Your First Time Here? Understand What's Expected

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Are you a bit lost or do not understand what is expected of you as a Member? Do not worry, there is help here! Just take the time to read and educate your mind.
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Your First Time Here? Understand What's Expected

Welcome to this International Community!

If you ever have questions, concerns, or issues please use your Introduction Thread to ask it. Your Introduction Thread is the very first Post you made when you joined this Community. If you cannot find it look at your profile, there is a button to it there.

I Am Just Here For Role-playing Games

Great, our Role-playing Games are part of a mature minded Community of writers with standards that guide all Members / Players so yes, this applies to you too.

The Key Is To Always Be Courteous.

This is an International Community, not everyone will like everything, not everyone will agree, however based on the terms you agreed to you are expected to be cultured (Mature) enough to be graceful in your conduct. No one owes you anything here, you are here as a Guest and the facilities are free. The sense of entitlement that the internet encourages is not encouraged here. Be courteous and you will get the same treatment in return.

Some helpful tips:

* Do you really enforce your Rules & Policies here

* Are we like family here?

* What is the purpose of My Introduction?
* What are your standards about posting Constructively?
* Should I say "Thanks"?

* How do I keep updated with the Messages here?
* How do I Delete my membership?
* Can I post links to external web sites?

* How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?

* Where can I get more information?

* I want to Donate, where do I go?
* Where can I see what my account does?
* Do you have a MAP of this site?
* Understanding the content value of this Community.

You are currently viewing a Thread (Post or message) within a Board (A place where messages are kept) called the 'Welcome Board'. To see a list of all the Boards go here: Forum Index

If this is your first time here then you may feel that everything seems overwhelming. You may also presume that we are very rigid and have too many rules - yes we do, but this is with purpose. Unlike other Communities this one has only clean, intellectual discussion with many features and it takes a huge amount of effort to keep it all together. Sometimes there are Users that join who seek to bring in the filth that exists on the net and so to make it easy to delete them we have set rules to govern behavior within the Community. If there are no rules then chaos prevails.

Q. Have a question not answered here?
A. Ask in your Introduction Thread within the Introductions & Member Sharing Board, the same Thread you started when you first introduced yourself.

Don't be scared... You won't be deleted if you simply post constructively, be respectful and avoid confrontation - it is that simple. Now to understand what we mean by posting constructively please visit this thread:
Constructive Posting Policy.

Then visit the the FAQ Board where you will find 99.5% of your questions answered through an easy to understand format. If you ever need more assistance please do post your question(s) within the same thread you began when you first arrived here - your Introduction thread.

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Expected Whats Understand Here Time Your

Never Used a Forum Like This Before?

If you are not sure how to use the controls then please feel free to ask about it in your Intro Thread (The First Post you made when you joined this Community).

Make Sure to Try To:

* Use the spell checker
* See how to make text bold, underline, etc.
* See how your message looks after posting

Do Use:

* Good grammar always, you do not have to be perfect, however keep away from net talk and slang.

This Community Is Different From Others:

* The Art Of Discussion

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Your First Time Here? Understand What's Expected Sharing Member & Introductions

Some More Questions Answered

Q. Can I start Topics here too?
A. No, the Introduction Board is only for your Personal Introduction. Look for the appropriate Board to place Topics of Discussion.

Q. How do I go about Uploading my Avatar?
A. You may wish to read this: Source 3

Post Date: 13th Jul, 2005 - 2:22pm / Post ID: #

Expected Whats Understand Here Time Your

Don't Be A BIG Talker

If you want to make yourself look good do not post things you cannot fulfill. For instance many users state in their introduction messages how intellectual they are or how active they will be, in the case of role-play gaming they say that making 30 constructive posts is nothing, yet, where are they... They cannot accomplish it, they cannot fulfill their words. If you need help, then do not be shy, ask needed information on how to do things within your introduction thread after viewing the FAQ Board.

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Expected Whats Understand Here Time Your

Just Here For role-playing games

Q. I am really just here for Role-playing Games and not the rest of discussion, where do I start?
A. It all depends on which Role-playing Game you are going to be participating in. You should start with: How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?.

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Your First Time Here? Understand What's Expected

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