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23rd Dec, 2015 - 4:41am

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Arthos's Pathfinder Campaign

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Familiar / SideKick
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The Champion Of Brigh

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Neutral Good

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Middle Rear

Rival: ?

The Foe of Cade
Guardian: ?

The Tiger Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
Character Description
Determined is a characteristic that Cade has, were it not so you would not know.
Character History
Homeland, Family, Childhood:

The Great Schism saw changes throughout the world. In the forest home of Iorisben and Goldis. it was no different. The ensuing Inquisition may have only been in Romaria but like minded people across the world were performing the same acts. Iorisben and Goldis left the sanctuary of the elves and relocated to the city of Ashrenfell, where protection had been promised, to the stalwart veteran magus.

Iorisben and Goldis were eager to start their family, since leaving their homeland [FORLORN], but the one concern they had was the fear the world had of magic and those associated with it. Making a silent pact between themselves, Iorisben, Cadunaer’s future father, and Goldis, Cadunaer’s future mother, bound their magics into the bracers both wore. With the magic sealed away, Iorisben and Goldis moved on with re-establishing themselves amongst the people of Ashrenfell. Iorisben found work as a Night Watchman, while Goldis prepared for the arrival of their first child.

Cadunaer is the older of the two boys born to Iorisben and Goldis. Cadunaer’s sister, Ciwinth was the oldest of three, with Faervel being the youngest. In the space of 20 years the family went from just two to five [KIN GUARDIAN] in all. Goldis kept a happy and productive home, where magic was never spoken of or ever taught. Magic found Cadunaer all on its own.

Of the three children, Cadunaer was the curious one. Ciwinth was radiant and beautiful. Faervel was taking on responsibilities like his father as a Night Watchman. Ciwinth worked amongst the courtiers and nobility of Ashrenfell, becoming a regular figure at their high class social events. While Faervel played with swords and spears and bows, Cadunaer was busy taking things apart {CATCH OFF-GUARD], often not being able to put them back together again. Over time Cadunaer was able to reassemble the disassembled and improve the item while rebuilding it.
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
Box of Brigh - (known) 1/week can speak with Brigh in person for 30 minutes. (unknown) who knows, Cade doesn't , yet.
Character Notes*
Tiger Guardian Shields: The inner thougts of Cade are protected.

* Protected by Guardian
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Brigh is the goddess of invention and seems to particularly favor those inventions that seem to take on life of their own like clockworks or constructs. Unfortunately the sort of creative minds who engage in the sort of invention that Brigh most favours are those who are not prone to worship—they tend to devote themselves to invention instead. As result her following is not very large. Many of her followers see her as the personification of their chosen form. No one seems to know whether Brigh was once mortal granted divinity or whether she was construct granted not only life but potent spark of true divinity. Brigh is normally shown as either woman made entirely of intricate bronze clockwork topped with metal skullcap or as woman clad in clockwork armour. Her holy symbol is feminine mask with single rune engraved on the forehead. Guardian of the Forge - Religion Trait - The God of the Forge's sacred duties are to protect the faithful, take lessons from the great craftsmen and strategists of the past, and prepare against dark times. Benefits: You receive +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (history) checks. One of these skills (your choice - Knowledge (history)) is class skill for you.
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Character Equipment
If Cade runs into a dungeon with nothing more than my skin that won't turn out well.
Character Storage
Was never one for keeping much that couldn't fit on person.
Game Master Notes*
Tiger Guardian Protects: The secrets dispensed by Arthos are protected from prying eyes.

Last nag (warning): --

* Protected by Guardian
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
Character Stats
* Catch Off-Guard (Combat Feat) - Foes are surprised by your skilled use of unorthodox and improvised weapons.

Benefit: You do not suffer any penalties for using an improvised melee weapon. Unarmed opponents are flat-footed against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon.

Normal: You take –4 penalty on attack rolls made with an improvised weapon.

*Breadth of Experience (General Feat) - Although still young for your kind, you have lifetime of knowledge and training.

Prerequisites: Dwarf, elf, or gnome; 100+ years old.

Benefit: You get +2 bonus on all Knowledge and Profession skill checks, and can make checks with those skills untrained.

* Skill Focus (General Feat) - Choose skill (Profession (Engineering)). You are particularly adept at that skill.

Benefit: You get +3 bonus on all checks involving the chosen skill. If you have 10 or more ranks in that skill, this bonus increases to +6.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to new skill.

* Kin Guardian (Combat Trait) - You are dedicated to defending members of your family.

Benefit: When you use the aid another action to give member of your family bonus to AC, increase the bonus by 2. This increase is trait bonus (and therefore doesn' stack with increases granted by other family members using this trait). This trait has no effect when using the aid another action to increase family member's next attack roll.

