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Pathfinder RPG PATHFINDER RPG - The first step is to write an imaginative backstory for your character that is level and setting appropriate. Level 1 characters are unaccomplished but have enough past experience to start adventuring.
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30th Oct, 2015 - 12:31pm / Post ID: #
Grogdrol Hammerhand
GunslingerMusket Maste...
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters - Page 29

Lord of the Dance says...

I was born in the south end of village I have long since forgotten the name of to couple that made their living as masons. One day when I was 6 my village was raided by orcs, they killed my mother in the raid. 2 years later my father killed himself over the grief of the loss of my mother leaving me in the care of my uncle. He was kind enough man, even though he was bit strict. He worked as blacksmith for the local militia that was formed after the raid. After while he had outfitted the entire militia and really was only needed to repair any damaged equipment so he started to make extras and would sell them to the nearby surrounding towns and villages. On one of the few trips that he had taken me on to one of the more distant and far larger towns we were attacked by bandits, my uncle shoved sword in my hands and told me to hide. I did as I was told and hid as the small caravan of people was slaughtered before me. I made my way to the town to find my uncles buyer hoping for some help. He was human that had blonde hair, pale skin, and grey eyes, he stood about 6'2". When he saw me arrive alone he was obviously somewhat worried as to what had happened, after telling my tale he gathered up few men to go with him to help retrieve what cargo was left and the bodies of the fallen. After laying the bodies to rest he had allowed me to stay with him for some time. He had found people to help me train with my somewhat unique gifts. After several years of training he had allowed me to setup small alchemist shop to try to work on being independent. I worked on it and was doing well enough, but my mind always wandered to all the death that had surrounded me over the years and how I was to weak to stop it, so I started to tinker. Using what I had learned from the strange man and my uncle I started to work on making ranged weapon that was like cannon but far more compact, one that person could use alone and carry with them. It took me two decades to get working prototype while I worked on my alchemy. I later found way to incorporate my alchemy with the weapon to make the ammunition less bulky. I also learned that if you hear it click without firing, don' try to fire it again without fixing the problem, otherwise it tends to be quite disastrous, that is how I got the scar on my face, darn barrel blew up and shard of it gouged it's way into me. Lucky I can still see out of that eye. After couple more years the strange human, who, come to think of it, never did tell me his darn name, left, he said he would stay in touch as often as he could. Turns out that meant letter or two every four or five months. After I finally got fully working model of my musket I joined the militia, so that I could help prevent what happened to my village from happening to this one. After about another decade the man wrote me letter saying that he had taken in small human boy that was "Gifted", whether he meant capable or slow I wasn't sure. Over several letters later I learned that his name was Archival Oragor. After that I didn't get another letter for quite some time. The letter I did get was quite troubling, It came with relatively large package, the letter said that the man had to leave Archival and that he would find himself in debt of me if I would find and guard the boy. He left me map to at least narrow down my search, the package was, at least from what I could guess payment to find and guard him. So after selling my shop and packing what few belongings I kept I set out after the boy, hoping that I wouldn't happen upon another corpse.

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Hand of Fate
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Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Game Master says...

Interesting back-story and shouldn't be difficult to slip into the party. Though you could have split it into a few paragraphs and used 'a' a few more times.

For the ability scores I was using 15 point buy, before race is applied. I think you're 3 points short.

Skill list is short and I approve.

I like the minimal character stats, but don't you think it would be easier to record class features and race traits? Also Feats, I can tell you took Point Blank Shot, but it should be listed in the stats too.

Don't forget to pick 3 traits!

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Grogdrol Hammerhand
GunslingerMusket Maste...
Lieutenant / Right Rear Flank
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters Archive Pathfinder / D&D

Lord of the Dance says...

There we go, sheet should be fixed now. Sorry about not having everything down on it, must have forgotten to copy it into the sheet. Stats were also changed and any other numbers dependent on them should now be correct as well.

Also, sorry about the text wall.

1st Nov, 2015 - 7:18am / Post ID: #
Hand of Fate
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Page 29 Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Game Master says...

Okay, so I didn't notice all the details the first time, sorry.

You get a Favoured Class Bonus at each level of Gunslinger which can be +1 HP or +1 skill rank or even the dwarf's favoured class bonus of reducing the misfire chance of a weapon by 1/4 (You need to take it 4 times for an effect).

I need to know your leftover wealth after purchasing your items. Even after buying so many cartridges there should be a lot remaining.

You should get an extra trait for taking a drawback. Adopted does not count against this limit. I suggest something firearm related like: Never Stop Shooting, Resolve of the Rejected, Unblemished Barrel or one of the traits starting with Black Powder. They are mostly in the Ultimate Campaign book.

Glad you could join us and it will be great to see a gunslinger in the game! With that, let's start!

