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15th Apr, 2017 - 2:44am

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Daishain using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e system

Daishains 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

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Familiar / SideKick
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Symbol / Sign:
Character Name:
Velon Rodaan

Character Title:
The Flame Wielder

Character Class:
Paladin 5 Sorcerer 5

Character Status:


Character Alignment:
Lawful Good

Marching Position:

Rival: ?

The Foe of Velon Rodaan
Guardian: ?

The Vulnerable Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
***AC:24*** (see below please!)
*No Crits
*(+1 w/ Lia's spell, +2 with Haste)
(Magic cloak has been removed.)

HP 77 of 89max
Spell Save DC:16
Character Description
Velon Rodaan is a 25 year old human male, 6', 230 lbs. He is fit and strong from his rough background and military training. Velon's red beard and hair are long and unkept due to his lifestyle, the latter of which he prefers to pull back and out of the way. The only grooming Velon has performed in a long time was with the edge of his handaxe, including the chopping off of his hair if it gets past his shoulders. Velon is probably often a bit dirty and foul smelling as he has not had a chance to wash in some time. He'll most often be seen in his heavy armor carrying his warhammer and shield as he prefers never to be far from them these days. He has rid himself of any adornments reflecting his military service, leaving his clothing and armor to be very plain and tarnished.
Velon also now has thin scales along his spine, around the kidneys, around the insides of his upper legs protecting major arteries, etc. The most noticeable would be scales creeping up his neck a bit, potentially visible when not covered by parts of his armor, a high collar, or a scarf. The scales aren't all that different in coloring than his skin, but have a bit more of a shine and a slight gold tint to them.

Velon's starting class is Paladin, and is now Paladin 2, Sorcerer 5. He speaks Common and has now inherited Draconic.
Character History
Velon is an orphan from Calimport in the Calimshan region. After years growing up in poverty and having trouble finding work as a young man, he enlisted in the army. Velon quickly learned that war was not for him, as he could see that too often the soldiers on the opposing side were not evil men but young men doing just as he was. Unable to stomach the thought of killing in another battle, Velon fled from his duties one evening. Knowing he would be severely punished, Velon avoided contact with most people and distanced himself from his army. He spends a good deal of time living in the forests and stopping by small towns where he is unlikely to be known.

While stopping for supplies in the small town of Dawnrun in the Kingdom of Amn, Velon befriends a Priest named Randall. Randall can tell that he is troubled and is running from something, but that he is otherwise a good young man. Velon confides in Randall regarding his sins and his lack of direction in life, and the Randall convinces him to turn to faith to atone and find his purpose. Velon learns basic tenants of faith and healing, and begins to form his new set of ideals. Long before he learns all that he can from Randall, however, Dragonkin attack the town. Velon fights back but takes a blow to the head and falls unconscious, awaking to find Randall and many of the townsfolk missing, several dead.

Velon's head wound is not lethal, and after searching for Randall he sets out into the forest to once again distance himself from this incident. His wound is not healing well however, and he grows more and more delirious as the infection takes hold of him. He finds himself in the Cloud Peaks, where he miraculously stumbles upon a dying Gold Dragon. Between his delirium and the unusual state of the dragon, he does not fear it and approaches. He touches the dragon and can sense it is near death. He tries to heal the beast despite not being particularly skilled at it yet. His energy wanes as his own condition is dire and he does not have the skill or power to save the dragon. The dragon speaks to him telepathically and thanks him, but tells him to stop before it costs Velon his life. Velon feels an unusual bond with the dragon and, in his despair, would gladly give all of his vitality to help. The dragon sense that Velon is a good young man seeking a purpose, and passes his life energy and specific powers on to Velon, then dies. Velon is healed of his infection, and is imbued with some of the dragons magical powers. He also feels instantly tied to the dragon's god, Bahamut, feeling a spiritual connection he had yet to tune into during his work with Randall. Velon feels a strong compulsion to do good, route out evil at every chance, help those who cannot help themselves, and never harm those who are not evil, even if they oppose him. Although he did not reach the point of taking an oath with Randall, his compulsion is that of the Oath of Devotion he was working towards, along with the tenants of Bahamut.

