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One fine day, in the month known to man as July, you set off to the stream near your mother's home. T'was your daily task to return with two buckets of crystal clear water for the day's pot and to fill the wooden water table so the tied and fenced animals would not thirst. Your familiar path to the stream is interrupted by the sight of an elf sitting on a fallen tree trunk. He gestures to you to come forward as he moves the corners of his lips to reveal a slight smile. His hair is rather bushy and he wears the kind of boots that only an explorer would fashion.

You wonder if it is safe as you look around to see who else may be part of this unannounced meeting. At this point he softly speaks in a comforting tone,

"There is none but I. I alone have come here and found myself tired from a long day's journey. Where art thou going with those?"

He points to your buckets as you show them off as though they were prized catches from a day of fishing. You explain what you are doing and he continues,

"One such as thyself should not be waisting a good day on fetching water when ye can take up a sword, don thyself with armor and seek the treasures of this world."

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