* Fearless Defiance (Faith Trait) - Upon overcoming your fear, you become scourge to your enemies.

Benefits: You gain +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against fear effects. In addition, if you successfully save against such an effect, you receive +1 trait bonus on attack rolls against your favored enemies for 1 round.

* Principled (Faith Trait) - You hold yourself to strict code of behavior that guides all of your decisions and actions.

Benefit: You take –2 penalty on Bluff checks and gain +2 trait bonus on saving throws against charm, compulsion, and emotion effects.

* Forlorn (Race Trait) - Having lived outside of traditional elf society for much or all of your life, you know the world can be cruel, dangerous, and unforgiving of the weak.

Benefit: You gain +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws.

* Guardian of the Forge (Religion Trait) - The God of the Forge's sacred duties are to protect the faithful, take lessons from the great craftsmen and strategists of the past, and prepare against dark times.

Benefits: You receive +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (history) checks. One of these skills (your choice) is class skill for you.

* Artisan (Social Trait) - You spent time working under artisans, or your parents were artisans who were particularly skilled at their trade.

Benefit: You gain +2 trait bonus on single Craft skill (your choice).

* Charming (Social Trait) - Blessed with good looks, you've come to depend on the fact that others find you attractive.

Benefit: You gain +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.

* Civilized (Social Trait) - You are well versed in the local laws, customs, and politics.

Benefits: You gain +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks and Knowledge (local) checks. Knowledge (local) is always class skill for you.

* Orphaned (Social Trait) - You grew up separated from your birth parents, and had to learn to watch out for yourself.

Benefits: You gain +1 trait bonus on Survival checks, and Survival is always class skill for you.

* Life of Toil (Social Trait) - You have lived physically taxing life, working long hours for master or to support trade. Hard physical labor has toughened your body and mind.

Benefit: You gain +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.

**Arisen - Story Feat - Escaping death strengthened your bond to life, but fills you with need for answers.

Prerequisite: You must have been slain and brought back from the dead, or have the Left to Die or Cursed Birth background.

Benefit: You don' die until your negative hit point total is equal to or greater than 4 + your Constitution score. Once per day as standard action, you can force yourself to carry on by strength of will alone, gaining 1 temporary hit point per hit die. These temporary hit points last for 10 minutes.

Normal: You die when your negative hit point total is equal to or greater than your Constitution score.

Goal: You meet in person and hear the words of your deity or your deity's chosen herald. If you worship pantheon of deities, you must meet and hear member of that pantheon... herald does not suffice in this case. If you worship no specific deity, you must hear the words of an appropriate entity of the GM's choice.

Completion Benefit: You gain +2 bonus on saving throws against death effects and fear effects. In addition, the caster level of any conjuration (healing) spell that is cast on you increases by 1 for the purposes of its effects on you alone.

**True Love - Story Feat - You found love, only to have it denied by the cruelty of fate.

Prerequisite: You must have found love with person you can' be with, have current lover, or have the Current Lover, For Love, or The Lover background. Possible complications include distance, your love being with another, your feelings being unrequited, or your relationship being forbidden.

Benefit: You add 1 to the save DC and caster level of your spells and spell-like abilities with the emotion descriptor. In addition, you gain +2 bonus on Sense Motive checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in Sense Motive, this bonus increases to +4.

Goal: Find way to be with your true love (even if you can' formally wed).

Completion Benefit: The inspiration of knowing your love waits for your return gives you +2 bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks whenever you are below quarter of your total hit points (not counting any temporary hit points). You lose this completion benefit if your relationship with your true love comes to an end for any reason, including death.

Special: At the GM's discretion, you can find true love with person other than the one you designated when you chose this feat. In this case, the love you initially chose was wrong for you, but this became obvious only when you found the one truly meant for you.

**Reputation of Fame - You've worked hard to establish your identity and reputation, and someone who slanders or insults you must answer for it. You strive to promote your identity to the point where everyone knows your reputation. You gain access to the Vain drawback.

**Vain (Drawback) - You are sensitive about the way others perceive you.

Effect: Whenever you fail an opposed Charisma-based check, you take –2 penalty on all Charisma-based checks for the next 24 hours.

**Unpaid Debt (Wizard) -

Someone saved your life at great cost. Whether through healing magic or basic heroism, your savior gave her life that you might live. Striving to repay this debt has led you to study magic, the only thing capable of making enough of difference in the world to make you feel that you have earned the gift given to you. This sense of purpose has engendered an unshakable resolve in you. You gain access to the Principled faith trait.


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