It has been roughly three months since his encounter with the dragon when Velon reaches Greenest, after hearing of the trouble while in Berdusk and riding hard in hopes of helping. Previously he had been staying secluded, testing his new powers and contemplating on his compulsions. He has managed to identify his own feelings and motivations vs the compulsion put upon him by the dragon and Bahamut, but he feels that this was the purpose he was seeking and is eager to use his new powers to help others.

Personality Traits:
- Velon is a simple young man, not very trusting of others who could be trying to take what little he has. He is otherwise good natured, enjoys food and drink although he rarely gets anything better than scraps, or military rations. Even a large meal in a tavern with a cup of ale is a treat for him. He is actually quite funny and well liked by others, but he doesn't often stick around long enough for anyone to see more of who he really is. Although he is honest overall, he's quite convincing when telling others of false background stories, clearly not wanting to speak of his deserter status or his life as a poverty stricken orphan.

- Greater Good - My gifts are meant to be share with all, not used for my own benefit.
- Destiny - I must find my true purpose in this world. My new powers and dragon bond must be the path.

- I am compelled to route out evil wherever I find it, not stopping until the job is complete.
- I must help those who cannot protect themselves.
- I must complete my study of my faith and officially take my Oath of Devotion

- Despite his good intentions, Velon is still a deserter of the army and this could cause him trouble if he runs across the wrong people.
- Velon is compelled to act against evil, even for minor offenses or at times that it may not be very wise or convenient. This is partially based on reading about Bahamut on the forgotten realms wiki: "He accepted no excuses for evil acts, and didn't tolerate even minor offenses offered by evil creatures." An example of this may be getting involved in a petty squabble in a tavern where a man has lost home in an unfair deal, or acting against a noble at the wrong time when he is vastly outnumbered.
- Velon would be unwilling to kill otherwise 'innocent' guardsman or others that are in the party's way if I do not know them to be truly evil.
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
6 Paladin Spells (# Spells = Charmisma modifier + half Paladin level)
1st & 2nd level Paladin Spells (*change on long rest)
- Bless
- Wrathful Smite
- Cure Wounds
- Divine Favor
- Locate Object
- Compelled Duel

*Sanctuary *Protection from Good and Evil
*Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon and Turn the Unholy

5 x Sorcerer Cantrips
- Green Flame Blade
- Booming Blade
- Message
- Fire Bolt
- Light

5 Sorcerer Spells
1st level Sorcerer Spells
- Shield
- Absorb Elements

2nd level Sorcerer Spells
- Hold Person
- Misty Step

3rd level sorcerer spells

*Bonus Cantrip-like effect: Velon can conjure a small gold dragon in his palm, made of fire and light. It has no practical use and is silent, but the dragon will often rear its head back to roar, curl up to sleep(or die), and disappear in a burst of sparks.

Spell slots per multi-classing table (level minus 2)
Currently 4 first level, 3 second level, 3 third level, 1 fourth level

5 Sorcery Points (lvl 5 sorcerer)
Metamagic: Quickened Spell and Twinned Spell
Character Notes*
Keep anything here that you will like to remember without affecting other Character info.