"Oh! I think he was here," The barkeep replied, himself a rotund man with short brown hair and beard. He describes who he saw come in, "Long platinum hair, well dressed and jewelled, grey eyes I think? He was with a short man, a halfling or gnome, also well dressed but mostly covered. They both had some kind of swirly tattoo on their forehead."

The tattoo wasn't in the description but it was still a relief for Grogdrol. Finding a man in Restov was tough and time consuming. The city was bustling with activity but people cared only for themselves. They may call it the Free City, but people were slaves to coin and to the Swordlords' bureaucratic system. People he came across didn't like to tattle, unless there was something in it for them.

Then there were also the magical options to locate a person. The temples to the nature god Erastil, god of battle Gorum, and goddess of death Pharasma didn't offer such services. Only the priests of Abadar offered to Scry on the target, but they would have to use a scroll at a cost of 1125 gold! A loan was possible but they also wanted to know what the dwarf's purpose was, eyeing his long musket.

A much more reasonable price was set by the divination school of the wizard's college. They could Scry for 380 gold and then another spell to find the direction for a further 280. However, they couldn't offer a guarantee that it would work but it would help increase the chances if they had a likeness or a picture, a possession of the target, or the best help would be a small body part.

A merchant pushing past and plonking a bag of coins on the counter brought Grogdrol back to the conversation. The barkeep nods, takes the coins and continues, "They came in and left a horse at my wife's stable across the road. We were packed that evening so he shared a room with a regular and a caravan guard. They seemed to get along well during dinner. Left the morning after."

The barkeep eyes the tip jar on the counter, a bowl full of silver, with pieces of gold and platinum visible. No copper though, the customers here are of a higher calibre.

Out of Character: I hope I didn't bombard you with too much of an introduction. Post what your character does in the linked thread here: Source 2k. You can include a Diplomacy roll, and a bribe perhaps.

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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters
A Friend

Characters Create Pathfinder AP Kingmaker ICons

Updated Theaton 5th level ranger


Male Half-Elf Ranger 5 | [Neutral Good]

Age 23
Looks Blonde hair, Blue eyes
Height/Weight 5' 6" Tall, 145 lbs. (Medium)
Representing Kntoran

Strength 13 (+1) Hit Points: 39 Current HP: 39
Dexterity 12 (+1)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Intelligence 10 (+0)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 10 (+0)

Initiative +1 +2 +1 = 4 (Dexterity, elvan reflex and survivor)

Skill focus will be tracking.

SKILL Total + Ability Mod. + Ranks + Misc.
Acrobatics*+1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Appraise+0 = INT 0+0+0
Bluff+0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
Climb*+8 = [Strength] 1+4+3
Craft+0 = INT 0+0+0
Diplomacy+0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
Disable Device*" +1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Disguise+0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
Escape Artist*+1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Fly*+1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Handle Animal" +1 = [Charisma] 0+1+0
Heal+2 = [Wisdom] 2+0+0
Intimidate+0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
K (Arcana)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Dungeoneering)" +8 = INT 0+5+3
K (Engineering)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Geography)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (History)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Local)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Nature)" +8 = INT 0+5+3
K (Nobility)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Planes)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
K (Religion)" +0 = INT 0+0+0
Linguistics" +0 = INT 0+0+0
Perception+8= [Wisdom] 3+3+0+2 [half-elf]
Perform+0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
Profession" +4 = [Wisdom] 3+1+0
Ride+1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Sense Motive+4 = [Wisdom] 3+0+1
Sleight of Hand*" +1 = [Dexterity] 1+0+0
Spellcraft" +0 = INT 0+0+0
Stealth*+7 = [Dexterity] 1+3+3
Survival+14 = [Wisdom] 3+5+3+3
Swim*+7 = [Strength] 1+3+3
Use Magic Device" +0 = [Charisma] 0+0+0
* Armor Check Penalty -3
" Trained Only

Trail rations 14 days
50' rope
Quiver for arrows 2 score cap.


Armor Expert
You have worn armor as long as you can remember, either as part of your training
To become a knight's squire or simply because you were seeking to emulate a hero.
Your childhood armor wasn't the real thing as far as protection, but it did
Encumber you as much as real armor would have, and you've grown used to moving in

Such suits with relative grace. When you wear armor of any sort, reduce that
Suit's armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.

Elven Reflexes (Half-Elf)
One of your parents was a member of a wild elven tribe, and you've inherited
A portion of your elven parent's quick reflexes. You gain a +2 trait bonus
On initiative checks.

Years of living in violent squalor have sharpened your senses and given you
An ardent distrust of humanity. You gain a +1 trait bonus to initiative and
Sense Motive checks. Sense Motive is always a class skill for you.

