sight at this point.

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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

This is The Cynic, over...

In Character: : IF Maiokus can see any of Silver's assailants from his position, he will take a few well aimed single shots at them (Single to avoid hitting fellow crew members.)

IF Maiokus cannot see Silver's assailants, then he will leave cover and approach the common area/airlock where the rest of the crew is converging. He will then use corners as cover to engage the enemy.

Out of Character: : Gun combat 2 + Dexterity +1 + Aim + 1.

Maiokus Results:
  • Gun Combat on D12 (+4): 14 (1 roll, as D2-12)
  • Damage on D6 (+0): 4, 6, 4 (3 rolls)
  • Damage on D6 (+0): 1, 2, 3 (3 rolls)
  • Damage on D6 (+0): 5, 6, 1 (3 rolls)

24th May, 2016 - 9:28am / Post ID: #
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

Rebel over...

"That's our warning shot. Hands up, weapons down, no-one else dies."

Njall barks out his surrender demand, hoping that the pirates will stand down without a general firefight developing.

Over the crew-only channel: "Stay low Silver."

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Page 100 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Silver rolls with the strike and makes himself a very small target waiting for his opportunity to further distract the boarders.

Loud enough for everyone to here in the hold and over the crew-only channel. Silver gurgles spittle but blurts out, "Yes captain they are securely on board. Their ship can be detonated at your leisure."

24th May, 2016 - 10:14pm / Post ID: #
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

This is Kanin, over...

Krakrefr blows the demo charge and waits till the violent decompression of the bridge stops, a heartbeat, and storms in through the hole. He tries to find targets through the wreckage and secure the area.
Out of Character: I think the roll about the demo charge would suffice and I do not roll it again. I roll recon and one attack with my LasCAR, if I find a target.

Recon +1 +1Int
Energy rifles +1 (4d6+3).

Krakrefr Results:
  • Recon (-2DM) on D6 (+0): 3 (1 roll)
  • LasCAR TL11 on D6 (+0): 1, 3, 2, 5 (4 rolls)

25th May, 2016 - 5:03am / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

The Referee relays...

Krakrefr sees the blast from the charge, and initially it doesn’t appear as though it’s had any effect. As Krakrefr creeps forward though to examine the results he can see a large pit in the window with cracks that are spidering outward. He can see furtive movement inside and for a moment he locks eyes with gruff barrel chested man. The man is standing next to a console, his eyes go wide as the cracks snake across the window and the realization of what has just occurred.

The man turns and Krakrefr can see him mouth something to someone behind him; he bolts for the rear of the bridge as if trying to make it to a door but doesn’t make it in time. The window fails leaving a hole the size of a basket ball! Air rushes out and Krakrefr sees the big man suddenly being sucked toward the window; his arms flail about as he attempts to grab onto something. He reaches out for the console and his fingers brush past it and then his body slams into the window.

The mans face is contorted in a mixture of horror and anguish as you see that his body has effectively plugged the hole but now the skin on his back is being sucked out of the hole and is forming a large “flesh bubble” outside of the ship. Krakrefr can see the mans mouth agape in a silent scream for a few horrible moments before the “flesh bubble” bursts and the mans innards are sucked into space followed shortly by the remainder of his body which is unrecognizable by the time it shoots through the window and begins to float through the void.

Krakrefr watches as the remainder of the air is emptied from the bridge. Positioning himself to get a better look into the bridge he can see that the bridge is now empty. Meanwhile on the Wildcard there is no indication that anything is happening. The bridge of the other ship must have sealed itself off to prevent the rest of the ship from decompressing.

Maiokus moves forward and takes a position just outside the common room, he peers around the corner and seeing nothing moves forward again to the door of the airlock. Looking around the corner there he can see a body lying on the floor, Silver is crouched down with a man standing over him. The female pirate is a few feet away looking as though she is reaching for the sidearm on her hip. Maiokus spent his turn moving into position and was not able to take a shot this round.

The pirate standing over Silver moves back and fumbles for his shotgun, bringing it to bear on Silver ready to fire!

It's now Gaden's turn followed by Silver.

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26th May, 2016 - 12:32am / Post ID: #
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 100

This is The Reaper of Ships, over...

In Character: Hearing the combat over the crew comms, Gaden rushes towards the fight. Knowing he can't make it all the way to the airlock he pulls up short at the entrance to the crew common area and prepares his rifle. "Maiokus, Njall. I'm in position if we need to fallback with Silver."

29th May, 2016 - 8:58pm / Post ID: #

Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 100

The Referee relays...

The female pirate stands for a moment in shock as she watches her comrade fall, but she recovers quickly. Pulling her pistol from her hip she takes a few steps back toward her own airlock and squeezes off a shot at Silver. A red beam of energy leaps from the barrel and slams into the wall a mere inches from Silver’s head. She then turns and dashes for the door back to the safety of her ship; above the turmoil you can hear her shouting something though it is muffled by her vac suit helmet.

The remaining pirate, whom she referred to as Crowley, steps back as well and squeezes the trigger on his shotgun sending a spray of pellets through the small hallway. Silver takes 17 points of damage (Bear in mind armor gives double protection against pellet attacks). Crowley racks the shotgun and hold the shotgun at his hip ready to fire again!

Round 2; back to the top of the initiative order with Njall.

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