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Tazskan Daardendrien
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories - Page 35

The Protector. says...

"Well, the fight last night let's just say I did find it interesting. But, I'm afraid to say not how a Dragonborn would conduct it.," Tazskan answers Perry just as his pancakes, arrive with a mug of coffee.

He takes a sip from the mug, "Hmm, "says, not quite liking it.
He looks, at the small amount of pancakes, "They don't look as high as the Dwarven pancakes, I had back at the Inn. But they will do," he adds.

"In my homeland, they frowned upon the use of magic in such instances, saying it was akin to cheating," Tazskan answers.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

"Perhaps you are right, Taz," Perry laughs. "I'll admit, I've never been physically strong, but you know what the problem with pure physical strength is? One day you will always find someone stronger than you. What do you do then? You need to rely on fighting smarter, Taz. Neutralizing enemies or turning them against one another, what could possibly be more powerful than that?" Perry asks.

"I would never have survived the Feywild without tricks like these," Perry looks down at his coffee with a sorrowful expression. "As hard as it is to believe, someone like Poljen would likely not survive that place. Brute force only goes so far, Taz." Perry seems unusually serious when saying these things.

"Still, I bet a fight between Dragonborn is a sight to see!" Perry laughs.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Poljen crosses his arms and leans forward as Velon and Lia take their turns speaking, listening intently. He purses his lips once or twice, but finally nods at the end.

"I will rest easier now, more confident you are not quite as accepting without question as it had appeared to me. That was my greatest concern." He suddenly frowns a moment, then adds with a sly grin, "But Lia, please do not call Velon 'our wonderful leader' again. We all appreciate him as our leader, and you do not need to show how besotted you are so much! Please, tone it down slightly, or my iron stomach might revolt. Ha!" He stands up and claps his hands together.

"Rest assured I will be your faithful follower as we put an end to this cult. And now I can once more return to acting the fool, playing the big dumb brute for the world to see." He waits to see if either take the huge opening he just left them…

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 35 Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

Happening to join the others at the breakfast table, Lawrance arrives distractedly filling a plate of random food and sitting down. With a partially aware "Oh, hello, Taz, Penelope.Good day so far? It's a cube or it's a short square, unless oval works better."
Slowly eating, bite by gradual bite, lost in thought.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Stories Side e Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

"Oh good morning, Lawrance was it?" Perry asks. "Sorry, still picking up on everyone's names. Oh my, that food looks good. Is that… a cheese-filled pastry?” Perry leaves to go grab one but comes back with several. “This. Is. The best day,” Perry says with beaming eyes.

“Listen, Lawrance, you were the one who knew so much about these Naga creatures yesterday, right?” Perry asks while stuffing his face. “I was thinking about what you said regarding Dark Naga being the most common type in the Serpent Hills. And, to be honest, I’m not sure fighting them would be the best approach. Don’t get me wrong, we should be prepared to fight them and I do have some ideas on how to neutralize their spellcasting, but if they are immortal like you say then we will be making a troublesome enemy. If we are just going after this Dwarven fellow, perhaps we can attempt diplomacy with these Naga rather than making enemies of them. What do you think?” Perry asks.

“Also, I’m curious about the Naga’s relationship to these Yuan-ti you mentioned. If they are enemies, we could use that to our advantage. Of course, the best outcome would be to avoid these Naga and Yuan-ti altogether, but something tells me the odds of that are low.”

Perry finishes all the pastries.

Out of Character: Gknight, Perry is actually just in tiefling form right now during breakfast, not Penelope. Unless you still called him that even knowing that, which would honestly be hilarious, but I'm going to assume you didn't know for this post.

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Tazskan Daardendrien
Dragonborn Lvl 10 Warl...

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories

The Protector. says...

" Oh your correct Perry about fighting, in the wild. Dragonborn, won't hesitate to utilize magic. But, when we are talking about a challenge, or trial or contest that's another story.," he answers.
"In the past it would be common for a red, hot blooded Dragonborn to use their breath weapon. It was a dangerous affair for spectators even."
"Then, you can see that the natural progression was to include magic," he adds.
"Oh, you did hear correctly, a red colored Dragonborn, follower of Tiamat," he adds.

"Oh, good morning Lawrence, any thoughts about defeating, these serpent creatures, even better, how do we stay alive,"? He asks.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Page 35 Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories

Focusing on the words that are impacting his ears, Lawrance responds with "Hm? Oh, yes, immortal. They come back, you see? You kill them and they come back. Not like undead, but still never dying. And they remember who killed them, so they have SUCH a vengeance streak.The Yuan-Ti and Naga were created by the Serpent God Sseth around the same time, because Sseth was jealous of the humanoids. Yuan-Ti were meant to replace the humanoid races, but could not seem to group together long enough to do so. Naga are pretty solitary, but near demi-Gods in power." Lawrance warms up as he runs through his studies, recalling the details he absorbed during a long ago session.
His eyes distant, he continues:"You see, Penelope, neither species would be an easy one for us to encounter and they don't treat captives as anything more than a handy meal, so I'd rather take a higher route, if we can. Or run." Absentmindedly, Lawrance changes the flavours of his food as he eats, little pulses of energy cascading through the various items as he matches their tastes to his taste, or warms them as needed. "The Naga would be an incredible species to study, if I had the chance. Their resurrection ability alone something I'd endure much to learn how to do. And many powerful magic can be brought forth with their various bloods, bones and organs, so that even harvesting them would be a boon. Even though they'd be a bit miffed at having to grow it all back once they return. I've heard of Nagas spending decades, even centuries, on a blood-pact revenge trail to destroy one who killed them."

Out of Character: : Yes, I knew you were in Perry form. This is Lawrance at his busy-minded mode *smile*.

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Daishain's D&D 5e: Side Stories
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Daishain's D&D 5e Side Stories - Page 35

"You know Taz, that's the one thing I can't do. I have wings, a tail, horns, and, hell, I'm even naturally resistant to fire, but I still can't breathe it. Maybe I could participate more "Fairly" in these fights if I could," Perry laughs, now genuinely amused.

"You seem like a good, honest fellow Taz. I look forward to working with you."

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