* The content here is exposed unless you get a Guardian to protect it.
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Paladin devoted to Bahamut, taking his Oath of Devotion shortly after capturing the mask and the flying castle.
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Character Equipment
Holy Symbol
Bahamut Tabard
Smith's Tools
Spell Focus
Explorer's Pack - (pack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days rations, waterskin, 50 feet rope)
sharpening stone
50GP diamond
Healer's Kit
Magic Items
*Scroll of Alter Self (x2)
* Seers Tabac x 2
* +1 Full Plate Armor (w/ adamantine to block crits)
*Potion of Healing (7)
*Diamond (for Raise Dead)
*Potion of Poison Resistance (1)
*Belt of Hill Giant's Strength (attunement)
*Gauntlets of Ogre Power (attunement - not currently worn)
*Silence Stone (5ft radius of silence spell) - now in chain necklace/amulet
*Bracelet (chain/huge) of Heartfelt Blows (+CHA to melee strikes)(attunement)
*Cloak of Displacement (attuned - worn)
*Heartscale from Irdeith
*Scroll of Teleportation (to circle in Waterdeep)
*Spell slot ring (attunement - not currently worn) (two 1st level slots)
Shield (+2(+4 total))
Longsword (+1) (no longer primary weapon)
Warhammer (Heavy) (+2) (now primary weapon)
Ring (shared with Lia for spell)
Holding for Group
Potion of climbing
Potion of diminution
Potion of water breathing
Blood magic rod (Attunement required)
Coin of apparent value
Quaals Feather Token
+1 Splint Mail
Character Storage
(Gold only kept on Velon's person thus far.)
-500 Gauntlets of Ogre Power
-20 Healer's Kit
-50 families of Greenest
+2212 cult cave
+500 Harper pay
-500 shield+1
-500 cloak of protection
-5 tabard
-300 adamantine
+50 mace sale
+100 splint sale
-50GP diamond for C.Orb
-75GP healing potions (2)
+88GP gem from Silas
-1000gp teleportation scroll
+3806 white dragon hoard
-2000 Cloak of Displacement
-1288 weapon upgrade (mace -> huge warhammer)
+5621 Yuan-ti / naga / market sales
-5450 shield and armor upgrades, sending stones with Lia
(1000GP on loan for trade business)
-220 Potion of Poison Resistance
-100 two healing pots
+1000GP trade business return
+15g Poljen defeats Morgaine in a duel!
-204 spell scrolls
+4800 Chuth dungeon
*moving all remaining management of this to my other sheet
Game Master Notes*
Nice one Cinder, your character is starting to take form, thank you for joining my game.

Last nag (warning): --

* The Game Master's notes to you are exposed, get a Guardian to protect it.
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
Tiamat and her followers
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Character Stats
GWM Warhammer: +6 hit, 1d8 +23 (damage same as below plus Great Weapon Master feat, -5 to hit)

Warhammer: +11 hit, 1D8+13 (damage = 5 STR + magic weapon(2) + CHA from bracelet(4) +Heavy(2))
Longsword: +10 hit, 1D8+10 (versatile-1D10) (damage = 5 STR + magic weapon(1) + CHA from bracelet(4))
Handaxe: +9 hit, 1D6+5 if thrown, 1d6+9 if melee)

Spell Attack: +8 (CHA + Prof.)

AC = 19(+1Plate)+4(+2Shield)+1(Defense Fighting Style) = 24

HP = (10+(3)6 paladin)+(4x5 sorcerer)+(3con x 9lvl)+(1draconic x 5sorc.lvl) = 28+20+24+5 = 80

STR: +5* (13/21) *Belt of Hill Giant's Strength
DEX 0 (10)
CON +3 (16)
INT -1 (8)
WIS 0 (10)
CHA +4 (18)

Proficiency: +4

Saves: Wisdom, Charisma
Str: +5
Dex: 0
Con: +3
Int: -1
Wis: +4
Char: +8

Skills: Athletics, Persuasion, Religion, Perception, Insight


Acrobatics: 0
Animal Handling: 0
Arcana: -1
Athletics*: +9
Deception: +4***
History: -1
Insight*: +4
Intimidation: +4***
Investigation: -1
Medicine: 0
Nature: -1
Perception*: +4
Performance: +4***
Persuasion*: +8***
Religion*: +3
Sleight of Hand: 0
Stealth: 0 (+Disadvantage)
Survival: 0

(***Plus prof. again vs. dragons.)

Proficiencies: All armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, smith's tools

Languages: Common, Draconic

Feat: War Caster
- Advantage on CON saves to maintain concentration
- Can cast with weapon and shield
- Can cast single target spell as opportunity attack
Feat: Great Weapon Master
- (optional on each attack)
- -5 to hit, +10 to damage



Current Leaders


Krusten (14)

Merlin (11)

Thorin (9)

Wothfard (8)

Alana (8)

Sapphire (6)

Aspiring Leaders

Anronrosby / Cedrick (6)
Lace / Sonia (5)
Beowolf / Norskman (4)
Adventure / Garreth (4)
Thundersen / Loki (3)
Pureyang / Griffith (3)

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