Base Speed [ 30 (6 sq.) ]

AC [16] = 10 +4 [Chain Shirt] +1 [MWLight Steel Shield] +1 [[Dexterity]]
Touch AC [11] Flat-Footed [15]

Base Attack Bonus +5
Basic Melee Attack +7
Basic Ranged Attack +8

Weapon Attack Bonus Critical
MW Long Sword +1 19-20X2
Type range ammo damage
Martial melee none 1d6 s 1d8 m

Weapon Attack Bonus Critical
MW Long Bow +2 X3
Type Range Ammo Damage
Martial 100 ft arrows(40) 1d6 s 1d8 m

Fortitude Save +5 = 4 [base] +1 [Con]
Reflex Save +5 = 4 [base] +1 [[Dexterity]]
Will Save +4 = 1 [base] +3[[Wisdom]]

CMB +6 = 5 [BAB] +1 [[Strength]] +0 [size]
CMD +17 = 10 +5 [BAB] +1 [[Strength]] +1 [[Dexterity]] +0 [size]

Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Rapid Shot
Precise Shot
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency


Carrying Capacity
Light Load: 50lbs.
Medium Load: 100lbs.
Heavy Load: 150lbs.
Lift Over Head: 150lbs.
Lift Off Ground: 300lbs.
Push or Drag: 750lbs.


Ranger Spells Per Day Bonus Spells + 1 1st, +1 2nd, +1 3rd

1St level spells: 2 (1 +1)
2nd level: -
3rd level: -
4th Level: -

Special Abilities
Low-Light Vision
Adaptability: Skill Focus (Bonus feat)
Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any racial effects.
Elven Immunities: Immune to magic sleep. +2 to saves vs. Enchantment
Keen Senses: +2 Perception
Multitalented: Choose two favored classes.Bonus Languages: Any (Except secret languages)

Combat style: Archery Took the rapid shot feat for my first combat style feat.
Wild Empathy
2 Favored Enemies: humanoid-gobliniod; Humanoid- reptilian
1 Favored terrain: Forest
Hunters Bond

Boots of Elvinkind

Gold: 1,550 gold 6 silver

Experience Points 10,009

1st level spells:
Alarm, Animal Messenger, Calm Animals, Charm Animals, Delay Poison, Detect animals or plants, Detect Poison, Endure Elements, Entangle, Hide from Animals, Jump, Longstrider, Magic fang, pass without trace, Read magic, Resist energy, Speak with animals, Summon nature’s ally I.

Size Medium; Speed 50 ft.; AC: 14 +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6 plus trip); Ability Scores Strength 13, Dexterity 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wisdom 12, Charisma 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.
HD 2 BAB: +1 Fort: +3 Ref: +3 Will: +0 Skills: 2 Feats: 1 Natural armor bonus: +0 Strength/Dexterity bonus: +0 Bonus tricks: 1 Special: Link/share spells

14th Dec, 2015 - 5:59am / Post ID: #
Mykael Brewmor
Fighter3 Paladin3
Novice / Right Fwd. Flank
Character Sheet Lock
Active Player Active Role-player!

ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters

Ignoble says...

Updated Mykael

Mykael Brewmor
Male Human Fighter-3/Paladin-1
[Lawful Good]

21yrs old
5'10" tall 180lbs brown hair,/blue eyes


HP: 35 AC: 20 (Chain Mail 6 + heavy steel shield 2+ Defender of the Society trait 1 + Shield Focus 1)
Touch AC: 12 (+1 Defender of the Society trait) Flat Footed AC: 19
Speed: 30ft (20ft with heavy armor)

BAB: +4; CMB: +7; CMD: 17

Fort +7 (5 base+2 ability); Reflex +1; Will +3

Strength: 16 (+3)--(Placed +2 racial bonus here)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 10(+0)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 15 (+2)--(Placed 4th level ability increase here)

Initiative: +4 (0 ability mod. + 4 Improved Initiative Feat)
Speed: 30ft (20ft with armor)

Total bonus= Ability mod + Ranks + Misc Mod
Acrobatics +0
Appraise +0
Bluff +2
Climb +7 (1 rank)
Craft +0
Diplomacy +2
Disable Device (Untrained)
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +0
Fly +0
Handle Animal +6 (1 Rank)
Heal +0
Intimidate +8 (3 rank)
Knowledge (Untrained)
Linguistics (Untrained)
Perception +0
Perform +2
Profession (Soldier) +4 (1 rank)
Ride +5 (2 rank)
Sense Motive +4 (1 rank)
Sleight of Hand (Untrained)
Spellcraft (Untrained)
Stealth +0
Survival +5 (2 rank)
Swim +7 (1 rank)
Use Magic Device (Untrained)

*Improved Initiative [+4 bonus on initiative checks]
*Power Attack [Trade melee attack bonus for damage]
*Cleave [Make an additional attack if the first one hits]
*Bravery +1 [+1 Will save vs. Fear]
*Weapon Focus (Longsword) [+1 atk bonus]
*Shield Focus [gain +1 AC when using shield)

