The Island Map: Future Earth RPG

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Wed, 24th May, 2017 - 6:17 am GMT

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The Island Map: Future Earth RPG Map

This map is associated with the Scenario: Future Earth RPG: The Island

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Poljen steps back and gestures the group into a tight huddle several steps back from the corner. He whispers softly. "A dozen guards and six drakes. But they are at least twenty-five paces in, and that's the closest. Fay, Onwen, Lia, if you can, make that sleep thing happen to as many as you can, while the rest of us charge in. Target the guards. Drakes making noise probably happens occasionally anyway." He pauses, then shrugs. "The good news though is there must be at least some prisoners alive. Otherwise this lot would be with the army. Luck to us all. Now, give me one moment to prepare."

The barbarian once again moves closer to the corner, sword and shield at the ready. He closes his eyes and says a silent prayer to the spirits of all the Stone Leopards, asking for their blessing as he tries once more to bring honor and glory to the clan. He can almost feel their approval as the battle madness begins to well up in him. His grins, as usual in battle, becomes feral, his eyes taking on a yellow tint and the pupils an almond-shape, like those of a bird of prey. He turns to Fay and nods. As the bard, and any others begin to create their magic, he walks casually into the room, watching to see who falls, and moving to attack the closest guard still up.

Out of Character: : Only rolling one round of attacks… Rage, then move in, ready to Dash if needed (Movement now 40), then attack. If there is anything that looks like it would be used to sound an alarm, like a large hanging piece of iron, he will move to the guard closest to it that is up, so that any trying to sound it will have to get by him. Here we go, everybody! Now is our time!

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