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16th Apr, 2017 - 3:22am

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1.2 Day(s) Ago

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Character ID: 300

Character's Game Master:
KNtoran using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e system

3.5 D&D You As Character Role-Playing Game

Character Avatar

Familiar / SideKick
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Symbol / Sign:
Character Name:

Character Title:
Runner Of Trails

Character Class:
Druid 3

Character Status:


Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Marching Position:

Rival: ?

The Foe of Rachel
Guardian: ?

The Vulnerable Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
Hp: 18/09

BAB: +2
Club attack +5
Club damage +3
Character Description
She stands 5'7" and weighs 145 pounds. Rachel is 25 years old. She has a curvaceous figure and is lightly tanned. Straight black hair is pulled back into a bun. Dark brown eyes pay careful attention to the world around her. She is wearing a green tank top, shorts and green Saloman trail running shoes.
Character History
Came into this word a wee little one and grew to be a talented individual in the arts.
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
3 orisons. 3/3
Cure minor wounds
Detect magic

Lvl 1. 2/2
Cure light wounds X

Level 2 1/1
Bulls strength
Character Notes*
3500 xp

* The content here is exposed unless you get a Guardian to protect it.
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Dire Wolf: Ghost Tricks: come,guard Dire Wolf CR 3 N Large Animal Init/Senses +2/Low-light vision, scent; Listen +5, Spot +5 AC 21, touch 18, flat-footed 19 hp 51/46 ( 5 HD) Fort/Ref/Will +6/+7 /+6 Speed 50 ft. (10 squares) Melee +11 Bite (1d8+4, 2d8+8 against a prone creature, see Tear Flesh) Space/Reach 10 ft./5 ft. Base Atk/Grp +2/+5 Atk Options Go for the Legs, Tear Flesh, Wolf Pack Tactics Abilities Str 23, Dex 16, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10 Feats Track Evasion Skills Survival +9 Tricks: Come Guard
Character Equipment
20 oz water bottle ( full )
Small can of mace
Cell phone and headphones
Extended wear semi permeable contacts ( no replacements ) 20/200 without them
Silver circlet of vision
Golden dragon hide armor +2 ( +10 resistance to fire for user. Suit immune to fire. )
Heavy wooden shield
+3 club
Character Storage
Was never one for keeping much that couldn't fit on person.
Game Master Notes*
When you came into this world your age changed. While you feel that you are 25 your body is now at the nice age of 18. Thus the others view you as a teen ager again.

Last nag (warning): --

* The Game Master's notes to you are exposed, get a Guardian to protect it.
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
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Character Stats
Str: 10 -
Dex: 16 +3
Con 10 -
Int 12 +1
Wis 10 -
Cha 15 +2

Fort save +3
Dex save +4
Will save +3

Bab +2
Melee attack +2

Initiative +7

Club damage D6. Crit X 2

Skills: concentration con - +2
Climbing +1=+1
Diplomacy cha +2 +3=5
Gather information +1+2=+3
Handle animal cha +2 +5=7
Know nature wis - +4+2=6*
Listen wis - +1
Ride Dex +3+2=5
Search Int.
Spot wis - +3=3
Stealth dex +3+2=5
Survival wis - +3+2=5*
Swim Str - +5=5
Use rope int +1+1=2

* Natures empathy
Woodland stride
Trackless step

Feats: Spell focus conjuration
Dynamic priest
Augment summoning
Improved initiative

Trait: Nearsighted (shaky) -2 to ranged attacks


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