*Armor Master [When you wear armor of any sort, reduce the armor check penalty by 1, to minimum penalty of 0]
*Sword Scion [start with longsword and gain +1 trait bonus on attacks made with this weapon]
*Defender of the Society [+1 bonus to AC when wearing medium or heavy armor]

Armor Training 1 (Reduce armor check penalty by 1)

SPECIAL(Class Features)
*Aura of Good
*Detect Evil
Smite Evil 1/day


--Long sword--
+9 attack (+4 BAB; +3 Strength; +1 attack bonus for sword scion trait; +1 bonus for weapon focus)
1d8+3 slashing damage (19-20/x2);

--Silver Dagger--
+7 attack (+4 BAB; +3 Strength); 1d4+3 damage

--Short bow--
+4 attack
1d6 piercing damage (X3)
20 arrows

--Short sword--
+7 attack (+4 BAB; +3 Strength)
1d6+3 piercing damage (19-20/x2)

--Shield spike--
+7 attack
1d6+3 piercing damage (X2)

--Spiked gauntled--
+7 attack
1d4+3 piercing damage (X2)

Total Armor Check Penatly: -4 (-5 chain mail, -1 shield, +2 trait/armor training)

--Chain Mail Armor--
-5 Armor check penalty; +6 AC; Speed 20ft

--Heavy Steel Shield--
Armor Check Penalty -1

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16th Dec, 2015 - 1:07pm / Post ID: #
Grogdrol Hammerhand
GunslingerMusket Maste...
Lieutenant / Right Rear Flank
Character Sheet ◀
Abroad Abroad

ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters - Page 29

Lord of the Dance says...

Backpack bedroll flint and steel
10 days of trail rations
100ft silk rope gunsmith's kit masterwork artisan's tools chain shirt musket
41 alchemical paper cartridges
1 alchemical paper cartridges(Silver) light horse bit and bridle saddlebags saddle
5 days feed

229 gold
2 silver
80 gold credit at Oleg's

AC: 18 touch: 14 flat-footed:14
HP: 21
CMB: 2
CMD: 15
Fort: 4 Ref: 6 Will: 3

Strength: 10 +0
Dexterity: 16 +3
Constitution: 14 +2
Intelligence: 10 +0
Wisdom: 16 +3
Charisma: 6 -2

Craft(Firearms): 6
Craft(Alchemy): 6
Perception: 8
Sense Motive: 4
Survival: 8

Musket: +5(+6 at 30ft or less) 1d12(+1 at 30ft or less) 40ft range B&P 20/x4

Rapid Reload(Musket)
Point-Blank Shot

Racial Abilities:
Darkvision 60ft
+4 dodge to AC against Giant type
+2 to appraise with nonmagical precious metals and gems
+1 to attack against orcs and goblinoids
+2 to saves against poisons, spells, and spell-like abilities
+4 to CMD to resist bull rush and trip
+2 to perception for stonework

Class Features:
Grit(3/day) nimble +1 quick clear
Steady Aim

Rich Parents
World Traveler(Sense motive)
Brigand unblemished barrel

18th Dec, 2015 - 4:11pm / Post ID: #
Hand of Fate
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ICon's Kingmaker AP Pathfinder Create Characters D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 29

Game Master says...

Theaton's HP and skills are okay, but you should also be getting a favoured class bonus of 1 HP or 1 more skill rank at each level. Last level you seemed to have 1 extra in HP, but now it's gone?So you get 5 choices of either hit points or skill ranks.

So, apparently I am blind and never noticed you ability scores are low. The 15 point buy is correct, but I never mentioned the +2 bonus Half-elves get to any score. I am deeply sorry and embarrassed about that, I should've noticed way earlier.

So your BAB is right, but right underneath, the +7 on melee is only for the masterwork longsword, not other weapons. And the ranged should also be +6. The +2 on the bow isn't an enchanment (If it's the one looted from the bandit leader at the very beginning). It should be a normal composite longbow (+2 strength).

Please include the Dodge modifier of +1 into your AC and Touch. It applies to all foes, it's a better feat than in 3.5 edition.

For White Fang the wolf, Jump as a skill is now covered under Acrobatics so putting one rank there will let the wolf do jumps as well as balance and tumble. Also, Spring Attack has some prerequisites that the wolf must get before taking it as a feat. Since he already has Dodge, he has the prerequisites for Mobility. This, in turn, unlocks Spring Attack at +4 BAB (At 6th level if you retrain the wolf's 3rd feat or 8th level without retraining).

Mykael seems to be in order, except for 1 missing hit point.

Also, won't you take any ranks in Knowledge (Religion)?

Grogdrol looks good, except I think he has 1 hit point too many.

It would be good to record the favoured class bonus going into the Dwarf ability to reduce misfire chance. Perhaps write it in the class features.

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